Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DEBUT: "Total Blackout"

PREMIERE CONTESTANTS ("Entering the Darkness"):
Patrick (45)(Rancho Cucamonga)- Deputy sheriff
Awet (36)(originally from Boston)- Signature recruiter from valid initiatives
Chynna (20)(Eager, AZ)- Pest control saleswoman
Marq (36)(Bohol, Philippines)- Photographer

$5K's at stake each show. All of the stunts will completely take place in the dark.

R1: Identify the thing in each of four tanks within 10 minutes by touching them.
A: Cockroaches, pineapple, octopus & bra

Whenever there's an elimination reveal, they all have to walk on their platforms & jump on it; each eliminee falls into oblivion just like "Russian Roulette" & "Who's Still Standing?".

FIRST LOSER W/ NONE RIGHT- Awet (everyone else got 'em all)

R2: The semi-finalists are required to eat some of each of the four foods that are stuffed in the bellies of human beings.
A: Champagne, fish eggs, Bleu cheese & cherry

Chynna- THREE
Patrick- ONE

First $5K Challenge: The four items have to be IDed by just smelling them in five min.
A: Peanut butter, stinky shoe, garlic & sweaty armpit
WINNER- Chynna (2-0)

"2 Heads are Blinder Than 1":
Jonathan & Sylvia (both 27; she's his girlfriend & they've been together for four yrs.)(L.A.)
Kellie & Katie (23 yr. old twin sisters)(South Jordan, UT)
Brandon (29) & Maxwell (21)(Buffalo)
Alexis (22) & Hugette (59; mother/son)(Montreal)

Touch Round #2 A: Iguana, brush, eels, Teddy Bear, spider & human foot

Kellie & Katie- M.O.
Maxwell & Brandon- FIVE
Jonathan & Sylvia- THREE
Hugette & Alexis- ONE

Heights Round: Cross a narrow bridge ASAP.
OUT- Jonathan & Sylvia

$5K Challenge #2: W/ scorpions & tarantulas on their heads, they have to make it through an obstacle course.
WINNERS- Maxwell & Brandon (Kellie & Katie had done the best on their first two rounds)

(Note: In teams episodes, the teammates on the eliminated teams are dropped in separate holes.)
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