Friday, April 06, 2012

"The Ultimate Fighter Live" 4/6

SECOND-ROUND FIGHT #4: Jeremy vs. Michael
Referee: Steve

Jon's "MLB 12" Keys to Victory:
Jeremy: Defend the takedown & attack the lead leg
Michael: Control the cage & get fight to the ground

Tale of the Tape:
Age: 27/24
Height: 5'10"/6'1"

Weight: 154/155.5
Reach: 69.5/76"
MMA Record: 8-2/7-0

R1: Michael had Jeremy down twice in this round- once for a TKO attempt at the 45-second mark & the other w/ :57 left on the clock. However, Steve stopped the clock w/ :35 remaining after seeing an illegal knee strike by Michael while Jeremy was down on one knee. 

R2: Michael applies a rear-naked choke on Jeremy towards the end of regulation...NO submission, but he still wins by unanimous decision!
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