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4/25/2012 Results

LMaD: Meggan has just become the Personal Assistant. 

Howard's Round (dressed as a marathon runner): $900 (including a $100 bonus for running all the way back to his seat)($1,600 left)
CURTAIN #1- Igloo sauna
Mallory's Round (dressed as a mermaid): $500 (she wanted to change her mind, but it's too late)($1,100 left)
BIG BOX- MAYTAG washer/dryer w/ seventh GENERATION detergent ($3,486)
THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #2): NO- Trip to Long Bay

Getting their Lotto qualifying scratch-offs are three women.

Stacy (dressed as Richard Simmons): Blue- $250
Michelle (dressed as a pink cupcake w/ sprinkles): Green- WIN
Annie (dressed as a Mexican): Red- $100

Payoff Scale of the Day:
Wayne: $5K
Tiffany: $3K
Jonathan: $81.45 (he never includes the extra dollar)
CAR (CURTAIN #3): Nissan cube ($16,860)

PICKS: #2, #5 & #7


She BAILS w/ a pair of computers (BB) worth $2,648.

- WAYNE (Other Nissan: #4)

Lauren's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a striped cat): SB (Jonathan)- Miniature golf lessons (Golf ball dimples: 302 X $4 = $1,208)

(Note: If Amanda's guess of 1K dimples, who was dressed as Hawaiian, had been within 50, she would've gotten $100.)

Kim Payne's Poetry Corner FD Decision (dressed as a birthday party): CURTAIN #1 ($1K)- Trip to the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort ($7,872)

Monica (who's wearing a white shirt w/ her own head as part of a model picture) & Danny (who's wearing a "tuxedo" shirt; they were on their honeymoon at the time) could win any of this if they Keep on Rollin':

#1: AjMadison gas grill set ($1,199)
#2: Game room ($2,850)
#3: Chevrolet Cruze ($17,455)

1. 2
2. 1 (3)
3. 5 (8)
$50 Consolation Roll: 2- DOUBLED TO $200

Melinda (dressed as a nurse) & Jason are too conservative for their own good in Don't Blame Me, so they each get $800 instead of:

SB (Jonathan)- California Coast Tour
SE- Four-night holiday to the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe ($5,501)
CURTAIN #2- Surfing donkey

Jennifer (who's wearing a small Big Bird mask) has a look at this Mystery Money Board:


She leaves it alone before buying the SB (Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2)...which has that $2,118 yoga package.

$ 5 5 0 1

THE BIG DEAL: Regardless of that outcome, Kim's going on & selecting DOOR #3 even before Wayne asks for her choice because that was the only number on her costume's "cake" & that was her daughter Janae's number (that girl's w/ her grandmother at home)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY- she's got the Ford Ranger MT & a Kawasaki motorcycle, for a total Big Deal worth $26,474!

#1- Callaway Golf set ($3,155; revealed last w/ the following sound effects at the end- a golf swing & breaking glass!)
#2- Bedroom ($8,190)

Meric (who's wearing a black graduate suit) misses out on the $500 wad from Jonathan for not having a Polaroid picture of an animal. The 500th aired episode of this version of "Deal" will be seen tomorrow!

TPiR: Folks, as far as the episode airing order goes, we're on a 20 car Pricing Game losing streak. Maybe one of these four hopefuls will snap it this morning- Ashton Williams, Edward Mihld, Jasmine Hamilton & Tina Cerna. The first IUFB's a pair of citizen folding mountain bikes (Amber & Gwendolyn in front of Contestant's Row)(IUFB/truck cue variant).

Ashton: $555/Edward: $600/Jasmine: $722/Tina: $575

ARP: $798

Jasmine from Flint, MI plays Pushover for a five-night family trip to the Beaches Turks & Caicos (Rachel at Door #3)("So Good" by B.o.B.). From the looks of this line, I think Mr. Richards' forcing a win here on that $8K trip...

380004111 is!

Player #5's Kenneth Radcliffe & the second GUFB's a Sonos speaker system (Amber in the clam)("Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera).

Ashton: $1K/Edward: $601/KENNETH: $350/Tina: $850

ARP: $698

Edward from Corona, CA plays Switch? for some home accessories marked at $1,399 (Gwen) & the SAMSUNG 51" HDTV marked at $2,104 (Rachel)...but he doesn't Switch them when he should've.

Also trying to not feeling blue's Nella Wood & the third one-bid prize's a hayneedle antique jewelry armoire w/ Judith Ripka jewelry (Gwen behind rising sign)("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi).

Ashton: $900/NELLA: $795/Kenneth: $9K (WILLY OF THE CENTURY)/Tina: $1,250

ARP: $2,100

Tina slips on his way to the area in front of the Giant Price Tag, but hopefully she won't make too many slip-ups in this edition of Pocket change for the '12 Sentra S (Std., Guards, Mats, Prot/Armor)(Crazy Rachel's Car Lot)("Car Slide" by Edd Kalehoff).


(Note: As of the Feb. 21 playing, the numbers in the car price are again white & they now light up w/ the background at the same time.)

Second Digit:
1. 9 ($ 1 9 , _ _ _; #9)

Third Digit:
1. 5- CORRECT ($ 1 9 , 5 _ _; #1)

Fourth Digit:
1. 7- INCORRECT (Half-Dollar)
2. 8- YES ($ 1 9 , 5 8 _; #6)

Last Digit: 3 ($19,583; #15)

Unless she has rare bad luck w/ those envelopes, she won't be spinning The Big Wheel second & this streak's going to be over...

#9: NICKEL (Three Dimes)
#1: DITTO ($.35)
#6: QUARTER- WIN (Six Dimes)
#15: HALF-DOLLAR ($1.10) Daniel Bryan would say, "YES! YES! YES!".

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #1 (same order no matter the results in that half):
Edward ($698): 60 + 75 = OOPS
Jasmine ($8,798): 40 + 75 = OVER
Tina ($21,683): WINS BY DEFAULT W/ $.45

Nicole Bennett leaves her chair from the back of the Peanut Gallery & the fourth IUFB's a cotton candy maker cart (Amber & Gwen)("Lights" by Ellie Goulding).

Ashton: $450/Nella: $600/Kenneth: $1K/NICOLE: $575

ARP: $1,428

Kenneth plays Take Two ("Tonight is the Night" by Outasight) for some Valentino pumps w/ a purse (Rachel), the washer/dryer (Rachel & Gwen), a Golden West pool table (Gwen & Amber) & a Gateway 23" touchscreen computer (Amber).

1. Accessories ($2,315) + computer ($880) = $3,195
OTHER TRY: Accessories + table ($4,995) = $7,310 (W/D: $1,898; the PG talked him out of the right combination)

Orange participant #3's Alicia McIntosh & the next PUFB's a set of Michael Kors coats (All at Door #5)("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift).

Ashton: $1K/Nella: $1,001/ALICIA: $600/Nicole: $875

ARP: $1,075

Nella, who's wearing a 13th birthday shirt, plays PASS the BUCK for the Toyota Yaris LE (Gwen)("Starships" by Nicki Minaj for the automobile, "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars for the groceries).

1. Alka-Seltzer Plus ($4.22) & Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream ($3.49)
2. Progresso Italian Style Bread Crumbs ($1.49) & Folgers Classic Roast coffee ($8.89) 
PICK: Crumbs 

SOLE BIG BOARD PICK: #3 (after nearly going w/ #5)- WINS $1K

#1- $3K
#4- $5K

After we see that "Clock on the Wall" graphic (& remind you all that Ashton will be bidding last), here comes Carolyn Hinderberger (Sheree's celebrating her 14th "Leap Year" birthday) & the last IUFB of the outdoor fireplace made by The Blue Rooster Company (Amber behind splitting sign)(classic one-bid cue by Edd).

Ashton: $900/CAROLYN: $750/Alicia: $800/Nicole: $825

All have overbid.

Ashton: BUCK/Carolyn: $595/Alicia: $625/Nicole: $626

ARP: $550- Ashton's in!

She's a CLU student from Thousand Oaks, CA & plays Secret X for a Jackson Grills five-burner BBQ island w/ a three-piece bamboo bar set priced at $7,822 (Rachel at Door #3)("Drive By" by Train). Her free X goes in the top-left square.

SPs (Gwen)("Turn Up the Music" by Chris Brown):
Collapsible cupcake carrier ($25 or $53?): $25
BBQ set ($42 or $88?): $88

That SX needs to be dead center again...


...but it isn't. At least she wasn't going to spin TBW second.

SCSD #2 (same stipulations apply; Nella needs Drew to spin the wheel for her both times):
Ashton ($575): $.90
Kenneth ($1,428): 15 + 45 = $.60
Nella ($2,075): 55 + 15 = $.70

Door #4- Six-night Monte Carlo vacation (Amber)("Saxy Showcase" by Michael Karp)
Door #3- Sea-Doo Speedster (Rachel)(fast Showcase prize cue, also presumably by Karp)



Next to Door #1- Four-night trip to the Hotel Diva in S.F. (Gwen)
In Door #1- Beachcomber Hot Tub (Rachel)
Door #2- '12 Escape XLT FWD (Amber)("Pay the Rent" by Karp)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: If Tina wins at least her Showcase, her Sentra should at least be behind Door #3 again

Showcase Prices:

Ashton: $36,419
Tina: $31,785

Ashton goes away w/ $36,994 in prizes (when it could've been $44,858).

TODAY'S PG RECORD: 2-4 (w/ one Technical Loss)

FF: Just for those of you who are wondering, we have 24 episodes left in the last SD season.

TODAY'S GAME: Longs (whose one-day cash winnings total $770) vs. Augers

R1: Name something your doctor does to you that (s)he doesn't enjoy any more than you do. Example (s):

#1: Watch.

Mike: Sees me naked- X
Mitchell: Fondling you- #2 (16)
Chris: Breast exam- XX
Matthew: Sticks that probe down your probe- BOTTOM ANSWER (2)
Mark: Clean bedpan- XXX

Video Bonus #2: Mark's Short Bio (edited out of broadcast)
Video Bonus #3: Matthew's Square Dancing 

David Steal (for 86): Needle- #3 (4)(Other BAs: Checks my ears & gives me bad news)(2 each)

R2: According to 100 men, name something you do for your looks that you would never admit to your friend.

#1: Manscape/pluck body hair (54)(Mitchell)

DUDS- Comb your hair (Mike) & talk to your girlfriend (Tyrone Sr.)

Chris: Use makeup- #2 (15)
Matthew: Get a mani/pedicure- #5 (4)
Mark: Color/dye your hair- #4 (10)

Mike (a Muay Thai boxer): Liposuction- X
Chris: Clean your ears- XX
Matthew: Whiten your teeth- XXX

VB #4: Chris's First Answer on this Q That Got Edited Out of the Broadcast

David Steal #2 (for another 83): Plastic surgery- SUCCESSFUL STEAL STREAK OVER (#3: Face cream/facials)(14)

Double: Name something that might unexpectedly fly open. Appetizer (s):

#1: Door (34)(Tyrone Jr.)

DUD- Window (Mitchell)

Longs (this is the first face-off they've won in seven tries):
Lashawn (a retail saleswoman who is Tyrone Jr.'s stylist; they've been married for 16 yrs.): Zipper/pants- #2 (21)
Khadijah: Shirt/blouse- #4 (6)
David: Mouth- X
Tyrone Sr.: XX
Tyrone Jr.: Boats- XXX (& Steve knew it beforehand)

Mark Steal (for another 122 & the lead): Bikini top- NO (Longs: 208)

#3: Car door (13)
#5: Car trunk (5)

VB #5: Tyrone Sr.'s Short Bio That Was Also Edited Out

Triple: Give me a word that rhymes w/ "wrinkled". During this F-O:


#4: Sprinkle (4)(Lashawn)

DUD- Dimple (Chris)

Khadijah: Twinkle- TIED FOR #1 (34)
David (after repeating "sprinkle"): Minkle- ZONK
Tyrone Sr.: Crinkle- #3 (25)

Tyrone Jr.: Winkle- XX
Lashawn: XXX

Mark Steal #2 (for another 189 & to stay alive): Tinkle- YES (272)

SUDDEN DEATH: Name something to which for some people love to give away the ending.
Matthew: Movie- WIN! (81)

FAST MONEY: Their wife & three other loved ones are in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. According to 100 guys, how many ladies have proposed to you?
2. Name something a kid might take w/ them to a sleep away camp.
3. Name a kind of ball you can easily hold in one hand.
4. Name something in the house that runs 24 hours a day.
5. Name something that shakes a lot more of when you gain weight.

1. One- 36
2. Sleeping bag- 22
3. Football- 2
4. Washing machine- DUD
5. Belly- 41
TOTAL- 101


1. Two- 27
2. Hat- 7
3. Baseball- 29
4. Lights- 3
5. Arm fat- 7
TOTAL- 174 ($870)

3. Tennis
4. Refrigerator

WoF: Tonight, we're on the Back to the Beach set. Thursday, we'll be on the Big Money set & Friday will be on the Military Spouses set.

$1K T-U: Place

_ _ _ / _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A

C _ _ _ _

"Wheel" saluted this earlier this season & David knows about THE CALIFORNIA COAST. His female competition after meeting him:

David Shannon (L.A.)- A software development manager for a software security company & group fitness teacher at gyms who considers himself an amateur baker
Kelly Tucker (La Mesa)- A veterinarian married to Morgan w/ two boys (Peyton & Mason), dogs & cats
Whitney Tavis (Oradell, NJ)- A woman who got her first Bachelor's Degree in Communications & is working on her second in Nursing at Felicia College

$2K T-U: Rhyme Time

_ / _ _ A _ _ / _ R _ M

_ _ E / _ _ _ _

David doesn't need A BLAST FROM THE PAST to triple up- I think we've got a player on our hands here so far.

Wednesday's Featured Prize: Boston Harbor Hotel trip ($9,640)
Gift Tag: Philips 66

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Phrase

He calls off two T's for 16 bills, buys three E's, calls two $300 H's & purchases an A at the start of both lines, then he has Bankrupted next to the Wild Card for a $1,700 loss. Second, Kelly takes five L's for $1.5K, a $600 N, the I to clean off the vowels & the D for the gas card...

A L L / T H E / _ E L L _

A N D / _ H I _ T L E _

...w/ ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES, she has $2,850 in cash & gas store stuff & will start the next puzzle.


Current Scores:

Kelly: $2,850 in cash & gas card/Whitney: $0/David: $3K

Mystery Round: Same Name

The first letter she picks is N for no. Second, Whitney inserts two T's while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free PLAY & Lose a Turn & refuses two get 10 of them! Additionally, she next calls trip S's for another $10.5K in spendable money, buys the same amount of E's, selects an $800 R pair, a couple A's & two $300 D's to complete the last word (ADDRESS)...but then the other normal Bankrupt triggers a $21,400 disaster. Doggone it. David then takes his free shot at solving...

_ E T T _ S _ _ R _

& / E - _ A I _


...& gets GETTYSBURG & E-MAIL ADDRESS to slightly add to his first-place cash sum.

SOLE DUD: $550 N (Kelly)

Current Scores:

Kelly: $2,850 in cash & gas/Whitney: ZIP/David: $4K

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

On her road to redemption, Whitney's base letter is S for sorry again. David secondly has located three N's for the blue 1/2 KIA & 15 Benjamins, three E's, the $300 F, a couple D's for another grand & that other 1/2 KIA. After he buys an A to lead off each of the three lines...

A / _ N E - _ F -

A - _ _ N D

A D _ E N _ _ _ E

...while he enjoys his $17,300 in cash & Soul from this round, he can also think about this retreat sponsored by "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" (which was the first film to use Paramount's "100 Years" logo)- A ONE-OF-A-KIND ADVENTURE to Dubai valued at $9,835!

SOLE DUD: $300 S (Whitney)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DA9594044 (Dixie A.)

Current Scores:

Kelly: $2,850 in cash & card/Whitney: HARD LUCK/David: $31,135 in cash & merchandise

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $40 event ticket from scoreBIG; use the SonyCard & it'll cost $38

$3K T-U: Occupation

E _ _ _ _ _ _ R

_ P E _ A T O _

David makes the solve of ELEVATOR OPERATOR to rise further to $34,135 in cash & prizes.

R4: Food & Drink

The letters he goes w/ to lead off are $900 worth of three L's & double E's, but the same Bankrupt he hit earlier gets him again, this time for $650. Going Kelly's path second are a $300 R but then a dummy vowel of A. Third for Whitney are the starting letter of S for $500, but she buys the other dud vowel on this board (I). As soon as David gets command again, he spots a $500 W & quatro O's...

S L O W - _ O O _ E _

_ _ L L E _ / _ O R _

...before eating some SLOW-COOKED PULLED PORK for a $750 vowel refund.

DUDS: A (Kelly), I (Whitney)

Current Scores:

Kelly: $2,850 in cash & card/Whitney: BAD LUCK/David: $35,135 in cash & stuff

Last Chance Round: Landmark

The consonants are worth...$1.5K each. After he asks for a P...

_ _ N N _ _ _

S P _ C _ / C _ N T _ R

...he nails the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER to ice his cake by $3K. Left to waste for the women:

Kelly: $6K
Whitney: $4.5K

Final Scores:

Kelly: $2,850 in cash & tag/Whitney: HL $1K GOOSEEGG/David: $38,135 in cash & stuff
GT: $41,985


Big Money Round #149: If Dave can prove to us he's "...that damn good" (as Triple H would say) on this stage one more time, he'll win more money &/or a Mustang. And as of tonight, the Maxwell House BR promotion's back to once again support Rebuilding Together. He spins the SPIN's S.

Category: Thing

For kicks w/ the RSTLNE:

_ / L _ _ _ T

T _ _ _ _

He calls GCHO, thinking he may be onto something...

_ / L _ G H T

T O _ C H

...he didn't have A LIGHT TOUCH on this game- he had one from King Midas (& I had a feeling this losing streak was going to also end after "Price" ended their own today)! And as a result...

...he's $40K happier & is at least temporarily the biggest winner this year w/ $78,135 in cash & stuff- WTG, Dave!

TS: Tonight's match-up- class leaders vs. class clowns.

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Janeisa d. Jesneiry
2. Jonathan d. Andrea (neither one knew about Nicki Minaj on their first Q)
3. Rachel d. Brian (neither one figured out Steven Tyler was part of Aerosmith the first time)
4. Kyle d. Stephanie
5. Vanessa d. Hannah
6. Aiyana d. Melissa
7. Alexis (male) d. Joshua
8. Liliana d. Baby
9. Alyssa d. Nicolas

Extra Credit #5 (Jennifer vs. Shaquille)(portable turntable): What buffoonish father from an animated sitcom's known for his catchphrase "D'oh!"?
Jennifer: Homer Simpson

What You Should Know:
Alyssa vs. Vanessa: "Shall I compare the to a summer's day?" is the first line of one of Shakespeare's best known examples of what form of poem?
Vanessa: Sonnet
Alexis vs. Jonathan: What famous head-chopping device first came to fame during The French Revolution?
Jonathan: Ax
Alexis: Guillotine
Janeisa vs. Jennifer: What mathematical term describes two lines that extend side by side forever & never intersect?
Janeisa: Parallel lines
Kyle vs. Liliana: Named for a Scottish scientist known for his work on steam engines, what unit of power's listed on light bulbs as an indicator of their brightness?
Kyle: Watt
Rachel vs. Aiyana: A holiday on the third Monday of January commemorates what civil rights leader known for his "I Have a Dream" speech?
Aiyana: MLK

WTH Topics: States west of the Mississippi River & Will Smith movies
Torture: Wind cannon while each semi-finalist's strapped to a table

Kyle: 12- WINNER
Aiyana: 3
Vanessa: 9- PEOPLE'S CHAMP
Janeisa: 4

1. To the nearest hour, how long does your phone's battery usually last before you need a charge?
Kyle: Five- #3 (8%)
Vanessa: Four- 4% (#1 was 48 w/ 11% & #2 was 24 w/ 10%)

2. Who's your favorite "Harry Potter" character?
Vanessa: Harry- #2 (26%)
Kyle: Voldemort- 1% (#1 was Hermione Granger w/ 29% & #3 was Ron Weasley w/ 13%)

3. According to your male peers, at what age did you start shaving?
Kyle: 14- #3 (19%)
Vanessa: 12- DUD (#1 was 16 at 35% & #2 was 15 at 24%)

4. Name a celebrity known for misbehavior.
Vanessa: Britney Spears- #3 (8%)
Kyle: Michael Jackson (#1 was Lindsay Lohan at 43% & the runner-up was Charlie Sheen at 24%)

FQ: What's your favorite activity at the beach?
Vanessa: Swimming in the water- WIN (40%)
Kyle: Tanning- #2 (29%)

Millionaire Wednesday:

Game 1
Game 2

(Also: Cindy Vanderbur couldn't keep her "Jeopardy!" championship intact, but she leaves w/ $56,800; Jacob Silverman's the new kingpin w/ $18,799 w/ his grandparents in the audience.)

Episode ratings: 

9: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Family Feud", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!"
5: "The Substitute"
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