Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/2012 Results

LMaD: So far this week, $222,296 in cash & prizes have been won & we're already done w/ this season's Super Deal shows!

They're NOT doing an Earth Day show at all this season (unlike "The Price is Right" this morning), but Wayne gives Dominique (who's a member of the Air Force) a chance to play The New New Car Pong for the 2012 KIA Soul+ MT (Curtain #3).

Prompt (this is the second one on the iPads): Current flavors in Life Savors Original
Choices: Cherry, Grape, Orange & Pineapple
GUESSES: Orange, Pineapple & Grape



Donald (an amusement park worker who's wearing an afro) & Peter (dressed as a soccer player) are teaming up for at least the first two rounds of Deal #2.

Rejected in R1: SB (Cheer)- Pair of season tickets to see the Anaheim Ducks ($1,496)
Rejected in R2: CURTAIN #2 (Char)- BBQ/smoker package ($5,594)

FR Decisions:
Donald: $800
Peter: CURTAIN #1- Trip to Fast Lane Racing School ($3,195)
SE- ZONK Hall of Fame


Shannon's Fast Deal Decision (a textile sales rep from Nashville also dressed as a German beer girl)(SB- HA________): $1K- HANDBAG w/ diamond watch ($3,195)

Terry (a lady dressed as a slice of pizza) plays Time I$ Money.

CLOCK CHOICES: #2, #8, #12 & #11

1. #11- :03 ($12K left)
2. #12- :01 ($11K left)
3. #2- :03 ($8K left)

The Sure Thing Jackpot has a three-night Ojai spa retreat valued at $2,720 (CURTAIN #3)...after some thought, she's going for it.

FINAL CLOCK: #8- :10 (DUDS: #4, #5, #9 & #14)

Anita's playing The Dealing Game.

1. If your prize posted a wanted ad in the newspaper, what would it be looking for?
2. After you come home from a long day at work, what's the one thing you want to do with your prize?

PICK: #3- Shipwrecked sailboat (#1: Bedroom)($6,503)

There may be at least one automobile up for grabs in this next deal, but Tamica (dressed as a bumblebee) must pass two of the three items in play.

R1 (Zon, dressed as a hunter)(BIG BOX): GO ($1K)- Giant radish
R2 (Lisa, dressed as a dictionary)(CURTAIN #2): GO ($800)- Sunny motorscooter w/ helmet ($2,158)
Tamica's Round (SE): GO ($1.5K)- NYC vacation ($5,108)

Lady Lindy plays Think Big for the $16K FIAT 500 MT (Curtain #1). Three of the following have 13 items, while the other has more than that:

Number of letters used in Hawaiian alphabet
Number of items in a "baker's dozen"
Number of countries in South America
Number of Grammys won by Beyonce (including those w/ Destiny's Child)

GUESS: Number of countries in South America- LOSS (it also costs her $1K)(Beyonce Grammys: 16)

THE BIG DEAL: As a result, Tamica's definitely going for it w/ DOOR #3...WE HAVE THE THIRD 4-1 BD WEEK OF THE SEASON w/ a $13,466 kitchen makeover & $12K (& that door's raining cash again)!

#1- Florida houseboat trip
#2- iMac & iPad2 ($2,498; revealed last & not fully described)

In the last aired Quickie Deal of the week, Troy (dressed as a motorcyclist) pulls out a food receipt (he actually bought at least a vegetable at the time) for $100. That makes the week's "Deal" grand total A NEW RECORD OF $256,015!!!


TNG: The sole three couples of the night:

Joe & Rachel
Brian & Krystina (who first met in a cheerleading competition)
Manny & Sherry (who stopped at McDonald's just before tying the knot)

1. Which of the following items does your wife have more of- makeup in her purse, hair products in the shower or toys in the bedroom?
2. Who's the one person in her family that's so completely different from your wife, they can't believe they're sharing the same DNA?
3. How many guys had been poking around your wife's "private property" before you went ahead & bought the "house"?

1. Makeup- MAKEUP (5)
2. Mom- MOM (10)
3. Three- FIVE

1. Products- PRODUCTS (5; she doesn't have any makeup)
2. Sister Danielle- DANIELLE (10)
3. Zero- ZIPPO (15)

1. Products (originally the toys)- TOYS
2. Older brother Billy- HIS DAD
3. Five- 10


1. After you drained your husband's "battery", how long do you have to wait until it's fully charged & ready to go- a few minutes, a few hours or until the next morning?
2. "If my husband's been paying attention, the next present I unwrap from him should be a ________________."
3. What's the one thing you can tell me about your husband that would shock me?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "My husband & I get really competitive w/ one another when it comes to ________________ & it's _______ that usually comes out on top."

1. Hours- HOURS (20)
2. Piece of jewelry- SHOES
3. He's in culinary school- HE'S MORE SENSITIVE
BONUS: Who's right & me- EVERYTHING & ME (35)

2. Furniture- COUCH (25)
BONUS: Games & me- GAMES & HIM (40)

2. Pair of shoes or the money to buy one- WORK CLOTHES
3. He's a big baby- HE'S HARMLESS & PLAYFUL (10)
BONUS: Who's right & him- OUR TIME & ME

Consolation Prize: Beyond the Rack

WoF: Remember, last night's bonus puzzle solution was a production company for kids previously known as CINAR.

$1K T-U: Place

T H _ / _ E A _ T _ _ N D

_ F / A M _ _ _ C _

In THE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA, Ken makes the solve. Going down the line, here are the last three potential big "Wheel" winners this week:

Ken Rogers (Massapequa, NY)- An eight-year NYPD officer & four yr. Army veteran (who got out of duty in '03) married to Jessica for seven yrs.w/ a 3.5 yr. old child named Jack
Cynthia Herbert (Inglewood, CA)- A secretary for a local government office married to Michael w/ two adult children (Jasmyne & Adam); her family also has a former Broadway actress
Brittany Young (San Diego)- A U.S. Navy helicopter pilot who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy whose boyfriend Steve's also a Cobra pilot for the Marine Corps

$2K T-U: Occupation

_ T A T _

_ _ O _ P _ R

Sorry Ken, but Brittany solves STATE TROOPER.

Final Featured Trip This Week: The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, FL from ($5,360)

meineke Jackpot Round: Landmark

Brittany bats first & calls an S to instantly get the Red Roof Inn gift card, Free PLAYS an A, calls a $300 R but then N for negative. Second, Ken calls out a $1K pair of L's while on the Jackpot but then gets attacked by the Million Dollar Wedge Bankrupt on the right. Third, Cynthia captures nothing by calling M. Brittany's next turn has her finding a $500 D at the end while on Jackpot, two E's, three I's & a $300 F before she...

_ _ I _ A _ _ ' S

_ R I _ L E _


...recognizes CHICAGO'S WRIGLEY FIELD for another $1,600 in cash & gift tag.

DUDS: $800 M (Cynthia), $550 N (Brittany)

Current Scores:

Ken: $1K/Cynthia: $0/Brittany: $3,600 in cash & gift card

Mystery Round: Before & After (slightly big puzzle alert)

The letters selected by Ken first here are two $600 T's & three H's while on the Mystery Wedge w/ that MDW next door. He declines Pat's $3K offer to flip it over...& has the $10K! After six E's, an $800 pair of S's, an A, a $300 N, a $1K W & three O's, he calls D for dud while on the green 1/2 KIA. Taken by Cynthia right after are a $2,700 set of R's...


E _ _ E R O R ' S / N E W

_ _ O T H E S

H A _ _ E R

...& she keeps that amount & control by coming up w/ THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES HAMPER.

SOLE DUD: $500 D (Ken)

Current Scores:

Ken: $1K/Cynthia: $2,700/Brittany: $3,600 in cash & GC

Prize Puzzle Round: Song Lyrics

Cynthia calls first four T's for 12 bills, then she purchases five I's, calls two N's at $550 each but then Bankrupts on the same side of the MDW to lose $2,050. Brittany then takes a stab at this solution...

I ' _ / _ _

_ _ _ I T _ _ / _ N _

I / _ _ _ T / _ _ N ' T

_ I _ _ / I T

...she'll be singing "I'M SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT" w/ the Pointer Sisters, because she builds on her leading haul w/ a $7,900 trip to the FDR in Jamaica.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DM5667951 (Donald M.)

Current Scores:

Ken: $1K/Cynthia: $2,700/Brittany: $11.5K in cash & merchandising

$3K T-U: Thing

_ E A R V _ _ W

_ _ _ R O _

While his opponents are in his REARVIEW MIRROR, Ken quadruples his moolah.

R4: Proper Name

He gets off & running w/ quadruple T's for 24 Benjamins, but his E buy's a stopper. Cynthia's trail secondly doesn't hit paydirt either w/ an L call. Third, Brittany gets the same fate w/ R. Fourth, Ken lights up four N's for another $1,400, three S's for an extra $1,800 & five I's, then we see...

S _ I T _ S _ N I _ N

I N S T I T _ T I _ N

...& he comes up w/ the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION to get even closer to first place w/ another $5,100.

DUDS: E (Ken), $900 L (Cynthia), $500 R (Brittany)

Current Scores:

Ken: $9,100/Cynthia: $2,700/Brittany: $11.5K in cash & prizes

R5: Around the House

The R again fails a lady, this time being Cynthia. Second for Brittany are $1,350 worth of trip T's, an E singleton, a $600 H couple, an I but then a dummy of L. Third, Ken catches the Bankrupt next to where that Wild Card formerly was, his second & final one of the night as we go to Last Chance Mode...

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ / T H E

_ I _ H T _ T _ _ _

...& consonants left over in this board are worth $1.5K a pop. After Vanna has to put up the opening letter of this puzzle...

B _ _ _ S / _ N _ T H E

N I G H T S T _ N D

... Brittany finds some BOOKS ON THE NIGHTSTAND for $5,950 more & the win! Cynthia missed out on $50 more than that.

DUDS (both before Speed-Up): $900 L (Brittany), $300 R (Cynthia)

Final Scores:

Ken: $9,100/Cynthia: $2,700/Brittany: $17,450 in cash & stuff
GT: $29,250


Last Chance BR Saloon #8: Brittany has the single-star envelope.

Category: Phrase

Roughly 1/3 of the letters to start:

_ _ / _ _ R

_ R _ _ E

PFGI gives her on this bonus puzzle that was last used at the end of NFL Players Week '04 that denied us a PERFECT BR WEEK...

G _ / F _ R

_ R _ _ E

...she needs to GO FOR BROKE...


(Final notes: Shortly after the BR ended, the lights in the studio went out- I guess it really wasn't meant to be tonight. Furthermore, that was also the first Blitz Bonanza puzzle on "All-Star Blitz".)

TS: Their first week of Season 2 ends w/ the school paper staff battling against drama club members.

Opening What You Know Results:

1. Danielle d. Olivia
2. Christeva d. Lacey (first Q was a stumper)
3. Daniel d. Sammy
4. Dylan d. Jessica M.
5. Jessica B. d. Dorinda
6. Tykia d. Mary (first Q was a stumper)
7. Craig d. Max
8. Alisha d. Peter
9. Chelsea d. Scott

Extra Credit #4 (iPod boombox): Katey vs. Lien- In the "National Treasure" movies, what actor plays the rogue historian & treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates?
Katey: Nicholas Cage

What You Should Know:

Danielle vs. Alisha (first Q stumped them): What author of the Greek epics The Odyssey & The Iliad shares its name w/ a character from "The Simpsons"?
Danielle: Homer

Christeva vs. Chelsea: How many stars are there in our Solar System?
Christeva: One

Dylan vs. Craig: Whose 1955 refusal to give up her seat to a white passenger on an Alabama bus helped spark the Civil Rights Movement?
Dylan: Rosa Parks

Katey vs. Tykia: What luxuriously soft fabric's made from cocoon threads spun by the larvae of moths?
Katey: Silk

Daniel vs. Jessica B.: The assassination of Archiduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 was the spark that ignited w/ which globe-spanning war?
Daniel: WWI

WTH Topics: 25 most common English words & Disney princesses
Distraction: While in a chair, the players' feet will be placed in freezing cold water & will be spun around while ice cubs also come down on them from a conveyor belt


Danielle: 12
Christeva: 13- WINNER
Daniel: 7
Dylan: 12


1. How many videos do you watch on YouTube in a typical week?
Christeva: 5- #3 (9%)
Katey: 8- 2% (top answer was 10 w/ 18% & 2 w/ 11%)

2. What's the most common reason for you to stay up late?
Christeva: Social networks- T2 W/ WATCHING TV (12% each; counts as computer/Internet)
Katey: Homework- #1 (29%)

3. What's your favorite kind of soda?
Christeva: Coke- #3 (11%)
Katey: Pepsi- 8% (#1 was Dr. Pepper at 18% & #2 was Sprite at 12%)

4. How many remote controls are there in your bedroom?
Katey: 4- 1%
Christeva: 2- #3 (24%; #2 was none at 27% & #1 was literally 1 w/ 31%) 

FQ: According to your fellow girls, which male cast member of "Jersey Shore" is the hottest?
Christeva: Pauly D- WIN! (54%)
Katey: Vinny- #2 (27%)

TSB: The opening song to start off the fourth CMT season's "All About Tonight" by Blake Shelton. And Melissa's parents (Pam & Dave) are in the audience tonight!

Pick Four:
1. "Long, Hot Summer" by Keith Urban ('10)
Previous words: "Singing along w/ the radio..."
Chris: "...and throwing it down"
Kelsey: "'s such a beautiful sound"

2. "Storm Warning" by Hunter Hayes ('11)
PW: "I'm gonna wish I had a little heads up"
Chelsea: "A little less more time"
Kristin: "A little leeway, little more time"

3."Bent" by Matchbox Twenty ('00)
PW: "I'm so scared that I'll never..."
Karl: "...been put back together"
Brandon: " put back together"
Chris: "...get put back together"

4. "Let It Rain" by David Nail ('11)
PW: "If she don't love me anymore"
Chelsea"Just let it come down on me..."

There's an unknown new girl amongst The Beehive Honeybees, replacing Baylie from last season.


Kelsey: Looking for a PhD in Science
Kristin Todd (Aynor, SC): A Biology student at the University of South Carolina; if she wins the big money, she'll go on a mission trip to Guatemala 
Chris: A guy who won $100 in a karaoke competition against his grandma; he's lost 36 pounds on his way to being a contestant
Chelsea: Aspiring pastry chef

Random Shuffle:

Kelsey: "Made in America" by Toby Keith ('11)
PW: "With WD-40 & a Craftsman wrench"
Guess: "He ain't prejudiced, he's made in America"

Kristin: "Someday" by Nickelback ('03)
PW: "Just like a paperback novel"
Guess: "Let's rewrite an ending that fits instead of a Hollywood horror"

Chris: "Jolene" by Dolly Parton ('74)
PW: "Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene" (second time)
Guess: "Please don't take him just because you can"

Chelsea: "Dust on the Bottle" by David Lee Murphy ('95)
PW: "There might be a little dust on the bottle"
Guess: "It's just one of those things that gets sweeter with time" (A: "But it's one of those things that gets sweeter with time")

(Note: Alan Carter has come up a new bee-flying scoreboard wipe transition starting this season.)

Singing W/ the Enemy:

Kelsey & Kristin: "All Over Me" by Josh Turner

Correct Lyrics:
Kelsey: TWO (15)
Kristin: THREE (20)

Chris & Chelsea: "You Lie" by The Band Perry ('10)

DOUBLE SWEEP (Chris: 20)

Karaoke Challenge:

KELSEY ("Our Kind of Love" by Lady Antebellum)('10)- SWEEP (45)
CHELSEA ("What's Love Got to Do With It" by Tina Turner)('84)- DITTO (45)
KRISTIN ("Farmer's Daughter" by Rodney Atkins)('10)- ADVANCES W/ 50-POINT SWEEP!
CHRIS ("How Forever Feels" by Kenny Chesney)('98)- DITTO; FIRST-EVER TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP IN THIS ROUND!!!

Chorus Showdown: 

R1 (six lines each):
Kristin: "Bonfire" by Craig Morgan ('06)- NO
Chris: "Nothing to Lose" by Josh Gracin ('04)- NO

R2 (four lines each):
Kristin: "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton ('02)- WIN!
Chris: "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling ('01)


1. "Water" by Brad Paisley ('09)- 4
2. "Prayin' For Daylight" by Rascal Flatts ('00)- 3
3. "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield ('81)- 2
4. "The Man I Want To Be" by Chris Young ('09)- 1
5. "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey ('81)- EXACTA!!!

Millionaire Friday (End of Double Your Money Week IV):

Game 1
Final Game
$2K Q Game

(Also this evening: A Final J! Triple Stumper ended the week, denying champ Dan Adkinson a $35,600 payoff, but he now has a three-game total of $37,400.)

Episode ratings:

10: "The Singing Bee"
7: "The Substitute"
6: Everything else
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