Sunday, April 01, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Apr. 2-8, 2012

Next week:

-The second & final week to try and give away at least one Super Deal.

-"The Voice" goes live for the first time this season!

-The likely end of "Family Game Night".

All this, plus "The Biggest Loser" starts straddling at least most of the remainder of this season's episodes, "Millionaire" returns to first-run & more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Next Week In GSK

It's official Bobby McBride will close down the Game Show Kingdom after 5 years so he gets a job for CBS to replace Music Director Stanley Bilts because CBS will now have the Music Licensing Rights for all episodes of The Price is Right, in addition Bobby McBride will compete part time in PGA Tour so he will appear on a later episode of TPIR so he can do his Inspiration Putt for Hole In One as he will start his Part-Time Golf Career to make some time off from Taping The Price is Right

Plus Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader with Jeff Foxworthy returns on FOX and Who Wants to be a Millionaire Returns on ABC


That's Right It's An April Fools Joke, Now Here's the REAL Next Week in GSK

Fashion Star: Time to Activate the Joke Models beginning this Week for the first time since November 2011 (project ACCESSORY) the joke models will be using this week are Golfers of 2012 (Because the Masters is coming up this week), and next week we will see Jeopardy Champions of the Past and so on we will see more Joke Models or i'm calling it Zonk Models.

And Speaking of Zonks in the LMAD Recaps: With The Second and Final Week of the Super Deal which will happen on Let's Make A Deal what are we going to do with the Fashion Show Music seen on Fashion Star?
Answer: Use Them as Turned Down Zonk Cues, If a Zonk is Turned Down
For Example: "Turn The Party Up" by Miss Amani will be used if a ZONK Swamp Trip is not won and "Bulletproof" by La Roux if a Squid Ink Factory is turned down, but if a Zonk is Won a game show theme is played like the Theme from "Rock & Roll Jeopardy!" by Steve Kaplan & Douglas Macaskill if a Rocking Cow is Won and if a Popcorn Living Room is won "New Newlywed Game Theme" by Milton DeLugg is played as well as Random Classic Cues from TPIR including "The Bean Stalker" by Score Productions if a ZONK-Mobile is won (like a Croquet Car), and so on as well as a Number of Designated Prize Cues can be if a Furniture or a Trip is Revealed or maybe "A Brand New Car!" including hits by Katy Perry and some throwback hits by Backstreet Boys and much more (Note: AT40 Songs will be in effect for this week and future weeks only.)

TPIRecap: Starting the Day After April Fools day there will be a few Classic Cues from the 1976 & 1983 Music Package will appear on This Week's TPIRecap as Designated Prize Cues (2 Classic Cues will be used on each day's show for a total of 10 for the entire week
Other Designated Prize Cue Newcomers for This Week: "Talk That Talk" by Rihanna feat. Jay-Z (#38 - IUFB), "So Good" by B.O.B. (#36 - IUFB), "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction (#30 - Small Prize)
And Visiting From the Strat-O-NASCAR Channel's TPIRecap: "Catch Me Ballin" by DL da ARSUN feat. KOB (Car Cue - Slated to Appear on Monday or Wednesday) and "Best Friend" by Katia Nicole (Car Cue - Slated to Appear on Tuesday or Thursday)
And Some Retro Hits entering this week: "In A Dream" by Rockell (Car Cue - Slated to appear on Wednesday or Friday), "Shake Your Love" by Debbie Gibson (Large Prize Cue - Slated to appear on Monday), "I'm Ready" by Tevin Campbell (IUFB Cue - Slated to Appear on Tuesday) and "In Da Club" by 50 Cent (Small Prize Cue - Slated to appear on Thursday)

And Coming Soon to GSK: America's Best Dance Crew Recaps (with Dancers Names being listed with an added surprise!)

So There You Have it Next Week on GSK (And will still go on forever.)