Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Escape Routes" 4/14

Urban Challenge #3: Paint a 22 X 10" work in Downtown Atlanta as part of a 3-D scene involving them & their Ford Escape Titanium in four hours. Half of the challenge's points come from local art critics, while the other half comes from the online networks.

Interactive Challenge #3: Using the given six words on their card, each team has 20 minutes to make up a rap.

WT: Milkshake, hilarious, taco, motivated, picnic & supreme
GT: Fabulous, moon, vacation, Cheddar, golden & explosive
BT: Stadium, break, outrageous, L.A., spunky & comfortable
RT: Swim, badge, opera, cheesecake, challenge & help
BT: Sprinkles, Mexico, Broadway, hotdog, coffee & BBQ
YT: Fierce, measure, photo shoot, troll, visit & house

Escape Challenge #3 ("Fireman 101"): At the Georgia Public Safety Center, everybody will become firefighters. They have to first extinguish a structure fire & secondly pull out a rescue dummy from a smoke-filled building. After that, they need to climb up the ladder of a fire truck to the top of the building & rappel down before ringing the bell.
RT: 9:23
WT: 10:17
YT: 9:22
GT: 7:27
BT: 6:30 (they were assessed a 10-second penalty for running w/ their tanks on their backs towards the fire truck)
BT: 9:05

1. WT: 580
2. BT: 530
3. GT: 480
4. BT: 430
5. YT: 360

POINT REPO #2: Without using their Escape's rear-view camera, the RT has to navigate a reverse slalom course; once they hit a point marker, that's how much they take away from the WT
RESULT- 20 (340)(WT: 560)
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