Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The Amazing Race" 4/29

Opening Clue (6:53 AM): After driving to a temple, they have to remove their shoes in order to receive a greeting from a head priest, along w/ their second clue.

Budget: $25

FINAL FAST FORWARD: Both The Browns and Art & J.J. are ineligible to do this- go to Mutharaman Devastanam & find two priests. At that time, the players' heads must be shaved in order to claim this prestigious pass.

LAST SPEED BUMP: This time, Bopper & Mark have to paint the tiger on the belly of a Pulikali Tiger Dancer & then dance w/ them.

Clue #2: The third clue awaits at the Pattanacaud Coir Mats & Matting.

ROADBLOCK #9: Spin & spool 40 feet of coconut rope.
Attempting It: Art, Brendon, Dave, Vanessa (who twisted her ankle minutes after she completed it),

Clue #3: Go to Fort Kochi for the potential Detour details.

DETOUR #9: Pachyderm or Pack a Box?

Pachyderm: Properly decorate an elephant, then transfer 50 pounds of elephant manure via wheelbarrows to a truck.
PaB: At a ginger-processing center, 10 boxes have to be filled w/ dry ginger, then sealed & stenciled before being transferred to a shipping depot.

Pachyderm: Brendon & Rachel, The Browns and Vanessa & Ralph
PaB: Art & J.J.

PIT STOP #10: The Cheena Vala Fishing Nets. 


SIX-TIME WINNERS- The Browns ($20K)
2. Brendon & Rachel (who arrived at the FF first but Rachel passed on it)
3. Ralph & Vanessa

Bopper & Mark started this stage w/ Mark suffering from heat exhaustion because of his bad luck w/ last week's Roadblock dancing. I'll tell you right now they won the FF. But is it enough for them to make it to the finale?...

Art & J.J.
Bopper & Mark

...NO- THEY'RE THE SECOND TEAM EVER TO BE ELIMINATED EVEN AFTER WINNING A FF. OUCH. But they're not leaving us empty-handed- they're still going to The Aloha State.
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