Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/2012 Results

LMaD: Charles (dressed as a scarecrow) is off to that ATM.

LEFT BEHIND: $1K (DOUBLE), $500 & $1,200

BIG BOX- smart car (CURTAIN #1)($15,470)

$700's the starting bank account for Angela (who's wearing the horns of the red devil), Stevi (dressed as a fitness girl) & Nicholas (who's wearing the colors of a tiger).

R1 (SMALL BOX): NOBODY- MacBook Air suite ($2,598; Angela wanted something like that)
R2 (CURTAIN #3; everybody now has $1K apiece): Stevi (at the request of her boyfriend Oxoni)- Watch.
R3 (BB; the two remaining traders currently have $1,300 each): Nicholas (at Martin's request, who gets miked by Jonathan)- "Rock Band" room & $500 GameStop gift card ($3,070)

Sally (dressed as a balloon clown) has to Choose a ZONK.

CURTAIN #1: Giant chicken BBQ
PICK: #1

Just in case she might ZONK out for good, here's a sure thing inside the SILVER ENVELOPE- a $2,060 bicycle package. But Sally says she already has a bike, so she's going on.

#1- Turkey leg (#2: Trip to Chicago)($7,300)

For possibly the last time w/ an automobile on the line, we're playing Price the Prize & it's for a Toyota Corolla (Curtain #3).

Yoshua (dressed as a sniper, although he says he's the world's most unsure ninja): $14,999
Danielle (a teacher dressed as a Queen): $23,395 (ARP: $17,360)

Yoshua: #5- NO
Danielle: #7- NO; BOTH TURN DOWN $600

Yoshua: #3- NO
Danielle: #1 (because she just finished her first year teaching)- CAR!

Brianne (who's wearing dog ears) & Jesse (who've been together for 11.5 years) are on today's Dr. Wayne segment.

R1 (Tiffany w/ SB): iPad2 ($499) & Burbury women's watch ($475)
Brianne: iPad2
Jesse: MATCH

R2 (CURTAIN #1): AjMadison gas range ($2,299) & snowboarding equipment ($2,020)
Brianne: Snowboards
Jesse: "OVAN?"

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #2): YES- Jacuzzi J210 set ($6,146)


Reesa's in another one of those deals where the clues are movie titles.

Rejected in R1: CURTAIN #3 ("Pirates of the Caribbean")- Six-night trip to The Sands at Grace Bay ($7,701)
SE Round ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"): $800- $200 Williams-Sonoma gift card

THE BIG DEAL: Brianne & Jesse (he's a Parkour teacher, BTW) may win the Volkswagen Tiguan. After they dance, they select the MIDDLE DOOR. #1 had the Sea-Doo...while #3 had a European-style dining room valued at $3,367- WINNERS!

Salman's keychain is NOT accepted for $500 because it has more than the required five keys on it.



TODAY'S GAME: Longs vs. Rzentkowskis (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,670)

R1: According to 100 married men, what cosmetic surgery should your wife get? Starting w/: 

#2: Breast job (22)(Allen)

#5: Tummy tuck (9)(David)


Danika: Nose job- #3 (10)
Shawn: Facelift- #1 (23)
Diana: Botox- X
Lee: Liposuction- T4 (9)
Allen: Breast reduction- XX
Danika: Spider veins- XXX

David Steal (for 73): Butt- BOTTOM ANSWER (5)(Other BA: Lip injections)(5)

R2: Name a place you can go where you can look but NOT touch. Example or two:

#1: Museum/gallery (49)(Danika)


Shawn: Strip club- #2 (22)
Diana: Auction- X
Lee: China/dish store- #5 (6)
Allen: Zoo/aquarium- #4 (7)
Danika: Gun store- XX
Shawn: Expensive car store- XXX

David Steal #2 (to keep lead w/ another 84): Jewelry store- #3 (8)(157)

Double: Name something people say they can't wait to get out of. For instance:

#5: Tight clothes/shoes (10)(Shawn; she said "high heels")

DUD: Divorce (Tyrone Jr.)

Diana: Business- X
Lee: Job/work- #2 (15)
Allen: Commitment- XX
Danika: Lease- XXX

David Steal #3 (for another 50): Debt- #1 (18)(207)(T3: School & jail)(11 each)

Triple: A divorced woman might lose her husband, but name something she gains. Fire away:

#1: Freedom/independence (58)(Shawn)

Lee: Almony/estate- #2 (26)
Allen: Respect- X
Danika: Family pet- XX (& Steve loses it)
Shawn: Custody of the kids- XXX

David Steal #4 (to win w/ another 252): Weight- SHUTOUT (4)(459)(Other BA: Sanity/happiness)(4)

FAST MONEY: The new champs have Lorraine as their mom-in-law.

1. On the 1-10 scale, how prepared are you for a natural disaster?
2. Name something you wear you never hang up.
3. Name something that happens during most church services.
4. Tell me something people replace w/ a bigger one.
5. Name a part of the body that kids are reminded by their parents to wash.

Lashawn (female):
1. 6- 8
3. Singing- 32
4. Ring- 4
5. Underarms- 2

Khadjiah (so there's a Tyrone Sr. after David in this clan):
1. 5- 26
2. Jacket- 3
3. Pray- 30
4. TV- 46
5. Feet- 3
TOTAL- 154 ($770)

2. Underwear
5. (Behind the) ears


Patrick & Danielle (who've known each other since they were 10 years old & she called him "Doodlehead" because he pulled her hair; my late dad called me "Doodlebug")
Lonnie & Christine
Chris & Roslyn (he likes martial arts films, while she prefers chick flicks)

1. "While I'm pretty sure my wife doesn't fake it in bed, I do wonder if she's faking it when it comes to her friendship w/ __________."
2. What's the one good thing your wife tries to commit to, but never really does?
3. What's the naughtiest thing your blushy wife has done in the bedroom that has you thinking she might be the queen of kink?

1. Her sister Stephanie- STEPHANIE (5)
2. Starting the laundry- CLEANLINESS
3. Tying him up- TYING HIM UP (10)

1. My brother-in-law wife Charise's sister-in-law- TASHA
2. Cooking- HAVE SEX
3. Blindfold w/ bubble gum cream- USING TOYS

1. Her cousin-in-law's wife Dana (& Sherri thinks Chris has a voice as deep as Barry White)- EVA
3. Buying edible cocoa powder- ASKING HIM TO SPANK HER

SECOND HONEYMOON: Almond Beach Club & Spa in Barbados

1. They say the tongue's one of the strongest muscles in the body, but which muscle on your husband would be the second-strongest?
2. "If I've asked him once, I've asked him a thousand times, but if he admits to it here on 'The NEWLYWED Game', maybe then I can finally get my husband to stop ________________________."
3. Would you & your husband most benefit from separate beds, bathrooms or TVs?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "When we're mating, the animal my husband most reminds me of is ____________, but when he's sleeping, he reminds me of a ___________."

1. Arms- HANDS
2. Leaving his clothes on the floor- PLAYING VIDEO GAMES
3. TVs- BEDS
BONUS: Bull & bear- TIGER & BEAR (25)

1. Man muscle- ARMS
2. Smoking- SMOKING (10)
3. TVs- TVs (20)
BONUS: Anaconda & Teddy Bear- ANACONDA & GRIZZLY BEAR (50)

1. Man muscle- MAN MUSCLE (10)
2. Closing the bathroom door when he pees- LEAVING THE BATHROOM DOOR AJAR WHEN HE PEES (20)
3. Bathrooms- BATHROOMS (30)
BONUS: Lion & bear- DOG & BEAR (45)

Consolation Prize: Arthur Murray

Episode #2:

Diondre & Wanda (he popped the question in front of his entire church)
Dave & Joanne (a pair of circus performers who got married on a blind trapeze; he's the ringmaster)
Alex & Marcie (he was wearing a Burger King crown in the given picture)

1. When you're fishing for nookies, what's the one aphrodisiac you can use as bait to reel in your wife?
2. "A picture is worth a thousand words, unless it's a picture of my wife's ____________, because that only needs one word- weird."
3. It's 11:59 PM on your anniversary & you haven't so much as mentioned it. Does your wife give you a gentle reminder, heavy scolding or long, awful silence?

1. Rubbing up against her- FLAVORED KIND OF A LIQUID SIMILAR TO KY
2. Fingers- FINGERNAILS (because she bites them)(5)
3. Silence- SILENCE (10)

1. Butt grab- ITALIAN FOOD
2. Feet- CLOSET
3. Silence- SILENCE (5)

1. Leaning for the kiss & giving a creepy stare- RAW OYSTERS
2. Bag lady stare- TONGUE (in three different ways)
3. Scolding- REMINDER

SH #2: FDR

1. Let's pretend I'm a fairy godmother & I'm here to grant you a wish- tell me what part of your husband you wish was bigger & I'll wave my wand.
2. When you make a decision, do you rely more on your instincts, reason or husband?
3. "Marriage is a compromise, but when my husband tried to move his ____________ into my home, I said 'No way'."
30-POINT BQ: It's report card time- what letter grade would you give your husband on his first oral exam w/ you & what grade would he get for his most recent?

1. Chest- ARMS
2. Reason- HIM
3. Motorcycle (because they moved into a townhouse)- PIANO
BONUS: A (both)- TOTAL MATCH (40)

1. Arms- ARMS (15)
2. Reason (although she wanted to say him)- REASON (25)
3. Entertainment/circus stuff- HOME OFFICE/CIRCUS STUFF (35)
BONUS: A (both)- B/A (50)

1. Hairline- BRAIN
2. Instincts- REASON
3. Crazy horse head bookends- BOOKS
BONUS: A (both)- TOTAL MATCH (30)

CP: Food processor

WoF: We're on the "WHEEL Across America" set.

$1K T-U: Place

W _ O _ I N G

R A _ C _

Kristine's correct on WYOMING RANCH, so interview time:

Kristine Guadiz (Seattle)- A piano & Social Studies teacher at Showalter Middle School who's married to John for seven yrs.
Robin Jacobson (South Pasadena)- An L.A. tax accountant married to Jeff for a couple yrs. w/ a yr. old son named Luke
Scott Benskin (Bakersfield, CA)- An old fields maintenance man & frequent cook married married to Cassie w/ eight children (five of whom are teenage daughters) 

$2K T-U: Food & Drink

_ _ R _ / O N

_ _ E / C _ _

Scott solves CORN ON THE COB fast.

Tuesday's Featured Prize: Durango, CO trip from Hotwire.com ($5,585)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Movie Quote

He immediately picks up the ski getaway w/ an S, then he calls a $300 T at the beginning, buys five E's, finds a $300 R, buys the A but then Bankrupts out on the Million Dollar Wedge's right side to forfeit $5,685 in cash & CO. Secondly, Kristine Free PLAYS the I but her second spin of the wheel stops on the Bankrupt next to $2.5K. Third, Robin gets a $1K pair of H's, the BnBFinder.com gift tag w/ an N & we are looking at...

T H E R E ' S / N _

_ _ A _ E / _ I _ E

H _ _ E

..."The Wizard of Oz" line "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME" for both prizes.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Scott & Kristine)

Current Scores:

Robin: $2K in cash & gift card/Scott: $2K/Kristine: $1K

Mystery Round: Before & After

Kristine has the blue 1/2 KIA w/ two $500 S's, five E's & two A's before her O buy (the sole bad vowel of the puzzle) fails her. Second, Robin calls up $1,200 worth of a couple C's, purchases the other two vowels as singles & lights triple L's to add $2,700 to her bank prior to getting into Lose a Turn trouble. Right after that, Scott has found two F's at $600 apiece & the same quantity of P's for the Wild Card, then he...

_ L U E - P L A _ E


E F F E C _ S

...makes some BLUE-PLATE SPECIAL EFFECTS to take a $1,200 lead by himself.

SOLE DUD: O (Kristine)
SOLE LaT: Robin

Current Scores:

Robin: $2K in cash & gift tag/Scott: $3,200 (WC)/Kristine: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

Robin's in the lead-off position & she calls for two N's to take the MDW & the $900 G, then after her buying of three I's are twin L's for another seven $100 bills, vowel singletons of A & E, a $400 R & an O set to clean out the vowels, but the other regular Bankrupt steals her MDW & a grand. Now having a chance to build on his first-place winnings, Scott's next selection is the $2,700 P trio & off to the puzzleboard we go...

_ I P P I N G / A

_ O L _ / _ R I N _

_ _ / _ _ E / P O O L

...he won't be SIPPING A COLD DRINK AT THE POOL anywhere, because there aren't any more A's. Kristine then picks up the other 1/2 KIA courtesy of a $500 B...

_ I P P I N G / A

_ O L _ / _ R I N _

B _ / _ _ E / P O O L

...& will be SIPPING A COLD DRINK BY THE POOL on her $5.5K Caravan.com Panama Tour.

SOLE DQ: Scott (missolve)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RS3297514 (Rose Mary S.)

Current Scores:

Robin: $2K in cash & gift certificate/Scott: $3,200 (WC)/Kristine: $7K in cash & Panama

$3K T-U: Show Biz

_ I _ C U _

A C R O _ A _ S

Kristine magically finds some CIRCUS ACROBATS to hit the $10K barrier exactly.

R4: Phrase

A $900 T at the start of both the second & fifth (final) words sends her on her way, then she discovers that her I buy starts out this solution & the N's an negative. Second for Robin are quadruple L's for 12 bills, an E pairing, the $300 H but then a stopper of R. After Scott FPs dos A's & Bankrupts next to where he picked up that WC to lose it for good, we're into Speed-Up Mode territory...

I _ / T H E _ E / _ A L L _

_ _ _ L _ / T A L _

...& we've got the Final Spin set at $6K! Kristine next calls the two S's...

I _ / T H E S E / _ A L L S

_ _ _ L _ / T A L _

...& nails "IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK" for the crown w/ an additional $13,550!

DUDS (before final bell): $800 N (Kristine), $300 R (Robin)

Final Scores:

Robin: $2K in cash & gift tag/Scott: $3,200/Kristine: $23,550 in cash & tour
GT: $28,750

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $5,685 in cash & trip

Big Money Round #148: W/ the FIAT 500c &/or some more big dough potentially heading Kristine's way, she spins the E in AMERICA'S.

Category: Fun & Games

Some of the first word's revealed to her:

_ _ E N _ N _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

GDCO adds besides the obvious two at the top...

O _ E N _ N G

_ _ C _ O _ _

...if only she were more of a football fan (or she called the F's &/or K's)- she doesn't solve OPENING KICKOFF for the $35K & leaves w/ $23,550 in cash & Panama.

J! Recap

RG: The episode title this week's "Bong Show".

Age: 41
Hometown: Vineland, NJ
Vehicle: '03 VW Passat Sedan
Intel: Has more than a little captain in her (& she also just got unemployed)
Host: Tom

1. A parrot who dreams of Margaritaville's a fan of what singer?
Guess: Jimmy Buffett
2. In what cryptic language's the letter S represented by dot-dot-dot?
Guess: Morse Code
3. Who was the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2007-11?
Guess: Hillary Clinton (A: Nancy Pelosi)
4. In the song "Home on the Range", what four words follow "Oh, give me a home..."?

NICOLLE (w/ Anthony; she's a fan of this program):
Age: 26
Impound Lot Game
Vehicle: Blue '06 Hyundai Accent Sedan
Intel: Favorite website's www.whitebaldguys.com
Host: Tom

1. How many syllables are in the show's title?
Guess: Two (A: Three)
2. What U.S. city's nicknamed "The Big Easy"?
Guess: NYC (A: New Orleans)
3. What does U.N. stand for?
Guess: United Nations
4. Put the following historical events in chronological order- U.S. Civil War, U.S. Revolution, War of 1812 & Vietnam War.
Order Guess: War of 1812, Civil War, Revolution & Vietnam War- REPO (Right order: Revolution, Civil War, War of 1812 & V.W.)

Age: 32
Hometown: Gloucester, NJ
Vehicle: Red '02 Ford Taurus SEL
Intel: Happy Josh isn't there to repo the baby (her family's got a total of nine children).
Host: Josh

(they missed their first question calling the instrument used on "The Gong Show" as a "bong"- ZONK)

Millionaire Tuesday:
Game 1

Game 2

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "The Newlywed Game" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Repo Games", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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