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4/26/2012 Results

LMaD: Remember, this is their AIRED 500TH CBS EPISODE! Deal #1 this morning's Spell Me a Deal.

(Note: By this time in the tapings, the lights no longer dim during every deal.)

First Letter: S
R1 (SMALL BOX): Deborah (dressed as a nurse)($800)- Pair of Raymond Reil watches ($1,945)
Second Letter: W
R2 (CURTAIN #3): Shannon (who's wearing a purple wig amongst other things)- Gary Copeland VIP photo shoot w/ $1K bloomingdale's gift card ($4,800)
Third Letter: I
Gabrielle's FR (dressed as an athletic fairy): $2K- SWISS CHEESE (mouse trap)


Andrew (dressed as a banana) takes his turn at that Ca$h Register, where he could win the $16,972 Nissan Sentra 2.0 (Curtain #1).

1. #7- $200
2. #3- TRIPLE
3. #12- $400 ($1K)
4. #4- $200 ($1,200)
5. #11- $400 ($1,600)
6. #6- $200 ($1,800)
FINAL PICK: #14 (because of Iris)- PERFECT DEAL #2 ON THE NOSE! (Giant banana splits: #1 & #10)

Joshua's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a lumberjack)(CURTAIN #3; has something to do w/ the number three): GO ($1,100)- 3-D HDTV package ($3.5K)
Becky's FD Decision via Wayne's Diary (dressed as a cowgirl)(possible beach trip behind CURTAIN #2): GO ($1.5K)- Giant beach set

Antares (dressed as a "dancesketball" player; Wayne successfully makes a shot) plays the Triple Trip Mileage Deal for:

RB: Four-night stay at Mandalay Bay w/ tickets to "The Lion King" in Las Vegas ($3,700)
GB: Panama Tour ($4.5K)
BB: Marriott St. Kitts Resort & The Royal Beach Casino ($6,326)

1. Vegas- 236

The bailout swag (CURTAIN #1) at least has the Beverly Hills tennis package. 

2. St. Kitts- 3,613; STOPS W/ ANOTHER $600 (Panama City: 3,013)

Kymberly's wearing an orange sign w/ black text that reads "CAR STOLEN NEED NEW ONE" (Christmas Eve '10). Well, she might be about to make that happen in Find the Face.

Three-Card Tiffany Prize (CURTAIN #1): Bull BBQ island ($4,861)

#2- TIFFANY ($500: #3)

Four-Card Jonathan Prize (CURTAIN #3): Game room ($6,430)

#2- $750
#4- $1K


#4- LOSES $11,091
#3- $500
#5- $2K

Jessica's FD Decision via Jonathan's Diary (dressed as a Hawaiian)(BB): GO- Motorcycle w/ triangular wheels (SE: Dining room)($4,338)

THE BIG DEAL: Shannon has a chance at a special Big Deal of the Day today- it's the Strong Spa 7 w/ a $15.5K cash jackpot, making it worth $23,499. She chooses her boyfriend's lucky number w/ DOOR #3. #2 had a pair of VESPA S-50s w/ helmets worth $8,218, while her door has...$2,258 worth of Joss & Main outdoor furniture (#1 rained money anyway).

Rebecca's challenged to find two pictures of herself for $150 apiece, while Ardin successfully completes a football pass to Eric for $100 per guy. Sadly, we don't end this notable show w/ the $500 twitter wad, as Natasha wasn't able to bring a toothpaste tube. 

TPiR: The First Four are Peter Wislocki, Naomi Thompson, Lisa Richards & Damiana Leone; George says the first IUFB's a three-night junior suite hotel trip to Newport Beach (Amber)("Lights" by Ellie Goulding).

Damiana: $1,250/Naomi: $900/Lisa: $1,251/Peter: $1,200

ARP: $2,818

Lisa from Orem, UT plays Cliff-Hangers for a $10,084 Yamaha WaveRunner (Rachel at Door #3)("Drive By" by Train).

SPs (Manuela)(using a variation of the second Triple Play car description cue by Michael Karp):
Moen towel ring: $22- $20
Mandoline ($23 left): $18- $30
Grill ($11 left): $35- BROKE $50

SOLE PENALTY: Second SP underbid

Ronald Landers is down fifth & the second one-bid item's a BlackBerry Torch 9850 w/ the one-year plan (ceiling)(IUFB/truck cue).

Damiana: $475/Naomi: $901/RONALD: $900/Peter: $500

ARP: $1,340

Naomi, a voice/piano teacher & administrative assistant from Newhall Santa Clarita who just turned 30, plays Cover Up for the Hyundai Sonata (Std., CMats, Net, Prot)(Amber at Door #2)(MDS theme by Karp). Board:

First Digit: 2 or 4?
Second Digit: 2, 8 or 9?
Third Digit: 1, 5, 7 or 9?
Fourth Digit: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9?
Last Digit: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 or 8?

Base Dud Price: $34K

1. $ (2)(2)(9)(5)(1)
2. $ (2)(2)(7)(3)(4)
3. $ (2)(2)(5)(3)(6)- LOSING STREAK OVER BY DEFAULT IN FOUR TURNS!!!!! (ARP: $22,136)

Video Bonus: First CU Win of Season 40 (also includes end of C-H)

After all that luck, here comes Monique Herd & the last PUFB this half happens to be a Tiga ping-pong package (Manuela & Rachel at Door #3).

Damiana: $1,001/MONIQUE: $698/Ronald: $799/Peter: $1K

ARP: $1,150

Damiana from Chicago plays One Wrong Price ("Fortune Hunter" by Edd Kalehoff) for a contemporary wine fridge marked at $2,820 (Rachel), an iMac 8 GB marked at $2,149 (Manuela) & an Inspire Body Lift home gym marked at $2,437 (Amber). I would pick the gym & she actually chooses the computer...I'm right- it was $1,395.

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #1 (same order even w/ a perfect first half):
Damiana ($1,150): Half-Dollar + Quarter = Three Quarters
Lisa ($2,868): 35 + 95 = OVER
Naomi ($23,476): 55 + 15 = NICKEL SHORT

Mary Frances Bennett's chosen seventh & PUFB #4's the year's worth of teleflora flowers per month (Amber behind splitting sign)("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift).

M.F.: $825/Monique: $690/Ronald: $875/Peter: $600

ARP: $720

Monique, a married Compton secretary who should've been re-married last Monday, plays Side By Side for a eight-piece Howard Miller Total Home dining room w/ that Noritake stuff & those monthly Wisconsin pies for a year (Rachel at Door #2)("Tonight is the Night" by Outasight). Board:


Her answer's $6,954...yes indeed! I would've found it funny if CU were the only Pricing Game won today, but, oh well.

Next to go to the blue spot's Charles Abbe & a 10-piece selection of lia sophia jewelry comprise the fifth GUFB (Manuela in front of Contestant's Row)("Without You" by David Guetta).

M.F.: $1,101/CHARLES: $1,650/Ronald: $750/Peter: $1,100

ARP: $870

Sorry, Peter, but Ronald plays It's in the BAG (Amber & Rachel) & these are the groceries ("Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jensen)- Liquid Plumr Penetrex Gel, AXE Kilo body spray, Bonkers tea bags, Jell-O Instant Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling, Santa Fe Packing Company Spikes Blackbean & Corn Medium Salsa & Bayer Low Dose.

$1.19: Filling
$10.34: Bayer
$2.49: Salsa
$6.99: L-P
$4.69: Spray

LOSES $4K (& his partner David wanted him to stop there, too)

$6.99: Bags
$4.69: L-P (Spray: $5.79)

Kelsie Goff's the "Clock on the Wall" player of the episode & they've gotta bid on the "Price Look of the Week" that includes a maxi dress this time (Rachel in front of Door #2).

M.F.: $950/Charles: BUCK/KELSIE: $2K/Peter: $1.5K

ARP: $770 (really?)


Charles, a retired mentor from Bakersfield, CA, plays the Dice Game for the 2012 Mazda6 (Std., Mats)(Manuela at Door #3)("Domino" by Jessie J).

(Note: This is the first time Dimich has used the DG wipe in a while.)

Second digit: 4- LOSS ALREADY
Third digit: 2- ALSO WRONG
Fourth digit: 4- LOWER
Last digit: 5 (ARP: $21,115)

I was shocked the fourth digit wasn't 3. Using the $15,623 Accent GLS would've been nice w/ those roll decisions, as would've the $16,215 '12 Mazda2 AT, $16,642 '12 Ford Fiesta HB, $24,315 Nitro, $24,512 '12 RAM 1500 or the $16,224 '12 Honda Fit AT we saw earlier this week. Hence, interior/exterior protectant on the '12 Mazda6 is $572.

SCSD #2:
Charles ($770): 55 + H-D = NO LUCK AT ALL FROM HIM
Peter ($870): $.70
Monique ($7,674): 30 + 75 = SAME RESULT AS CHARLES

TRIPCASE (Rachel at Door #2): Five nights at the Grand Villa Casino Hotel & Conference Centre Burnaby in Vancouver, BC (also includes a $500 casino gift card & a personal trainer at Stanley Park), six nights in Hawaii & an eight-day Breaking Away Bicycle Tour of Pisa, Italy ("Grandeur Showcase Underscore" by Karp for first trip only)



DAMIANA'S WHEELCASE (using another MDS Showcase cue by Karp for the first two prizes only):
In front of Door #2- Pair of comfort bikes
Door #1- Pair of pastel '12 VESPA LX-150s (Rachel)
Door #3- FIAT 500 Sport (Std., Safety/Conv.)(Amber)("Grandeur Showcase" by Karp)



Showcase ARPs:
Damiana: $29,993 (Difference: $6,993)
Peter: $27,163 (Difference: $9,163)

Damiana wins $31,143 in loot.



TODAY'S GAME: Mathises (their second "Feud" opportunity) vs. Augers (whose one-day cash winnings total $870)

R1: Name something that would be a disaster to lose on your honeymoon. To begin:

#1: Engagement/wedding ring (43)(Mark)

Mike: Passport- T4 (6)
Mitchell: Wedding license- X
Chris: Wallet/money- #3 (17)
Matthew: Luggage- XX
Mark: Keys- XXX

Kavisha Steal (for 66; she prays for her husband): Spouse- #3 (8)

T4: "Saluting salami" (6)
#6: Birth control (4)

R2: Name something wives do to get their husbands off the couch. Face-off time:

#1: Seduce them (45)(Mike)

Mitchell: Cleaning/vacuum- BA (3)
Chris: Feed them- #3 (9)
Matthew: Yell at them- X
Mark: Turn off TV/change channel- #2 (12)
Mike: Tell them they've got a phone call- XX
Mitchell: Tell them they're going somewhere- XXX

Kavisha Steal #2 (for another 69 & to keep lead): Tell them to check on the kids- NO (Other BAs: Stop nagging them, take on walk/hike & set house on fire)(3 each)

Double: Name a job where you'd lose a lot of customers if you had body odor. Hold your noses while at least one answer's revealed for this survey:

#3: Barber/hairdresser (14)(Mitchell)
#4: Doctor/dentist (6)(Felicia)


Chris: Masseuse/masseur- #5 (5)
Matthew: TV show host- X
Mark: Waiter/food server- #1 (29)
Mike: Stripper- #6 (4)
Mitchell: Taxi cab driver- XX
Chris: Manager- XXX

Kavisha Steal #3 (for another 116 & to regain lead): Nurse- NO (Augers: 185)(#2: Salesperson)(26)

Triple: Name someone in your life who has a nude photo of you. Base guess (es):

#1: Spouse/mate (60)(Chris)


Matthew: Mom/parents- #2 (32)
Mark: Ex(es)- #3 (5)
Mike: Sibling(s)- X

Mitchell: Grandparents- XX
Chris: Friend- XXX

Kavisha Steal #4 to Win: Teammate- OUT (Augers: 476)(#4: Nobody)(2)

1. Name something you do faster when you wake up late for work.
2. Name a drink a waitress might serve you from a pitcher.
3. Name something dogs fetch.
4. Tell me the longest you could go without sleeping.
5. Name a purchase that's always a big deal w/ families.

1. Get dressed- 33
2. Iced tea- 29
3. Bone- 26
4. Six hours- DUD
5. TV- 17
TOTAL- 105

1. Get showered- 37
2. Water- 22
3. Chew toy- 33 (counts as ball)
4. Three days- 8; WIN AT 205!
5. Computer

2. Beer
4. One day
5. Car

(Final note: The $20K graphic suddenly disappeared before it could make its usual exit to the right of the screen.)

WoF: Well, I was wrong- we're on the Military Spouses set tonight instead of tomorrow (so that will take place on the Big Money set). But I'm right about this- we've given away $133,485 in cash & prizes so far on this America's Game Week & David Shannon just about cleaned up last night & took home $78,135 of that! And we might be just getting warmed up for the rest of the week.

$1K T-U: Song Lyrics

T _ _ / _ _ N _ / _ F

_ _ E / F R _ E

Complete the last verse of our national anthem- "O ___ _____ __ ___ _____ & the home of the brave?". Lindsay's correct w/ "...THE LAND OF THE FREE...". As Howie Mandel used to say, "Ladies, please":

Lindsay Conners (Glen Clove, NY)- A newlywed whose husband was shortly deployed to Bahrain to serve as a Third Class Naval Petty Officer; she occasionally paints & has a daughter named Charlie
Eva Van Camp (Jackman, ME)- A Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander married to Tim (who's the Commanding Officer of Air Station L.A. & is a CG pilot for 23 yrs.) w/ a daughter named Madison
Sharon Adams (Corpus Christi, TX; originally from FL)- Married to a Marine Corps pilot for eight yrs. (who's also originally from FL & just got back from Afghaniastan); they hiked on the Machu Picchu Trail on their post-deployment trip

$2K T-U: Living Thing

P _ _ Y I _ G

_ A _ T _ S

Lindsay gets PRAYING MANTIS for the tripler.

Thursday's Featured Trip: Red Mountain Resort ($6,828)
Gift Tag:

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Food & Drink

Lindsay leads the way, but she doesn't pick up the gift certificate w/ an R call. Second, Eva calls two L's for six Benjamins, buys five E's, claims the Utah getaway w/ two S's & buys an A, after which she chooses a $2K P quartet & quadruple I's before we see...

_ E L I _ I _ _ S

_ E E P - _ I S _

A P P L E / P I E

...her eating some DELICIOUS DEEP-DISH APPLE PIE to not only stay in command, but earn $8,678 in cash & getaway.

SOLE DUD: R (Lindsay)

Current Scores:

Eva: $8,678 in cash & UT/Sharon: $0/Lindsay: $3K

Mystery Round: Before & After

She starts out w/ a $400 T & a pair of E's, followed after by the Free PLAY of an A but then her Bankrupt hit next to top dollar. Second, Sharon goofs by calling S. Third, Lindsay calls the $350 H, buys an I, gets three N's to add 18 bills & purchases the remaining two vowels that make up the second column of this puzzle (two O's & a U) before saying a dud of L. Following Eva's choices of four R's for the Wild Card, a $300 D & the $900 F that starts this solution, the layout now...

F O R _ / I N / T H E



...she sees the FORK IN THE ROAD RUNNER to keep the additional $1,200.

DUDS: $400 L (Lindsay), $300 S (Sharon)

Current Scores:

Eva: $9,878 in cash & trip (WC)/Sharon: NADA/Lindsay: $3K

Prize Puzzle Round: Fun & Games

Sharon has four $900 T's, seven E's & three A's come into view first, then heading her way is the Lose a Turn. Lindsay secondly puts in a $600 N, a couple of $550 R's, an I, an $1,800 G pair, the same amount of V's on the bottom line for $1,600 extra & two O's finish off the round's vowels. Her subsequent alphabet choices are double $3.5K H's & twin C's for an $1,100 deposit, but she then goes Bankrupt next to the vacant WC to have her accumulated $12,700 become null & void. After Eva runs into the LaT & Sharon Bankrupts on the left side of the Million Dollar Wedge to lose 400 bucks, Lindsay lights trip S's & a W at $300 per appearance...


S O _ E / O _ / T H E


W A V E S / E V E R

...& she'll be CATCHING SOME OF THE GREATEST WAVES EVER during her $6K vacation to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort, barely allowing her to regain first place.

LaTs: 2 (Sharon & Eva)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Lindsay & Sharon)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JC8350430 (Jim C.)

Current Scores:

Eva: $9,878 in cash & travel (WC)/Sharon: BUPKIS/Lindsay: $10,200 in cash & Maui

$3K T-U: Event

_ _ A _ _ _ O _ _ _ I P

G _ _ _

Sharon's on the board w/ a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

Last Chance Round: Around the House

$1.5K for each Speed-Up consonant this evening. After Sharon calls the M to put this game in Sudden Victory...

_ _ T _ R T _ _ _ M _ _ T

_ _ _ T _ R

...she scores the SV by three crisp Benjamins w/ a $7.5K solve of ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, also denying Lindsay of another three G's.


Final Scores:

Eva: $9,878 in cash & UT/Sharon: $10.5K/Lindsay: $10,200 in cash & HI
GT: $30,578


Maxwell House Old-School BR #150: The near-$30K Explorer's available again, but I highly doubt it will have anything to do w/ this BR playing. While her hubby Sam's in the audience, Sharon's spun the second A.

Theme: Phrase

Light some RSTLNE help, Corwin:

_ _ _ _ / _ N

_ / _ L _ S _

MCHI gives this woman...

_ _ C _ / I N

_ / _ L _ S H

...we'll be right BACK IN A FLASH w/ what she's won. But we must remind you that the '12 Rebuilding Together charity bank has doubled to $5K & say that nearly six years ago during College Week in Denver, Elyse Thomas won the 100 grand w/ that same bonus puzzle. In Adams' case...


VB: Massive "Wheel" Breakthrough!

(Final notes: The line Jimmy used just before announcing the $100K win was "We're giving you a check made out to cash...", which I first heard while playing the recent "Wheel" video game on Wii. Besides "Here's thousands of reasons to celebrate...", the other starter for $100K wins is "Money needs no introduction...".)

TS: It's good students (red) vs. bada#&#es (blue) in Mr. Gabrus' room.

What You Know Preliminary Results:
1. Ashley d. James M.
2. Chase d. Matt D. ("Fear Factor")
3. Dwayne d. Stephanie
4. Errol d. Kyle
5. Stephannia d. Matt F.
6. Karuna d. Joe
7. Kelly d. Islam (following double incorrect answers on their first two Q's)
8. Lauren d. Kevin
9. George vs. James L.

Extra Credit #6 (Krista vs. Alexa)(Canon camera): Perhaps the world's oldest emoticons, the letters XO at the end of a message usually represent what?
Krista: Hugs & kisses

What You Should Know:
Ashley vs. Errol: During WWII, "The Manhattan Project" was the code name for America's program to develop what powerful weapon?
Errol: Atomic bomb
Lauren vs. Kelly: Which Shakespeare play's cast included a power-happy Scotsman, his scheming wife & three weird witches?
Kelly: Macbeth
George vs. Stephannia: Although technically an independent state, Vatican City's entirely surrounded by what other country?
George: Italy
Dwayne vs. Chase: What U.S. President delivered the famous Gettysburg Address?
Dwayne: Abraham Lincoln
Krista vs. Karuna: Grapefruits & oranges are good sources of asorbic acid, also known as what vitamin?
Karuna: C

WTH Topics: Zodiac signs & TV networks
Torture: Party chair

George: 23- WINNER
Karuna: 15
Dwayne: 11
Kelly: 7

1. What's your favorite board game?
George: Monopoly- #1 (49%)
Errol: Sorry!- 4% (#2 was Clue w/ 9% & #3 was The Game of LIFE at 8%)
2. What's the grossest thing to find in your food at a restaurant?
George: Hair- #1 (52%)
Errol: Fly- #2 (27%; #3 was band-aid w/ 4%)
3. On the 0-10 scale, how often do you cheat on school assignments & tests?
George: 7- 5%
Errol: 3- 6% (#1 was 0 w/ 33%, #2 was 2 at 18% & #3 was 1 at 15%)
4. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
George: 8- #3 (8%)
Errol: 5- 7% (#1 was three at 18% & #2 was 10 w/ 11%)
FQ: At what age's a person too old to date an 18-year-old?
George: 25- #2 (16%)

(Also: A Triple Stumper occurred tonight in Final Jeopardy!, but Jacob Silverman still had a lock game win w/ $11K, $29,799 for two days.)

Millionaire Thursday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

Episode ratings:

10: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Family Feud"
7: Everything else
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