Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/2012 Results

LMaD: Tiffany brings out the first featured item on their third Mother's Day episode- two dozen Passion Growers roses every month for a year worth $1,200 w/ a possible trip card attached. But regardless if it's ultimately taken or not, everyone in the audience will get at least one rose.

Kiziana's Round (dog): BB- Home office ($3,707)
Lynnette's Round (red/white cheerleader): SB- Private yacht cruise ($2,600)
Joangela (who's supporting her five-year-old son named Braden): CURTAIN #1 ($800)- Giant hair dryer (Flowers: Hyundai Accent GS)(CURTAIN #2)

Gretchen (cow) & Russell (who've been together for nine yrs.) play Dice Derby for a trip to the Windjammer Landing (Curtain #3)($8,609).

1. 6 (Z---)
2. 2 (ZO--)- TURNS DOWN $300
3. 1 (T---)- DECLINES $300 AGAIN
4. 6 (ZON-)- TURNS DOWN $200
5. 3 (TR--)- TURNS DOWN $400

Russell rubbing his belt buckle resulted in them rolling an odd number each of those times!

Next to deal are Roxanne (a bride wearing a picture of a young Wayne Brady who brought her 18-yr.-old daughter to that taping), who controls the prizes of Lincoln (blue/white football player) & Michael (white/black spotted tiger) for the first two rounds.

Rejected in R1: Allowance- $1,200
Rejected in R2: SB (Wheels)- Yamaha ZUMA 125

FR Decisions:
BB (Lullaby)(mom)- Giant baby pacifiers (but she still leaves the flowers for a yr.)
CURTAIN #2 (men)- Five-night stay at the Loews Ventana Canyon in Tucson, AZ ($7,473)

Cheerleader Eunice is off to the Interrogation Room Deal. She elects to be a bad Jamaican cop.

Clue Theme (CURTAIN #1): Beauty
FINAL DECISION: CURTAIN #1- Girls' spa night w/ three friends ($3,998)
SB (Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2)- Battery-powered purse


TODAY'S BIG DEAL VALUE: $25,270 (so this must've been the first episode taped when the Big Deal of the Day standings are announced in the middle of a show)

Charlene and her two daughters Brittany & Samantha (all of whom look like softball players) are going to Smash for Ca$h.

1. #6- ZONK
2. #3- BUCK
3. #8- $2 ($3; $1K)
4. #5- $2 ($5; $2K)
5. #2- BUCK ($6)
6. #10- LOSE ALL $$$ (so they also get the flowers for a yr.)

Jessica's FD Decision (plumber)(CURTAIN #3)(Relax): $1K- Outdoor canopy bed ($2,780)

THE BIG DEAL: Gretchen & Russell are going to St. Lucia for good, so Michael (who has a retired mom) accepts his chance to break the current aired 11-episode BD losing streak since he was called first amongst the two males who won the AZ getaway. He picks on DOOR #3...IT'S ALL OVER- he's driving away in this animal that was also given away at the end of a "Price" Showcase two days ago, a redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5 (Fairly loaded)!

#1- Living room makeover ($6,727)
#2- Cookware/cutlery ($2,454; revealed last)

A special Quickie Deal for Tonya comes her way- after she finds Tiffany some red makeup for $100, Wayne adds to her winnings a cozy Dearfoams rose pajamas/slipper set valued at $504!

TPiR: We've reached their Mother's Day show at the end of the week, but two guys this week didn't even need to be on that particular show to do well!

This morning's First Four teams are Patricia & Emilee Gross, Syiblean & Virgil Spencer, Nikki Gordon & Lara Bryant and Patricia Cates & Abby Van Dorston. The one-bids are underway w/ what I saw on that ceiling platform just as Drew made his entrance- a pair of iPads ("Is Anybody Out There?" by K'Naan featuring Nelly Furtado).
P & A: $1,650/L & N: $1K/S & V: $1.5K/P & E: $1,299 

ARP: $1,076

Lara & Nikki meet Florence Henderson & personal trainer Johannes Brugger as they are challenged by It's in the BAG. Today's grocery items ("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift) happen to be the ACT Anticavity Fluoride mouthwash, Starbucks Coffee Pods, Emerald Mixed Nuts, a 10-tablet box of Allegra-D, a bag of those Hershey's Minaitures & a box of Kleenex. Reveal the legend & their guesses:

$1.19: Kleenex
$16.07: Pods
$3.99: Candy
$4.95: Nuts
$5.99: Mouthwash


$16.07: Allegra
$3.99: Candy
$4.95: Pods
$5.99: Nuts (Mouthwash: $6.99)

George apparently doesn't need Drew's cue (through the magic of editing, anyway) to call on the mother/son team of Shanise & Ryan Norrbom fifth; the second one-bid prize pair's the Canon 12.1 MP digital cameras w/ a shutterfly package (Amber behind splitting sign)("Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato).

P & A: $650/S & R: $1,200/S & V: $1,300/P & E: $599

ARP: $1,598

The Spencers, originally from Wewoka, OK, play Coming or Going for a four-night second honeymoon to the Marriott Marquis New York (Rachel at Door #2; also includes a Christo experience)("So Good" by B.o.B).

PICK: Going ($7,126)
ARP: $7,126- WIN!

Team #6 are Lynn & Sarah Chalifoux & a year's worth of 1-800 flowers for a yr. is the third IUFB (Gwendolyn w/ husband Kenny "The Jet" Smith & son Malloy behind GPT)("We Run the Night" by Havana Brown feat. Pitbull). But just before George describes that PUFB, Malloy announces that Gwen's pregnant!

P & A: $550/S & R: $525/L & S: $423/P & E: $599

Patricia & Emily win the $700 flowers by default & play Lucky $even for the second-most expensive car offered in this Pricing Game to date in Season 40...the '12 Ford Escape XLT (Florence & Johannes)("Rumour Has It" by Adele)- that sure doesn't sound "Gross" (& the PG's $ is back as of last week).

Their number-guessing starts w/ 3, so that will cost them...

$ 2 5 , _ _ _ 

...two bucks. Second is 7...

$ 2 5 , 4 _ _, they only have $2 left. Third will be 8...

$ 2 5 , 4 9 _

...still hope. Their final digit answer's 5...

$ 2 5 , 4 9 5


Lara & Nikki ($1,076): 20 + 40 = $.60
The Spencers ($8,724): 30 + 40 = $.70
The Grosses ($26,195): 45 + 55 = WINS $1K IN GAS MONEY & SHOWCASE BERTH!

Is this Bonus Spin "Gross" at all...well, it falls one space short of the $10K nickel.

Seventh are Donna Knox & Dona Brown & the next pair of prizes are some 32" INSIGNIA HDTVs w/ classic TV show DVDs from CBS Home Entertainment (Florence & Johannes at Door #5; clips of "The Brady Bunch" are shown on them)(using one of the newer Temptation gift cues).

P & A: $1,550/S & R: $1,200/L & S: BUCK/D & D: $2,200

ARP: $1,287

The Norrboms play Secret X for the following for a yr., The Maids service twice per month & organic groceries totaling $7,486 (Amber at Door #3)("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida). Their free X's in the top-right corner.

SPs (Rachel)("Back In Time" by Pitbull):
Moen Suction Balance Assist Bar ($15 or $48?): $48
KitchenAid 3-cup food processor ($40 or $65?): $40

Is that SX in the middle like we think it is?...



The next new team consists of Debbie Brenner & Brian Yokobusky; next to be bid on's a couple of NOKIA Lumia 710s w/ that one-yr. plan (George)("Without You" by David Guetta feat. Usher).

P & A: BUCK/D & B: $1,800/L & S: $1,200/D & D: $1,600

ARP: $1,900

Debbie & Brian just missed the $500 bonus wad, but they're still eligible to play One Wrong Price ("Young, Wild & Free" by Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg)for an LG 7-cycle washer/dryer marked at $1,211 (Gwen & Malloy), white gold jewelry w/ blue sapphires marked at $3,068 (Florence) & the SHARP 42"/DELL HDTV/computer combo marked at $1,199 (Johannes). They say the W/D's not sure isn't ($2,698)!

Patricia & Abby have been here the whole time, but they'll get the last bid after Jo Martin & Farrah Spruill get themselves down to Contestant's Row and Florence & Johannes are seen wearing pairs of Tom Ford sunglasses ("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi).

P & A: $727 (their podium incorrectly leaves the fourth digit spot blank)/J & F: $600/L & S: $726/D & D: $575

ARP: $755- they definitely avoid going home empty-handed!

Additionally, they're playing the Money Game for a MINI Cooper HT (Std., Paint, AT, Mats)(Amber & Rachel at Door #2)("Drive By" by Train). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 1 ($ 2 _ , 1 _ _)

1. 24- $
2. 30- BACK! ($ 2 _ , 1 3 0)
3. 23- $ ($47)
4. 22- YOU BET! ($22,130)

SCSD #2:
The Norrbroms ($1,327): 15 + 35 = Half-Dollar
Debbie & Brian ($8,865): 45 + 35 = $.80
Patricia & Abby ($22,932): 60 + 40 = WINS ANOTHER $1K & SHOWCASE BERTH!!!

Do Patricia & Abby fare any better on their BS...NOT w/ $.45, so the Runner-Up Showcase podium belongs to them.


TRIPCASE (Door #2)(Gwen's family introduces each of these)("Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber): Three nights for four to The Oaks at Ojai, six nights for four at the Morgan Bay Beach Resort in St. Lucia & six nights in Venice



Left- Michael Kors shoes for a yr. (Florence)("We Are Young" by Fun feat. Janelle Monae)
Inside- Lexus IS 250C (Std., AT, Nav., Seats, Headlamps, PFA)(Joannes)(includes the now-former consolation prize cue by Edd Kalehoff)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: Whoever wins their Showcase will have their previous car behind Door #2

Showcase ARPs:
The Grosses: $49,419 (Difference: $10,744)
Patricia & Emilee: $28,957

This is a very sweet grand total for The Grosses- $76,614 in cash & stuff (Daughter Emilee will get the Escape, while mom Patricia will get that Lexus convertible; Florence presented the Escape plate both times)!

FINAL ESCAPE LOCATION: Door #1 (w/ a better background for it than the Toyota Tacoma that we saw at the end yesterday)

TOTAL WINNINGS: $120,538 (3rd-highest this season)

VB #2: On-Air MD "Price" Footage

FF: I guarantee the $26,245 Taurus' going out the door for the last time this season this afternoon:

TODAY'S GAME: De Jesuses (whose four-day cash winnings total $22,225) vs. Holloways 

R1: Name something a woman might tell the truth about after the wedding. First response (s):

#1: How many lovers she slept w/ in the past (53)(Schelle)


Justin (an NFL free agent WR/entrepreneur who previously played w/ the Eagles): She's in debt/rich- #5 (3)
Taka: Employment- X
Jenesis: How many times she's been married- XX
Anita (domestic engineer): Amount of children- XXX

Rafael III Steal (for 56): Prior police record- ALSO NOT THERE

#2: Age (17)
#3: Weight (8)
#4: Has STD(s)(4)
BOTTOM ANSWERS: She can't cook & bachelorette party (2 each)

R2: Name a reason you might NOT go to your in-laws to have Thanksgiving dinner. The board looks like this to begin:

#1: Don't like them/fight (34)(Rebecca)
#2: Bad food (18)(Justin)


De Jesuses:
Nancy: Have to go to work/somewhere else- #6 (6)
Kathie: Want to have own Thanksgiving- #5 (7)
Rafael Sr.: Gossip- X
Rafael III: Fight w/ significant other- XX
Rebecca: NO transportation to get there- XXX

Schelle Steal (for another 65 & to keep lead): Live too far away- #3 (11)(121)

#4: Bad weather (8)
#7: They're sick (5)
#8: They're dead (4)

Double: Name something a person might be holding that's about 12 inches. For example:
#1: Ruler/yardstick (51)(Taka)

Jenesis: Sausage link- X
Anita: Animal- XX
Schelle: Piece of fabric- WIPEOUT

Rafael III Steal (for 102): Man's private part- NO! (Holloways: 223)
#2: Sub/hoagie (24)
BAs: Purse & foot/shoe (4 each)

Triple: Name something some wives check every day to make sure their husbands aren't cheating. Next face-off results:  

#1: Text/(cell) phone messages (60)(Kathie)

De Jesuses:
Rafael Sr.: Wallet(s)- #4 (2)
Rafael III: Computer(s)- #2 (19)
Rebecca: Phone bills/records- X
Nancy: Clothes/pockets- SWEEP! (16)(291)

RARE SUDDEN DEATH Q FOR THE CAR: Name something you hope your dog doesn't do while riding in your automobile.
Rafael Sr.: Go to the bathroom/tinkle/poop (under the buzzer)- WINS CAR! (65)

(Notes: I think this is the first time a car's been won in SD. Also, there was a lot more editing for a car game on this program than usual.)


1. What's the longest time you've watched TV without getting up from the couch?
2. Name a reason your eyes might water.
3. Name an animal whose eggs you NEVER want to eat.
4. Name the least athletic sport.
5. Name an American city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Rafael III:
1. 3 hours- 9
2. Allergies- 20

1. 15 minutes- DUD
2. Crying- 12
3. Duck- 8
4. Boxing- DUD
5. NYC- 40
TOTAL- 89 ($445)

I wish they had not bombed out so much like they did in their last FM attempt (nor gave us quite a scare for the most part during this episode), but their GT's $48,915 in cash & Taurus. IMO, Rafael Sr. needs to play "La Cucaracha" every time he gets to drive it given his job.

1. 2 hrs.
2. Cutting onions
3. Ostrich
4. Golf

(Final note: The car celebration video wasn't shown again during the credits, even though this was taped towards the end of the season.)

WoF: Remember, the collegians play in Portland, OR next week & you Wheel Watchers can win $500 via their twitter account.

$1K T-U: Place

_ A R _ _ R S

_ _ R K _ _

Jake rings in w/ FARMERS MARKET. Tonight, we've got these Portlanders on the panel:

Jake Whitten- A Broadcasting student at Mt. Hood Community College 
Jill Foster- A co-founder of the Wheel to Walk Foundation who's married to Todd w/ two children (Henry & Adrien)
Dee-Dee Moore- A major healthcare supervisor married to Ivan w/ six kids & five generations of family members

$2K T-U: Person

S E _ _ _ _

_ D _ _ _ _ R

Jake thinks he needs a SECRET ADMIRER...incorrect (& the studio audience wrongly applauds, which is understandable).

S E N _ _ R

A D V _ _ O R

Dee-Dee steals a SENIOR ADVISOR.

Last Featured Trip This Week: Aer Lingus vacation to Ireland ($5.5K)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Phrase

She starts by calling off two $2.5K T's & four $500 S's, buys three E's & two O's & finds a $550 P prior...

S T O P / _ _ _ / S _ E _ _

T _ E / _ O S E S taking time to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES for an extra $7,050.


Current Scores:

Dee-Dee: $9,050/Jake: $1K/Jill: $0

Mystery Round: Fictional Characters (big puzzle alert)

The letters Jake picks on to start are a $300 S, two T's for another $900 (after an obvious edit), an H for holiday & two E's. Following an M while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free PLAY & Lose a Turn, he turns down a C-note...but he shouldn't have, costing him $6,450 in cash & trip. Second, Jill puts up four N's for two thou & the green 1/2 KIA, quadruple A's, triple C's to add $1,800 & three O's, then a $1,200 R trio ends her letter-choosing for this puzzle...

T _ N / M A N

S C A R E C R O _ / A N _

T H E / C O _ A R _ _ _

_ _ O N

...& she blows the next-to-last word of this solution based around "The Wizard of Oz" w/ a guess of TIN MAN, SCARECROW AND THE COURAGEOUS LION, so she definitely kisses $4.5K goodbye. That means Dee-Dee adds $1K to her early lead w/ TIN MAN, SCARECROW AND THE COWARDLY LION, but Jill might very well get a second shot at riches in the next round that she'll start.

SOLE DQ: Jill (blown solve)

Current Scores:

Dee-Dee: $10,050/Jake: $1K/Jill: NADA

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

Jill's base letters are a $400 S at the end of the puzzle & the E right next to it, followed by five T's & the LaT. Second for leader Dee-Dee are a $600 H couple, five I's, an $800 W, double O's, a $300 N, a set of A's, a $1K R couplet & the twin U's to finish off the vowel section...

T R A _ I T I O N A _

_ U A U / W I T H

T I _ I / T O R _ H E S

...she'll be attending a TRADITIONAL LUAU WITH TIKI TORCHES near the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa during a $5,263 trip w/ another $1,700, because that's all she won in that round.

SOLE LaT: Jill


Current Scores:

Dee-Dee: $17,013 in cash & Hawaii/Jake: $1K/Jill: ZIP (WC)

$3K T-U: Show Biz

M _ _ E U P / A N D

W _ _ _ R _ B _

Jake gets a X4 cash multiplier, not necessarily thanks to the staff's MAKEUP AND WARDROBE.

Last Chance Round: Song Title

The value for each consonant appearance will be $1.5K. After he calls two Y's at about the halfway point of the round...

H _ P P Y / _ _ Y S / _ _ _

H _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ N

...I believe this was heard during a balloon drop at the Great Western Forum at least once when the Lakers won the NBA title a long time ago, "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" by Ben Selvin & The Crooners, which means another $4.5K goes to this male player. Jill also had that much in her bank & Dee-Dee left on the table another three C-notes.

DUDS: M (Jake), T (Dee-Dee)

Final Scores:

Dee-Dee: $17,013 in cash & HI/Jake: $8.5K/Jill: $1K GOOSEEGG
GT: $26,513

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $6,450 in cash & Ireland

Maxwell House Regular BR #161: Dee-Dee is looking for "Moore" after lightly spinning the G.

Category: Phrase

This is also the Title of the nickelodeon TV GS that's about to return, starting remarkably like this:

_ _ _ _ R E

_ T / _ _ T

CPHI gives her a couple of her other vowel...

_ I _ _ R E

I T / _ _ T

...& she stumbles into the right response of "FIGURE IT OUT" for the $40K & a final total of $57,013 in cash & holiday as the 60th BR winner of the season- Aloha! Which also means $15K's in the Rebuilding Together charity pot.

TS: To end this week, Mr. Gabrus has to deal w/ "Greyhounds" & "Eagles".

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Jessica B. l. Erald (neither was smart enough to know Nick Cannon's married to Mariah Carey; BTW, he showed up on the MD episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show")
2. Katie l. Avinesh
3. Samantha l. Stephanie M.
4. Michael d. Jordan (since their Q was about "Pokemon", did you know that the last "Wheel" bonus puzzle to have no RSTLNE was PICKAHU?)
5. Anthony d. Monique
6. Amanda d. Fabian (both of whom are Butterfly swimmers; they missed their first two Q's)
7. Jessica R.l. Stephanie L.
8. Zach l. John (neither knew the character Dee-Dee was on "Dexter's Laboratory")
9. Andrinna d. Jade (they're both 100M runners)

Extra Credit #15 (Justiano vs. Rochelle)(GoPro camera): What tiny two-piece bathing suit gets its name from a small group of islands in the South Pacific?
Justiano: Bikini

What You Should Know:

Anthony vs. John: Known for its long neck, huge eggs & ability to run more than 40 mph, what flightless species is the largest bird in the world?
John: Ostrich

Stephanie M. vs. Michael: Narrator Nick Carraway uncovers the tragic side of Jazz Age decadence in what classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Stephanie M.: The Great Gatsby

Justiano vs. Avinesh: What Middle Eastern country w/ a controversial nuclear program has its capital in Tehran?
Justiano: Iraq
Avinesh: Iran

Erald vs. Andrinna: The stars on the American Flag represent the 50 states; what do the 13 stripes represent (their first query was a stumper)?
Erald: "The first 13 American colonies"

Amanda vs. Stephanie L.: Literally meaning "Fat Tuesday", what annual celebration draws tons of tourists to New Orleans for elaborate parades, music & hard partying?
Stephanie L.: Mardi Gras

WTH Topics: Planets in The Solar System & Harry Potter characters
Torture: Carnival helmet

Stephanie L.: 8
Stephanie M.: 12- PEOPLE'S CHAMP
Avinesh: 7
John: 20- WINNER
Erald: 12


1. How many times this school year have you skipped class, if any?
Stephanie M.: 2- 4%
John: 1- T2 W/ 6 (6% each; #1 was none w/ 56%)

2. When you were 10, what job did you want to have when you grew up?
John: Pilot- 5%
Stephanie M.: Doctor- T2 W/ TEACHER (8% each; #1 was veterinarian at 13%)

3. How much would someone have to pay you to get a tattoo in the middle of your forehead?
John: $100- 1%
Stephanie M.: $1M- #1!?!? (39%; the other results are just as shocking- #2 was $100M w/ 23% & #3 was $10M w/ 5%!)

4. What one item can always be found in your pocket?
John: Cellphone- #3 (9%)
Stephanie M.: iPod- 5% (#1 was wallet at 22% & #2 was lip balm w/ 12%)

FQ: What behavior by other people's most annoying in a movie theater?
John: Talking on a cell phone- #2 (14%)
Stephanie M.: Being loud- WIN (67%)

TSB: This week's opening song is Ronnie Dunn's "Let the Cowboy Rock" & right after the intro, Melissa asks Steve to test her out w/ a few piano key hits.

Pick Four:

1. "Mine" by Swift ('10)
Previous Words: "You put your arm around me..."
Seth: "...the first, for the first time"
Katelyn: "...and for the first time"
Abby: "...for the first time"

2. "Someone Else Calling You Baby" by Luke Bryan ('09)
PW: "It's driving me crazy..."
Carmen: "...this bein' in the dark"

3. "Lonely No More" by Rob Thomas ('05)
PW: "I don't wanna know the lover at my door..."
Cortney: "...__ just another heartache on my list"
Dal: " just another heartache on my list"

4. "Give It Away" by George Strait ('06)
PW: "Oh, and we're both tired..."
Seth: "...of fightin' anyway"

Abby Tibido (Bayou Gauche, LA): A 21-yr.-old LSU junior studying Mass Communications who wants to be a news anchor &/or take over Melissa's job
Carmen ?: A coupon class teacher who was a PF leftover on her past "Bee" appearance
Dal Blocker: A single search & rescue helicopter flight mechanic for the Coast Guard
Seth Taybor: A car repossesser (somebody call Josh or Tom!)

Random Shuffle:

Abby: "Guys Like Me" by Eric Church ('06)
PW: "It's hard to believe..."

Guess: "...that girls like you love guys like me"

Carmen: "Dig In" by Lenny Kravitz ('01)
PW: "And once you dig in"

Guess: "You'll have to find yourself a good time" (A: "You'll find you'll have yourself a good time")

Dal: "Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense" by LeAnn Rimes ('05)
PW: "Nothin' short of amazin'"
Guess: "Wish I could explain ___ I don't know..." (A: "Wish I could explain but I don't know how")

Seth: "Family Man" by Craig Campbell ('10)
PW: "The drive behind my comin' home"
Guess: "The man reason that I believe I am a family man" (A: "The livin', breathin' reason that I am a family man")

Singing W/ the Enemy:

Abby & Carmen: "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney ('05)

Correct Lyrics:
A: 1 (10)
C: 3 (15)

Dal & Seth: "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley feat. Carrie Underwood ('11)

D: 2 (10)
S: 3 (15)

Karaoke Challenge:

ABBY: "Why Wait" by Rascal Flatts ('10)- 15 (40)
DAL: "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by The Georgia Satellites ('86)- 6 (22)
CARMEN: "Home" by Dierks Bentley ('11)- 7 (29)
SETH: "Roll With It" by Eastin Corbin ('10)- 14 (43)

Chorus Showdown:

R1 (eight lines):
Seth: "Gimme That Girl" by Joe Nichols ('09)- FAIL AT START OF LAST LINE BY ADDING "SO" 
Abby: "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum ('11)- FAIL

Seth: "Better Things To Do" by Terri Clerk ('95)(five lines)- FAIL ON LINE #4
Abby: "Wink" by Neil McCoy ('94)(four lines)- FAIL

SD SONG: "I Should Be Sleeping" by Emerson Drive ('02)

Seth passes this song to Abby.

PW: "...should be sleeping..."
Abby: "...'stead of dreamin' about you"- WIN!

1. "Alone With You" by Jake Owen ('11)- 4
2. "Mountain Music" by Alabama ('82)- 3
3. "Price Tag" by Jessie J feat. B.o.B. ('11)- 2
4. "You Ain't Much Fun" by Toby Keith ('95)- 1
5. "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna ('86)- X
6. "Voices" by Chris Young ('09)- WINS $10K!

(Final note: Abby read the intro line to TFC!)

J!: After this tourney ends, we're halfway through the D.C. road trip.

Friday's First Six:
1, 2, 3, "GO" (each correct word/phrase will be five letters long & ends in "-GO")

Starting off in I Love Metal:

Vitamin C helps increase your absorption of this element, Fe, so drink some O.J. w/ your eggs & toast.

Elyse: "What is iron?"- CORRECT ($200)


A fusible metal's an alloy for which this point's lower than tin's, 449 degrees.

Catherine: "What is the melting point?"- CORRECT ($400)

$200 Beverage:

Trumoo is a brand of flavored this, like chocolate.

Rose: "What is milk?" ($200)


The "D" in the drink Sunny D stands for this.

Rose: "What is Delight?" ($600)


The '11 (U.S.) winner of "The X Factor" got to start in an ad for this soda.

Rose: "What is Coca-Cola?"
Catherine: "What is Pepsi?" ($1K)


This bottled water from The French Alps has pictures of them on its pink label.

Rose: "What is Evian?"- PRONUNCIATION ACCEPTABLE ($800)


A Frappuccino's a trademarked blended beverage from this place.

Catherine: "What is Starbucks?" ($2K)

$200 "GO":

I know you three were going to be terrific contestants from this, the beginning.

Catherine: "What is the get-go?" ($2,200)


An aircraft that carries mainly goods, not people, is this type of plane.

Catherine: "What is cargo?" ($2,600)


It's a synonym for "do without".

Catherine: "What is forgo?" ($3,200)


The jargon of a profession, or any weird-sounding foreign tongue (or the title of an international GS).

Rose: "What is 'Lingo'?" ($1,600)


We hope you're mature enough for the rhythms of this dance (some music's played).

Catherine: "What is Tango?" ($4,200)

First bit of Historical Entertainment:

The miniseries "Generation Kill" followed Marines at war in this Mideast country.

Catherine: "What is Iraq?"- RIGHT ($4,400)


On "Boardwalk Empire", this scar-faced Chicago gangster learns his trade from kingpin "Johnny Torrio".

Rose: "Who is Al Capone?"- RIGHT ($2K)


In the film "Invictus", Morgan Freeman plays this world leader.

Elyse: "Who is Nelson Mandela?"- YES ($800); FIRST BREAK

$600 I Love Metal:

This common reddish-orange metal's the second-best conductor of electricity.

Elyse: "What is copper?"- CORRECT ($1,400)


According to the name, they're the two elements in a Nicad battery.

Catherine: "What are nitrogen & cadmium?"- FIRST PART WRONG ($3,600)
Elyse: "What are nickel & cadmium?"- YES ($2,200)

Closing Metal Out:
Bell metal, known for its sound, is a type of this "age"-old alloy.

Catherine: "What is bronze?"- RIGHT ($4,600)

$800 Historical Entertainment:
DAILY DOUBLE! She's placing $3,400 on the line:

"The King's Speech" featured Timothy Spall as the quippy future Prime Minister.

"Who is Winston Churchill?" him for $8K to date this evening!


In HBO's "John Adams", Justin Theroux played this President of The Continental Congress.

Catherine: "Who is John Hancock?"- RIGHT ($9K)

$200 People:

W/ "prayers and blessings", he sent his first sweet in 2011, announcing the launch of an online Vatican news portal.

Rose: "Who is (Pope) Benedict XVI?"- CORRECT ($2,200)


In Feb. 2012, N.J.'s Governor ordered flags be flown half-staff during the funeral of this Newark-born singer.

Elyse: "Who is Whitney Houston?"- YES INDEED ($2,600)


Kim Jong Un has succeeded his father as the leader of this country.

Catherine: "What is North Korea?"- YEAH ($9,600)


On his '11 passing Apple said "The world is immeasurably better because of..." him.

Elyse: "Who is Steve Jobs?" ($3,400)


This fashion designer created dresses worn in the movie "Bride Wars" & in the new TV series "Gossip Girl". 

Rose: "Who is Vera Wang?"- RIGHT ($3,200)

First on May Days:

On May 30, 1536, just days after his wife Anne Boleyn was beheaded, he married Jane Seymour.

Elyse: "Who was Henry VIII?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


On May 29, 1953, this New Zealander & his guide Tenzing (Norgay) became the first men to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

Rose: "Who is (Sir Edmund) Hillary?"- ABSOLUTELY ($3,600)


In May of 1607, Captain John Smith arrived at the Virginia site where he would help establish this settlement.

Catherine: "What is Jamestown?" ($10,200)

Next-to-last for $1K:

She made history May 4, 1979 when she became Britain's first female Prime Minister.

Rose: "Who is Margaret Thatcher?"- RIGHT ($4,600)

Final clue of the round for $800:

Partly to expand U.S. territory, Congress declared war on this country May 13, 1846.

Rose: "What is Mexico?"- RIGHT ($5,400)


Double J! Lineup:
"B" WHERE? (all map clues)

$400 Also a Musical Term:

These two words denote the bigger & smaller of the two Ursa constellations.

Rose: "What are minor & major?" ($5,800)

$400 Literary Characters:

This captain in Moby Dick has a wife & child waiting for him in Nantucket.

Rose: "Who is Ahab?" ($6,200)


In Breaking Dawn, she says "I'm one hundred percent sure about Edward".

Catherine: "Who is Bella?"- RIGHT ($11K)

$400 Recent Olympic Medalist:

In '08, Mariel Zagunis won gold in Sabre, part of this sport.

Elyse: "What is fencing?"- YES ($4K)

$800 Also a Musical Term:
An organized social cause, like the civil rights one.

Catherine: "What is a union?" ($11,200)
Elyse: "What is a movement?"- YUP ($4,800)


A type of model w/ the same proportions as the larger object it copies (& you weigh on it).



DD #1! Elyse's making it a True DD, so for $9,600 or nuthin':

This adjective can mean "very useful" or "performed without vocals".

"What is instrumental?" GETS HER THE DOUBLER!


Geometrically, it's a line segment that joins two points on a curve.

Catherine: "What is an arc?" ($8,200)
Elyse: "What is a chord?" ($11,600)

Middle Literary Characters:

In a Victor Hugo novel, things start going bad for this bellringer during Epiphany celebrations.

Elyse: "Who is Quasimodo?" ($12,800)


Emma's the first name of this bored & adulterous 1856 French title character.

TS #2: Madame Bovary


When we first meet her, she's living in a house called Villa Villekulla w/ her monkey Mr. Nilsson & her horse.

Catherine: "Who is Pippi Longstocking?" ($10,200)

$800 Recent Olympic Medalist:

He "McTwisted" his way to gold in '10.

Rose: "Who is Shaun White?" ($7K)

$400 Hodgepodge:

Able to run more than 40 mph, this bird's the fastest animal on two legs.

Elyse: "What is an ostrich?"- CORRECT ($13,200)


This place in NY Harbor is home to the American Family Immigration History Center.

Catherine: "What is Ellis Island?"- GOT IT ($11K)

$400 "B":

We've come to Western Europe to see this country.

Catherine: "What is Belgium?" ($11,400)


This densely-populated republic borders India.

Elyse: "What is Bangladesh?" ($14K)


Country of Central America shown here.

Catherine: "What is Belize?" ($12,600)


This nation's only about 50 miles from FL.

Elyse: "What are The Bahamas?" ($15,600)


Visit Siberia to take a dip in this lake.

Elyse: "What is Lake Baikal?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($17,600)

Middle Hodgepodge:

It's traditional for paratroopers to yell this name of an Apache Warrior when jumping from a plane.

Catherine: "What is Geronimo?" ($13,800)

$1,200 Recent Olympic Medalist:

This host nation struck gold in '10 when Alexandre Bilodeau won the men's moguls in freestyle skating.

Catherine: "What is Canada?" ($15K)


Fittingly, this '08 winner of the 100-meter dash's nicknamed "Lightning".

Elyse: "Who is Usain Bolt?" ($19,200)

In '10, Tora Berger won gold for Norway in this event that combines skiing & rifle shooting.

Elyse: "What is a Biathlon?"- RIGHT ONCE MORE ($21,200)

Next-to-Last Hodgepodge:

Peleg Wadsworth, a Revolutionary War General & Congressman, was the grandfather of this poet.

Elyse: "Who was (Henry) Longfellow?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($22,800)


This fairy brought a little magic into Pinocchio's life.

Elyse: "Who is The Blue Fairy?"- YES INDEED ($24,800)

Pre-Civil War America starts w/ the following:

In Oct. 1781, this British General tried to retreat from Yorktown, but a storm drove his forces back.

Catherine: "Who is (Charles) Cornwallis?"- CORRECT ($15,400)


In 1859, tightrope walker Charles Blondin carried a man on his back as he walked a cable 160 ft. above this landmark.

Rose: "What is Niagara Falls?"- SI ($7,800)

Three clues left before Final J!:

VIDEO DD! She'll bet...$4K on what Jimmy Maguire's about to say from the Old Courthouse in St. Louis:

St. Louis' Old Courthouse was the scene of two trials involving this slave; he won his freedom in the second trial, but The Supreme Court held otherwise, helping spark The Civil War.

"Who is Dred Scott?" sounds good to us to put her bank for the night up to $11,800. 


The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga & Seneca made up this Confederacy.

Elyse: "What is the Iroquois Confederacy?"- YES ($26,400)


In this 1797 "affair", three French agents demanded a bribe in return for a commerce treaty.

Elyse: "What is the XYZ Affair?"- RIGHT YET AGAIN ($28,400)

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2,800

Heading into the Final:
Elyse: $28,400
Catherine: $15,400
Rose: $11,800

Elyse: $25,200
Catherine: $12,800
Rose: $9K

Elyse: $36K
Catherine: $20,200
Rose: $17K

FJ! CATEGORY: American History.

When the future state of Iowa became part of the U.S., this man was President.

Elyse: $23,200
Catherine: $10K
Rose: $12,400

Rose responded "Who is (Thomas) Jefferson?" after originally going w/ Zachary Taylor...good call! Wager...THE WHOLE WORKS, so she finishes w/ $36K! Catherine...agreed w/ her! She needed to have gambled at least $10,601 to move into first place...$5,600 is what we see, however, so she goes home w/ $31K. Elyse...


This is one of those days where I love this job!!!

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Episode ratings:

10: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "The Spelling Bee", "The Substitute" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Family Feud" & "Millionaire"
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