Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17/2012 Results

TPiR: Coming down first are Sharon Malone, Roy Semerdijan, Maureen Marx & Terry Knox & what comes out of the prize department first will be an AQUATIX Cobra Explorer kayak set (Rachel at Door #2)("Love You Betta" by Neon Hitch).

Terry: $450/Maureen: $600/Roy: $775/Sharon: $475

ARP: $1,047

Roy, a fiber optics guy from Eve Torres Country (Denver; she's performing out of L.A., BTW), has a chance to win another kind of transportation...this BMW G650 GS motorcycle (Manuela at Door #3)("Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO) playing Freeze Frame. The best possibilities IMO are $8,820, $9,854 & $9,965 & Roy pulls it at $8,820...yes indeed!

Entering this arena fifth's Theresa Scott & a pink SONY VAIO laptop's the second PUFB on the day (Amber & Rachel)("Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato).

Terry: BUCK/Maureen: $800/THERESA: $650/Sharon: $700

ARP: $900

The Knoxes (Maureen & Sean; she's a marketer) from GA could win the Ford Fusion S (Std., Paint, Prot, Mats)(Manuela at Door #2)("Drive By" by Train; what actually gets heard in the studio is a cue I've never heard before) off this Cover Up setup (the Pushover/Line 'Em Up think music's used):

First digit: 2 or 3?
Second digit: 2, 7 or 9?
Third digit: 0, 1, 2 or 4?
Fourth digit: 3, 5, 7, 8 or 9?

Last digit: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 or 8?

Base Price: $10,962

1. $ (2)(7)(4)(7)(3)
2. $ (2)(2)(4)(5)(3)- WIN!

The next potential winner's name is Susan Mohrlang from the next-to-front row & the last GUFB this half's the SAMSUNG 51" HDTV (Amber in the clam)(IUFB/truck cue).

Terry: $1,101/SUSAN: $799/Theresa: $800/Sharon: $1,150

ARP: $1,399

Because Terry didn't one up her when he should have, Sharon from Dallas (grandma) plays Bullseye for dry cleaning, haircuts & manicures/pedicures for a yr. totaling $5,080 (Manuela & Rachel at Door #3)("It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars), so no matter how badly she does, she'll spin The Big Wheel first after this. The groceries of the day are WESTPAC Classic Vegetables Cut Green Beans, 25 Hefty Everyday Soak Proof paper plates, a small box of Gold Bond Maximum Relief anti-itch cream, the SNICKERS bar & those Ortega Yellow Corn Taco Shells.

1. SNICKERS: 11 (almost 12) X $.89 = $9.79
2. Shells: 3 X $2.89 = $8.67
3. G. Beans: 8 X $1.89 = $15.12

G. Beans: SORRY
Plates ($2.99): SORRY
Cream ($5.03): SORRY- WIN! (HB: Shells)

Sharon ($6,479): 20 + Dime = $.30
Roy ($9,867): 20 + 70 = $.90
Maureen ($23,353): 45 + 35 = $.80

The winning streak could be continued by Janelle King, but let's first do the fourth one-bid for a Canon HD camcorder (ceiling)(Edd Kalehoff cue).

Terry: $1K/Susan: $799/Theresa: BUCK/JANELLE: $899

ARP: $1,100

Terry's finished the FF Sweep & this carpenter/underwear model plays Double Prices for a trip to the St. Gregory Luxury Hotel & Suites in our nation's capital w/ a VIP tour of the National Archives (Amber at Door #2)(version of "Stars & Stripes).

Choices: $7,003 or $9,006?
ARP: $7,003- LOSS

Going red second's Sharon Paterson from the right side of the Peanut Gallery (& she's a Canadian) & this is the Look of the Week, which includes a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, a Marc Jacobs Croc tote & a BCBG handkerchief dress (Amber)("Lights" by Ellie Goulding).

SHARON: $1,200/Susan: $1,499/Theresa: $1,550/Janelle: $1,551

ARP: $1,378

Sharon has a chance at some U.S. cash in Punch-a-Bunch (Manuela).

SPs (Rachel)("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift):
1. Non-stick cake pop maker ($50): LOWER- $20
2. Turkey fryer ($350): LOWER- $250
3. Cuisinart Smart Stick ($26): HIGHER- $55
4. Fondue set ($229): LOWER- $180

#21: $250
#25: $2.5K- BAILOUT
#8: $250
#49: $100

Ryan Schwartz sees the "Clock on the Wall" (who's wearing a black TBW shirt) & we have time to do one more PUFB & car game; here, we have a PSVita package (Manuela at Door #5)("Scream" by Usher).

RYAN: $599/Susan: $800/Theresa: $725/Janelle: $801

ARP: $860

Janelle won't have to spin TBW second after this is over, but she's gonna have to play That's Too Much for the Mazda3 Touring (Rachel at Door #3)(MDS theme by Michael Karp).

1. $13,101
2. $14,669
3. $15,206
4. $16,890
5. $18,421
6. $19,334- LOSS
7. $20,841

SCSD #2:
Janelle ($860): 45 + 70 = OVER BY $.15
Terry ($1,100): NICKEL + Dime = THREE NICKELS
Sharon ($4,383): WINS W/ $.40

SHOWCASE #1 (Rachel):
Left in front of Contestant's Row- Rolex ladies' watch
Right in front of CR- Four pieces of Gucci luggage ("Saxy Showcase" variant by Karp)
Door #4- Six-night trip to the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva ('94 Trip Cue by Edd)



ROY'S BEACH SHOWCASE (Manuela)(Door #2)("Part of Me" by Katy Perry):
Left- Canyon Beachwear
Right- Five-night stay at the Malibu Beach Inn in Carbon Beach, CA
Inside- 2012 MINI Cooper Convertible (Std., Paint, AT, Adapter)(Amber)



Showcase ARPs:
Roy: $33,302 (Difference: $7,040)
Sharon: $20,962

Roy completes his BMW package & wins total stuff of $43,169.


LMaD: Lots of guaranteed money may be taken by Shannon from Orange County, CA (dressed as a ladybug). Here's how we see it:


Shannon's Round: SB- living room ($4,905)
Lori's Round (sunflower): CURTAIN #1- Treadmill ($2,499)
Lindsey & Saundra's Round (dressed as softball players to help support breast cancer): CURTAIN #3- Pirate bathtub car

I thought for sure the last two girls would take the $$$ to support their cause even if there had been an automobile or trip back of there. They'll have to settle for $500 instead of:

CHECK: $4.5K
TOTAL- $5,270

Noel Bax & Tiffany Routon (she's dressed as a weightlifter) play Gold Rush for up to the Hyundai Elantra Sedan MT (Curtain #1). First are #7 & #2...$1K worth of GOLD. Then are #1 & #8...but #1 blows up that Elantra from further play. After that's #3...ZONK.

Drew (dressed as a motorcycle; he's part of a group called Drive Suits) literally rides his way to the Find the Face table.

Tiffany Prize (SB): Men's designer accessories ($1,730)

#2- TIFFANY ($500: #1)

Jonathan Prize (BB): PS3/XBOX 360 suite ($2,779)

#4- $1K ($750: #2)

WAYNE CAR (CURTAIN #2): Dodge Caliber

#2- $2K

#5- $500

After Wayne comes out of the third commercial break behind that middle curtain as a skateboarder (introduced by Jonathan), it's Jukebox Deal time.

Rose's Round (a new 75-yr.-old dressed as a cow who got sent here as a family surprise): SE- Four-night trip to the Lakeway Resort & Spa in Austin w/ a sunset cruise ($6.5K)
CD: #3 (Patriotic- set to the tune of "You're a Grand Ole Flag")- $1,100

Nikia's Round (who's wearing earrings that have algebraic equations): #4 (Polka)- $700
BB- Honda PCX 125 motorscooter w/ helmet ($3,948)

Nicole's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a member of a praise chorus): One roll of both dice at $200 per point- 6/2 ($1,600)
CURTAIN #2- Kitchen ($5,224)

Special Education teacher Katie (baby) has a chance to win a four-night vacation to the Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort in St. Lucia valued at $6,696 (Curtain #3) if she can pick a food item out of these three that was introduced in the '70s- Pringles, Oscar Mayer Lunchables or Kraft Cheez-Whiz?

Rejected in SB- Android w/ one-yr. plan ($1,940)

Pringles: '75
Lunchables: '88

THE BIG DEAL: That means Rose definitely advances to here for a chance at a considerable amount in cash &/or prizes. Unfortunately, she chooses CURTAIN #2 because of her leave w/ EVERYTHING- $2,101 (#1), the $6,121 ViewSonic electronics suite (#3) & a six-night trip to the O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger in Indonesia worth $17,560, making their Big Deal of the Day worth $25,782 (Cat didn't play the BD win cue)!

Vicki (dressed as a giant hand puppet) displays to Jonathan a nine-volt battery for the $500, while Michelle & Jennifer (dressed as salt & pepper shakers) each have a small version of said kitchen object to have Tiffany each award them a Benjamin.

FF: Yesterday was the last taped episode this season w/ the blue background big board logo.

TODAY'S GAME: Oliveris (I want to get to know them as much as possible, because we might not see them again after today) vs. Browns (whose one-day cash winnings total $825)

R1: Name something a wife hopes she never finds in her husband's pants. Gross example (s) on the way:

#3: Condom/birth control (13)(Delrick)

#6: Another woman (4)(John)


Aaron: Another person's phone number- #1 (46)
Marsha: Lingerie- #2 (14)
Vanessa: Hotel key- X
Paul: Travel reservations for two- XX
Delrick: Hotel receipt- XXX

John Steal (for 77): Wedding band- NOT UP THERE, EITHER

#4: Poop/skid marks (5)
T5: Lipstick (4)

#7: Crabs/lice (3; Jess was thinking of that)

R2: Name something in your home that gets wasted. Any takers on guessing the top answer to this one?:

#1: Food/milk (46)(Tom)
#2: Water (10)(Aaron)


Claire (bank teller): Money- X
Krista: Electricity- #3 (9)
Jess (community college sophomore): People that live there/me- BOTTOM ANSWER (5)
John (recently unemployed just to be on the show): Education- XX
Tom: Time- #4 (8)
Claire: Toilet paper- XXX

Delrick Steal (for another 78 & to stay in the lead): Air conditioning- NO (Other BA: Clothes/shoes)(5)

Double: Name a sport where size matters. I might very well know all of these:

#1: Football (42)(Marsha)
#2: Basketball (32)(Claire)

Vanessa: Soccer- X
Paul: Boxing- XX
Delrick: Wrestling/sumo- #3 (21)

Aaron: Volleyball- XXX

John Steal #2 (for another 190 & to keep the advantage): Horse racing (jockey)- #4 (2)(268)

Triple: According to 100 men, tell me a foreign language that sounds sexy when a woman speaks it.

#2: Spanish (13)(Vanessa)
#3: Italian (8)(Krista)

Paul: French- #1 (74)
Delrick: Australian- X
Aaron: Russian- XX
Marsha: Latin- XXX

John Steal #3: WIN W/ SWEDISH (2)(553)

FAST MONEY: Deena from N.J. is in the next aired Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name someone who couldn't do their job if their hands were injured.
2. "It's good to be ______."
3. Who's the funniest woman in America?
4. Name something a teacher might throw at an unruly student.
5. Name an illness that schoolkids are always catching from each other.

1. Surgeon- 21
2. Famous- DUD
4. Eraser- 37
5. Strep throat- 2

1. Dentist- DUD
2. Alive- 24
3. Roseanne Barr- 2
4. Chalk- 9
5. The mumps- DUD
TOTAL- 95 ($495)


3. Ellen DeGeneres
5. Cold

$1K T-U: Thing

_ X _ R _ / _ _ E _ I T

The title of the bonus prize question on "The Substitute", Ben identifies EXTRA CREDIT. All three of these college folks are eligible for lots more of it:

Ben Mesches (Modesto, CA)- University of Portland sophomore majoring in Music who's the president of their water club & a member of their improv group The Buffoons
Stephanie Matheson (Klamath Falls, OR)- A Univ. of Oregon Jr. studying Family & Human Services and Political Science who's a Delta Delta Delta member & just served a year as a philanthropy chairwoman
Sara Haskell (Salem)- A Western Oregon Univ. freshman studying P.E.

twitter PUZZLE OF THE NIGHT (People):

M A _ _ H I _ G

_ A N D

$2K T-U: Title

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ E S

_ F / W _ A _ H

Stephanie solves John Steinbeck's THE GRAPES OF WRATH.

meineke Jackpot Round: What Are You Doing?

Stephanie strikes out right away w/ the G while on top dollar; bad luck for her. Secondly, Sara isn't denied the chance to pick up that Million Dollar Wedge by calling three N's, then coming her way are two T's for $1,800, an E, a $900 C, an I & a $500 F for the blue 1/2 KIA, after which are an O, five A's, triple D's to add $1,800, the last vowel of U but then Lose a Turn. Ben then Free PLAYS six S's for three grand...

_ A N D S T A N D S

S O _ E _ S A U _ T S

A N D / _ A C _ F _ I _ S

...& quadruples his initial $1K w/ some HANDSTANDS, SOMERSAULTS AND BACKFLIPS.

SOLE DUD: $2.5K G (Stephanie)
SOLE LaT: Sara

Current Scores:

Stephanie: $2K/Sara: NOTHING/Ben: $4K

Mystery Round: Before & After

Sara starts w/ a couple of N's for a C-note (one at the end), a $400 T, an A, three E's & a $500 S for the same 1/2 KIA she previously got, which are followed by trios of I's & O's to clean out the vowels but then the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card cleans her out to the tune of $900 besides her plate. Because said Bankrupt claims Ben too, Stephanie's third in line & she calls out quatro C's for $1,200 & two F's while on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & LaT. She doesn't want $2K added to her current bank, so she instead finds...the Bankrupt. After Sara spins the other Bankrupt, Ben gets the $450 L, the $500 R courtesy of FP & the B for the WC, we have displayed...

B A C _ E L O R / O F


F I C T I O N exchange for a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE FICTION, he gets another 50 bucks & stays in control.

BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Sara)

Current Scores:

Stephanie: $2K/Sara: NADA/Ben: $5K (WC)

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

He lands on the other 1/2 KIA immediately & picks it up because of a $500 S, then he's found two I's, the same number of T's for seven more Benjamins but then F for fail. Second, Stephanie FPs an E quartet and inserts a $1K R pairing, a $3.5K L, twin A's, a $400 K & a $300 D prior...

I T ' S / L I K E

A / D R E A M

_ _ M E / T R _ E saying "IT'S LIKE A DREAM CAME TRUE", but that's incorrect by a letter. Sara then admits "IT'S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE" for her trip to the Almond Casuarina Beach in Barbados worth $6,900.

SOLE DUD: $300 F (Ben)
SOLE DQ: Stephanie (missolve)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JW1211013 (Jasmine W.)

Current Scores:

Stephanie: $2K/Sara: $6,900 trip/Ben: $5K (WC)

$3K T-U: Fun & Games

_ H I _ T _ / A N D

S K I _ S

Ben's right on SHIRTS AND SKINS to regain first place w/ eight thou.

Last Chance Round: Event

All consonants pay $1,300; still anybody's game to win. After Stephanie calls the B to send this game to Sudden Victory...

B R _ _ N S T _ R _ _ N _

S E S S _ _ N

...she BLANKS OUT on her $6.5K solve attempt (Ben also has that much). Sara then finds the I's...

B R _ I N S T _ R _ I N _

S E S S I _ N

...& wins the game by $200 because of a BRAINSTORMING SESSION.

DUDS: C (Sara), L (Stephanie)

Final Scores:

Stephanie: $2K/Sara: $8,200 in cash & Barbados (lowest maingame winner this season)/Ben: $8K
GT: $18,200

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $4,100

Maxwell House Regular BR #165: The triple-star is where the Bonus Wheel stops for Sara.

Category: Things

This big bonus board starts as:

_ _ _ E S / _ N _

_ _ _ _ T _ _ N S

She goes w/ the CDMA route...

_ _ _ E S / A N D

A M _ _ T _ _ N S

...but she gets the first word wrong w/ GOALS & DREAMS. Her HOPES AND AMBITIONS of avoiding leaving this stage as the lowest-winning champion to date this season GO DOWN THE DRAIN & so does $40K.

TS: It's doubleheader season finale night.

GAME #1 MATCH-UP: Preps vs. Jocks

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Marcella l. Neville
2. Jerry d. Melissa (former friends)
3. Sam d. Susie
4. Scarlet l. Sharmaine (first Q was a stumper)
5. Vanessa l. Michael
6. Elizabeth l. Derek (friends since elementary school; they were stumped the first time out)
7. Rachel l. Jakelle (they got stumped on their first Q)
8. Lev d. Brittany
9. Kim l. Max

EC #19 (Tanya vs. Chris)(Wii): The film character James Bond's also commonly known by what three-digit number?
Chris: 007

What You Should Know:

Chris vs. Neville: The mathematical constant that begins 3.1415 goes by what tasty-sounding name?
Neville: Pi

Michael (wrestler) vs. Jakelle: People w/ diabetes often regulate their blood by giving themselves shots of what hormone (their first query stumped them)?
Jakelle: Penicillin
Michael: Insulin

Lev vs. Sam: According to myth, Greek soldiers in the Trojan War made a famous sneak attack by hiding inside a giant wooden statue of what animal?
Lev: Horse

Derek vs. Jerry: In 1953, scientists discovered the distinctive double helix or "twisted-ladder" structure of what genetic molecules (stumper on Q #1)?
Derek: DNA

Max vs. Sharmaine: Signaling the fall of Communism, the wall separating the East & West halves of what German city was knocked down in 1989?
Max: Berlin (he added Wall)

WTH Topics: Two-word state name & "American Idol" winners
Torture: Electric chair

Michael: 9
Derek: 10- WINNER
Lev: 8
Neville: 6


1. How many times per week do you wash your hair? 
Max: 5- 2%
Derek: 7- #1 (49%; #2 was twice w/ 13% & #3 was three w/ 11%)

2. What extreme sport would you be most afraid to try?
Derek: Skydiving- #2 (18%)
Max: MMA- 2% (#1 was bungee jumping w/ 19% & #3 was football at 9%)

3. What do you think the legal drinking age should be?
Max: 18- #1 (46%)
Derek: 20- T3 W/ 19 (9%; #2 was 21 at 34%)

4. Who's your favorite celebrity couple?
Derek: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (although he couldn't remember the wife's name)- 2%
Max: Brad (Pitt) & Angelina (Jolie)- #1 (34%; #2 was Beyonce & Jay-Z at 21% & #3 was Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson w/ 5%)

FQ: What one item do you misplace or lose most often?
Derek: Phone- WIN! (43%)
Max: Keys- #2 (12%)


WYK Preliminaries:
1. Kinjal d. James (whose nickname's "The Weapon"; first Q this episode stumped them)
2. Kimberly l. Taylor (both girls)
3. Erika l. Kenny
4. Jackie d. Kierra
5. Tom U. l. Frank
6. Nick l. Courtney (neither knew Alex Rodriguez dated Cameron Diaz; he thought it was Derek Jeter)
7. Justin d. Mark
8. Christa d. Jonna
9. Tom S. d. Rod

LAST EC (Billy vs. Damaris; the former founded The Suit Thursday Club)(Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses): What romantic blockbuster got 3-D effects added for a '12 re-release marking the 100th Anniv. of the title ship's sinking?
Billy: "(The) Titanic"


Justin vs. Frank: Last Dec., after nearly nine yrs. of war, the U.S. officially withdrew all of its combat troops from what country?
Frank: Iraq

Courtney vs. Christa: According to Greek myth, Medusa was a hideous creature who, instead of hair, had what growing out of her head?
Courtney: Snakes

Taylor vs. Kenny: How many yrs. are in a millennium (they both missed their first two Q's of the round)?
Kenny: 100
Taylor: 1K

Billy vs. Tom S.: What famous 1776 document contains the sentence "We holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal"?
Billy: The Declaration of Independence

Jackie vs. Kinjal: What's the scientific name for a large body of ice moving slowly across land (& was also the name of a former WCW wrestler)?
Jackie: Glacier

Final WTH Topics: Dinosaurs & most-visited websites in the U.S.
Torture: Styrofoam globe helmet

Frank (200): 12- WINNER (913)
Courtney: 6
Taylor: 5
Jackie: 8
Billy (150): 12- PC


1. To the nearest half-hour, what time would you sleep in until if you had nothing to do that day?
Frank: 12 PM- #2 (12%)
Billy: 1 PM- 6% (#1 was 10 AM at 16% & #3 was 9:30 AM at 11%)

2. What's your favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy movie series?
Billy: "Star Wars"- #1 (22%)
Frank: "Avatar"- 7% (#2 was "Harry Potter" at 19% & #3 was "Lord of the Rings" w/ 15%)

3. Who's your favorite celebrity over 60 yrs. old?
Billy: Morgan Freeman- #2 (15%)
Frank: Hugh Hefner- 4% (#1 was Betty White at 35% & #3 was Meryl Streep w/ 8%)

4. What's your favorite kind of fruit?
Billy: Raspberries- 1%
Frank: Apples- #1 (17%; #2 was strawberries w/ 16% & #3 was bananas at 13%)

FQ: If you spend the rest of your life w/ your body's appearance stuck at one age, what age would you pick?
Billy: 21- #2 (12%)
Frank: 18- SOLO SWEEP! (16%)

To see some outtakes from this season, visit the show's page.

J!: Next, please:
Lewis Black (52nd Street Project)
Clarence Page (The American Institute for Stuttering)
Chuck Todd (Samaratin's Inn)

First Categories On Offer: 

Chuck sees the Daily Double behind the $800 clue within The Daily Rundown & tries to add a grand to that w/ this:
Thursday, Nov. 26, 1863 was proclaimed as "A day of..." this "...& praise".

"What is remembrance?"...down to -$200 he goes; he should've chowed down on Thanksgiving that time. After 1/3 the board's gone, we take a timeout as he's back in first place w/ $1,800, followed by Clarence w/ $600 & Lewis w/ the negative version of Clarence's current score. Once the time's up signal is heard in this round, left behind are:

Art & Artists: $800 & $1K
Super Packs: $600-$1K
Page Turners: $1K
The Congressional Record: $800 & $1K
Fade to "Black": $1K

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (The Daily Rundown)
Scores After Opening Round:
Chuck: $2,400
Clarence: $3K
Lewis: $400

Double J! Offerings:
The New York Times: MOVIES

Stop the Presses! The $1,600 clue there has Chuck's second DD of the match & he has $4,400, trailing Clarence by $600 for first; Lewis' $1,600 on the good side. Chuck'll wager half (as well as his lead) & here we go on the answer:

A phone-hacking scandal forced this British tabloid to close last year.

"What is News of the World?"...that was it for $6,600. And he finishes his DD Sweep w/ the middle Constitution spot & a Lock Game Territory-quality score of $15,400; Clarance has $7K & Lewis' sitting on $6,400. For $3K additional & to keep Chuck in LGT:

He was emperor when Japan's "The emperor...shall not have powers related to government" was written.

"Who is Hirohito?" him! Only the $2K clue in the same category goes unrevealed in this round.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Constitution)

Post-DJ! Totals:
Chuck: $18,400 (LG)
Clarence: $9K
Lewis: $8K

Chuck: $17K
Clarence: $9K
Lewis: $8K

FINAL J! SUBJECT: Sporting Events.

First held in May 1875, it's the oldest continuously held major sporting event in the U.S.

Response: "What is the U.S. OPEN"
Wager: ALL-IN

Response: "What is baseball?"
Wager: $2K
Final score: $7K

Response: SAME AS LEWIS (Correct: "What is The Kentucky Derby?")

Wager: $300
WINS $50K W/: $18,100

Millionaire Thursday:
Sole Regular Game of the Day

$1K Q Game

Episode ratings:
8: "Millionaire"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "The Price is Right" & "The Substitute"
6: "Jeopardy!"
4: "Family Feud" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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