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5/14/2012 Results

TPiR: On last week's episodes, $398,707 in cash & merchandise was awarded, making it the third-highest weekly total of Season 40! W/ that, I'll be surprised if we don't have a Double Overbid (which we haven't seen in three months) &/or a skunking of any kind at some point this week.

In the meantime, the First Four hearing the magic words on an episode where "TV's Craig Ferguson" (whose one-week road trip to his birth country of Scotland will be seen on "The Late Late Show" this week) will be the male model of the day are Cory Besch, Judy Bernstein, Rodney Hobbs & Erica Mernhew. First up for bids will be a BMS Heritage 150 motorscooter (Rachel behind splitting sign)("Without You" by David Guetta featuring Usher).

Erica: $1,100/Rodney: $1,195/Judy: $1,395/Cory: $1,396

ARP: $1,586

Cory from Anaheim meets the Grand Game; this morning's target price is $5.5 & the groceries ("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida) are a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe, a three-roll package of Mardi Gras Prints paper towels, an eight six-cup box of Yoplait Original, Liquid-Plumr Penetrex Gel, Alka-Seltzer Plus & DiGiorno Rising Crust Four-Cheeze Pizza.

1. M & C- $3.29 ($10)
2. P. Towels- $4.09 ($100)
3. Yogurt ($5.99)

The other dud item was indeed the $7.99 pizza, which he was also leaning towards at that time.

Fifth's Aundrea Angelo & second on the Monday PUFB list is that party tyme karaoke package (Amber in the clam)("Scream" by Usher).

Erica: $350 (STAGE GARF)/Rodney: $375 (STAGE GARF)/Judy: $395 (STAGE GARF)/AUNDREA: $500

Aundrea from Stockton, CA automatically wins the $622 package & plays Eazy Az 1-2-3 ("Sexy & I Know It" by LMFAO) for two pairs of Lanvin shoes (Amber), the 42-inch gas grill (Gwendolyn) & a DELL 500 GB laptop package (Rachel).

(1): Laptop- $839
(2): Shoes- $2,545
(3): BBQ- $3,798

Going green third's Ren Garner from Boise State University (who climbs over the front row to get where he needs to be) & GUFB #3's a Cabinets To Go! Roberto Fiori Barcelona solid hardwood vanity (Gwen at Door #5)(current Temptation gift cue).

Erica: $620/Rodney: $650/Judy: $651/REN: $500

She's $8 away on the positive side, so Erica plays Pocket change for the Ford Focus SE (Std., Prot)(Crazy Craig's Car Lot)("Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris).


Second Digit:
1. 9 ($ 1 9 , _ _ _)(#3)

Third Digit:
1. 4 ($ 1 9 , 4 _ _)(#11)

Fourth Digit:
1. 7 ($ 1 9 , 4 7 _)(#20)

Last Digit: 2 ($19,478)(Half-Dollar)(#1)

#3: DIME ($.35)
#11: QUARTER- WIN! ($.60)

Video Bonus: PC Playing w/ Craig

Cory ($1,686): Quarter + H-D = Three Quarters
Aundrea ($7,804): $.85
Erica ($20,106): Dime + 35 = $.45

Next to play's Christine Frontino (who's a Dice Game fan according to her mostly black shirt) & the fourth IUFB's a bar set that includes two stools (Amber behind rising sign)("We Run the Night" by Havana Brown feat. Pitbull).

CHRISTINE: $600/Rodney: $1,099/Judy: $1,200/Ren: $620

Judy just got the $500 wad & plays Squeeze Play for a five-night trip to the Crown Plaza Union Station in Indianapolis (introduced by George w/ morning news anchors Lauren Lowrey & Scott Sanders from WISH-TV on Door #4 adding two tickets to this year's Indy 500)('94 Trip Cue by Edd Kalehoff). Board:


Does she remove that gooseegg...NO, she gets rid of the six.

Orange contestant #2's Shawn Gaffney & being brought out as the next one-bid gift's a 10-piece fragrance set.

Christine: $409/Rodney: $410/SHAWN: $275 (SG)/Ren: $408 (SG)

Hopefully not-so-rotten Rodney from Memphis (who just recently turned 40) just won that $881 package by default, is the last of the FF to escape Contestant's Row & plays the Rat Race (w/ the appropriate starting cue by Edd) for a Nintendo Wii Western-themed package (Rachel), the 65" Panasonic wi-fi ready HDTV package (Rachel) &/or the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze (Amber)("Take Care" by Drake feat. Rihanna).

SPs (Rachel)("International Love" by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown):
1. Reynolds Wrap: $3- $4.59
2. Six-quart Dutch oven: $35- $50
3. Cuisinart stainless-steel breadmaker: $150- $235 (ORANGE)

Rat Lane Assignments:
#1: Blue
#2: Pink
#3: Yellow
#4: Orange
#5: Green

V. Games: Pink
TV: Yellow
CRUZE: Green

The last newbie today's Maya Laursen from the front & the GUFBs are rounded out by the Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 (Rachel at Door #3)("Is Anybody Out There?" by K'naan feat. Nelly Furtado).

Christine: BUCK/MAYA: $750/Shawn: $1,100/Ren: $800

ARP: $770

Maya plays Side By Side for that $7,562 Great Lakes Spa set (Rachel at Door #2)("It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars)...


...but loses.

SCSD #2:
Maya ($770): Two 20s = $.40
Rodney ($1,116): 20 + 60 = $.80
Judy ($1,700): 20 + H-D = $.70

EUROPEAN SHOWCASE (Door #2)(Craig)("Rumour Has It" by Adele):
Right- Six-day tour of Edinborough, Scotland (also includes a free trip for four to his talk show)
Inside- Audi TT Coupe Prestige (Std., Nav./Interface)(Rachel w/ ramp)



RODNEY'S SHOWCASE ("Starships" by Nicki Minaj):
Next to him- 18-karat white gold diamond ring (Amber)
Door #1- Four-night trip to the Marriott Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star St. Thomas-U.S. Virgin Islands Resort (Gwen)

Door #4- 14-night South American Cruise (Rachel)



Showcase ARPs:
Aundrea: $54,579 (Difference: $14,579)
Rodney: $27,712 (Difference: $9,190)

Rodney's final birthday gifts from here total $28,828.


LMaD: Before we can begin the week's trading floor action, we need a couple- David & Mildred (who've been married for three years & been together for about 11). They choose the BIG BOX, which has something worth $1K+:

Gum- $1,800
SB ($2K+)- Five-night trip to the British Colonial Hilton Nassau ($8,250)
CURTAIN #1- Gorilla fortune teller booth
BB- Michael Kors shoes ($1,066)

Potentially playing the LOTTO are Jake (who's wearing a black afro), Nicole (who's wearing a pink hat & suspenders) & Kaitlyn (dressed as a lion).

Jake: Red- $250
Nicole: Green- $100
Kaitlyn: Blue- WIN

Wayne: $5K
Tiffany: $3K
Jonathan: $80 (rounded up from the posted $79.95, of course)
CAR (CURTAIN #3): Nissan Sentra 2.0 ($16,972)

PICKS: #1, #4 & #7

1. #1- SENTRA
2. #4- TIFFANY


What's behind CURTAIN #2 for her's the $3,399 Yamaha ATV.

FINAL SCRATCH-OFF: #7- WAYNE (Other Sentra: #2)
Amina's Fast Deal Decision (an administrative assistant for six doctors dressed as Little Red Riding Hood): CURTAIN #1- Mt. Rushmore/Yellowstone Tour (Fortune Cookie Cash: $222)
Rebecca's FD Decision W/ Wayne's Diary (modern princess)(BB has something that more than one human can handle): BB ($2K)- Spaghetti w/ a giant meatball

They're going to try again to give away the same Sentra (now behind Curtain #1) in Go for a Spin; Charlotte's wearing a non-fake afro.

Mashed Potatoes & French Fries

Online Shopping & Mall Shopping: Online- NO
Watch the Movie & Read the Book: Watch- YES

After removing both ZONKS on the upper part of the Wheel of Jeopardy, she gives back the assured $1K...but she should've taken off the one in between $500 & $1K.

In Majority Rules, Brandi (police officer), Keara (peacock) & Kevin (caveman) all decide on CURTAIN #3:
SB (freebie)- MacBook Air ($1,599)
CURTAIN #2 (hot)- Jacuzzi ($5,970)
SE- (Lost in the) Bermuda Triangle Getaway
CURTAIN #3 (they all declined $900 as well)- Wii fitness center ($2,790)

Michelle's first tempted w/ what's from Jonathan's Diary behind CURTAIN #1 as read by both Wayne & Tiffany- something outside. Instead, she takes what's in the SB (in front of CURTAIN #2).

CURTAIN #1- Giant hatching chicken
SE- One monthly facial by Visage by Marie-Claire for half a yr. ($5K)
SB- Laura's Jewelry white gold hoop earrings ($3,400)

THE BIG DEAL: Even though she didn't get the facials to move up to the top of the BD standings, because Amina keeps her $4.5K tour, Michelle moves right on to the big part of the show. It's a toss-up between DOORS #1 & #2 to me & she chooses #2...WRONG- she slightly trades down to a $2,243 kitchen. 

#1- Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ($19,305) & trip to the COURTYARD Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort ($5,747)
#3- Bedroom ($6,415)

FF: I have a feeling this will be the other week of episodes this season w/ the blue background on the show's big board logo.

TODAY'S GAME: Brennans (whose one-day cash winnings total 20 grand) vs. Smileys (Guy or Norman obviously NOT included)(Cleveland, OH)

R1: Name a sexy costume a wife buys to spice up her marriage. At the start:

#1: (French) maid (40)(Sheilah)

Sylvia: Cat(woman)- #5 (3)
Qiania (a home health aid): Nurse- #3 (8)
Khalilah: Police- X
David (at least he's from London for 15 yrs.; he met his wife at his sister's 50th birthday party): Postwoman- XX
Sheilah: Red devil- XXX
Nancie Steal (for 51): Cheerleader- ALSO INCORRECT

#2: Lingerie/nightie (37)
#4: School uniform (5)
#6: Garter belt/nylons (2)

R2: According to 100 men, name something women talk about that bores you to tears. Example or two: 

#1: Strangers/gossip (26)(Sylvia; she said girlfriends)
#2: Family/kids (22)(Kevin; he said the mother)


Qiania (who's said to have been from ME): Work- X
Khalilah: What they're going to cook for dinner- XX
David: Not having enough work around the house- WIPEOUT

Nancie Steal #2 (for 48): Weight- ALSO NOT THERE (Smileys: 99)

#3: Clothes/shoes (21)
#4: Their day (13)
#5: TV shows/movies (12)

Double: Name a way you need to know the baby's diaper needs to be changed. I think I know what's on top:

#1: The smell/it stinks (82)(Qiania)
#2: Crying (7)(Jay)

Khalilah: Wet clothing/leaking- #3 (5)
David: Heavy/saggy/lumpy- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP! (4)(295)

Triple: Name a job where people tell a lot of lies. Final face-off in regulation today:

#1: Lawyer (34)(Khalilah)


David: Secretary- X
Sheilah: Politician- #3 (15)
Sylvia: Comedian- XX
Qiania: Psychiatrist- XXX

Nancie Steal to Force Sudden Death: Salesperson- #2 (21)(147)(#4: Police officer)(10)

SD: Name something from a man who's been married five times might have less of than most men.
Chad: $$$- WIN! (76)


1. According to 100 married guys, how many times a day does your wife give you a dirty look?
2. Name a household chore slobs are most likely to ignore.
3. Name something people add to scrambled eggs.
4. Name an actress that other actresses are probably jealous of.
5. Name something that might be hard to start.

1. Five- 3
2. Vacuuming- 8
3. Pepper- 8
4. Julia Roberts- 17
5. Car- 37

1. 10- 2
2. Laundry- 6
3. Cheese- 24
4. Angelina Jolie- 30
5. Motorcycle
TOTAL- 133

That means their two-day total's $20,665.

1. Two
2. Doing the dishes

WoF: This is College Week! Remember, right after each night's first Toss-Up, all this week you can twitter the correct response to a given puzzle for $500 (& the University of Oregon Basketball Band/Cheerleaders are in the audience all week long).

$1K T-U: Title

_ R E _ _

E X P E C T A _ I O N S

Breanna identifies GREAT EXPECTATIONS. The first all-college panel of the season:

Breanna Webb (home)- A Portland State University senior majoring in Communications Studies & minoring in Business whose family are Wheel Watchers
Julie Green (West Linn, OR)- An Oregon State senior majoring in Speech Communications who's a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma & a youth ministry called Young Life; she wants to be a Speech Comm. professor
Caleb Pentecost (Scappose)- A University of Portland senior majoring in Electrical Engineering & minoring in Computer Science

twitter PUZZLE OF THE NIGHT (Thing): 

_ N T R _ _ C E

E _ A M

$2K T-U: Show Biz

_ T _ _ D - U P

_ _ _ _ _ I A N


Monday's Featured Prize: $5K (ally BANK)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: Route 66 gas card

meineke Jackpot Round: Thing
Category Wipe: A College Week banner dropping to reveal the topic

He gets $10K right away w/ four T's & a $1K pair of S's while on the Jackpot, then he captures two R's to add 18 bills, quartets of E's & I's & a $1,600 N couple and we have...

E I N S T E I N ' S

T _ E _ R _ / _ _

R E _ _ T I _ I T _

...EINSTEIN'S THEORY OF RELATIVITY good for another $13,900!


Current Scores:

Julie: $0/Caleb: $15,900/Breanna: $1K

Mystery Round: Same Name

Breanna calls first in this round of play a $300 N & D, buys the A to complete the obvious second word (AND), calls the twin T's for another $600 & purchases three E's, then heading her way are three $600 R's, trip O's & $7K worth of double S's. At that point...

S O R O R _ T _ / A N D


_ O _ S E

...she nails SORORITY AND TREE HOUSE to add $9,250 to her cash total.


Current Scores:

Julie: $0/Caleb: $15,900/Breanna: $10,250

Prize Puzzle Round: Place

Two R's get Julie off to a $1K head start, followed right after by a $400 S, quadruple E's, a $900 T set, the Free PLAY of a dud vowel in A, three H's for the green 1/2 KIA & $1.5K more & the rest of the vowels (three O's & an I). But she then Bankrupts on the left side of the Million Dollar Wedge to take the 2012 KIA Soul out of play for good this evening & cost her $3,050. After that, Caleb calls up the double D's at $400 each & a $300 L before...

T H E / O T H E R

S I D E / O F

T H E / _ O R _ D

...he cashes in on another $1,100 & a trip to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, New Zealand, from Brendan Vacations & worth $9,930.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DF00912 (Denise R.)

Current Scores:

Julie: ZILCH/Caleb: $26,930 in cash & trip/Breanna: $10,250

$3K T-U: Person

A / G O O D

S P _ R _

Breanna's acting like A GOOD SPORT & she's more than happy to have her score upped to $13,250.

R4: Phrase

Leading the way are a $15K T trio & all of the vowels (four E's & the rest are singletons), then...

_ I _ / _ O U / _ E T / _ _

T E _ T / _ E _ _ A _ E ?

...she rightly asks "DID YOU GET MY TEXT MESSAGE?" for a $70 lead!


Current Scores:

Julie: NADA/Caleb: $26,930 in cash & N.Z./Breanna: $27K

Last Chance Round: On the Map

Consonants are all worth...$1,600. After two early N's...

_ _ R T _ _ R _

_ _ N N _ _ T _ _ _ T

...Breanna solves HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT for the championship w/ 32 extra bills! Julie also had that much in her bank & Caleb left out there $4,800.

Final Scores:

Julie: $1K GOOSEEGG/Caleb: $26,930 in cash & travel/Breanna: $30,200
GT: $58,130

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3,050

Maxwell House Regular BR #162: This week's new ride is a '12 Toyota prius sedan. Breanna spins the N in WIN.

Subject: Person

The RSTLNE offers this aid:

_ _ R S _ T _

_ _ _ _ _

CHYA all make it...

_ A R S _ T Y

C _ A C H

...yeah, she tells Pat she was toying w/ us & a VARSITY COACH obviously wasn't necessary for her to have her moolah nearly double to $60,200! $17.5K is what's now in the Rebuilding Together charity haul.

VB: Monday's "Wheel" Highlights (including an epic first spin in R4)

TS: Let's meet some more students.

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Donny d. Unity
2. Travaughn l. Tiffany (they both got stumped once)
3. William d. Tanesha
4. Joshua d. Tracy (stumped once)
5. Pasquale l. Hailey (who are reportedly exes; on their first Q, neither knew Melanie Amaro was the first U.S. winner of "The X Factor" & they then missed their next Q)
6. Zach P. d. Anna (their sole Q was about the WWE)
7. Zach N. d. Amy
8. David l. Suzy
9. Shane d. Kasandra (one stumper)

Extra Credit #16 (George vs. Kamisha)(kindle fire): The animated movie "Happy Feet" centers on a fan-dancing character named Mumble, who's what kind of animal?
George: Penguin

What You Should Know:

Hailey vs. Zach N.: What board game's title is an economic term for when a single company has total control over the market for a product?
Hailey: Monopoly

William vs. Tiffany: Words like "and", "but" and "although" that connect sentences or phrases are what parts of speech (that completes the "School House Rock" tune "___________ Junction")?
William: Conjuction

Zach P. vs. Shane: According to legend, King Arthur & has knights held their meetings around what distinctive piece of furniture?
Shane: Roundtable

George vs. Joshua: In May 2011, a team of Navy SEALS in Pakistan tracked down & killed what top Al Queda leader?
Joshua: Osama bin Laden

Donny vs. Suzy: Susan B. Anthony was a famous member of the suffrage movement, which fought for the women's right to do what?
Suzy: Vote

WTH Topics: State Capitals & Will Ferrell movies (he just hosted "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend)
Torture: Wind cannon

Suzy: 2
Joshua: 1
William (75): 4- WINNER (86)
Shane: 2
Hailey (65): 4- PEOPLE"S CHAMP


1. To the nearest half-hour, what time do you typically wake up on school days?
Hailey: 6:30- #2 (19%)
William: 5:30- 8% (#1 was 6 AM w/ 20% & #3 was 7 AM w/ 16%)

2. Guys, which female cast member of "Jersey Shore" is the hottest?
William: Snooki- #2 (22%)
Hailey: Sam- #3 (17%; #1 was JWoww w/ 46%)

3. How many sodas do you drink each week?
William: Four- 1%
Hailey: Five- #2 (18%; top answer was none at 19% & #3 was two at 12%)

4. At what age do you think girls are old enough to wear makeup?
Hailey: 12- 12%
William: 15- 14% (#1 was 13 at 21%, #2 was 14 w/ 18% & #3 was 16 at 17%)

FQ: If you could be any superhero from a movie or comic book, which one would you be?
William: Superman- WIN! (20%)
Hailey: Spider-Man- #2 (19%)

(Note: Both players buzzed in w/ each of their answers; that's unusual for the final round.)

J!: The first three Power Players from D.C. this year are:

Robert Gibbs (The Pine Hills Literacy Project)
Lizzie O'Leary (826DC)
Chris Matthews (La Salle College High School)

Starting Category Lineup:
HARDBALL (it's all about baseball)
The New York Times CROSSWORD CLUES "E"
SECRETARY'S DAY (every clue lists a person's name & each right response's a Cabinet post)

Chris selects the Daily Double under the $800 Secretary's Day spot w/ $1K; Robert had the first right Q of this game. To add half to (or maybe subtract from) Chris' score:

Dean Acheson

"What is Secretary of State?"...yup for $1.5K. Once we go to break, Lizzie's on the board w/ four pictures of Benjamin Franklin & Robert's slightly in Lock Game Territory at $3,400. When time runs out in the round, here's what gets left behind:

"E": $400-$800
My Week W/ Maryland: $400, $600 & $1K
Yoga: $800
Press Briefing: $600

SOLE TS OF THE ROUND: Unattempted $400 Hardball answer (Ty Cobb)

Post-J! Round Scores:
Chris: $3,900
Lizzie: $3,600
Robert: $4,400

Double J! Subjects:

Lizzie RUNS THE TABLE in Act Like a Journalist to be $1 shy of LGT w/ $9,600...but w/ less than a minute to go & only the last two clues in both 6-Letter World Capitals & Composers left, Chris finds his second DD of the night (this is a rare Audio one) w/ the $1,600 Composers screen & is just hanging in there w/ $2,300, as Robert's up to $12,800 & Lizzie's at $14K. Chris' just having fun (earlier in this round, he gave away a correct response even though he didn't ring in!), so he bets the lot on this clue:

Put on your cap & gown & name this Edward Legar composition (which was also the tune for most of "Macho Man" Randy Savage's pro wrestling career).

"What is 'The Land of Hope & Glory'?" is ABSOLUTELY ACCEPTABLE for "Pomp & Circumstance". The time runs out right after that.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2,800

Scores After DJ!:
Chris: $4,600 (yes, he still has hope)
Lizzie: $14K
Robert: $12,800

Chris: $4,200
Lizzie: $14K
Robert: $12,800


This performer's the only person to win an Emmy, The Mark Twain Prize & The Spingarn Medal.

Chris Matthews sloppily wrote "Who (is) Mary Tyler Moore"...& gives back half his bank. Mr. Gibbs BLANKED OUT...wager was $7,200, so he's still alive w/ $5,600. For the $50K (remember, the runners-up each earn a minimum of $10K), Lizzie also goofed w/ "Who is Tina Fey?"; the right person is Bill Cosby. She risked...$9,800, so Gibbs wins!

Millionaire Monday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

Episode ratings:

8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Family Feud", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "The Substitute"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
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