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5/18/2012 Results

FF: Seven shows we haven't seen yet are left this season.

TODAY'S GAME: Wooleys vs. Grzywaczs (a second chance at glory that likely doesn't look so good for the latter clan)

R1: Name something dancing & making love have in common. Starter (s):

#1: Movement/rhythm (41)(Damian)

Daniel (who looks much shorter than the team captain): It takes two to do it- #5 (5)
Catherine (a Special Education teacher): Make you sweat- #2 (17)
Bobby (who has a two-year-old grandson & is unemployed; he's married to Wanda for 27 yrs.): Do it on the floor- X
Wanda (an office manager for a large dental practice in Montgomery, AL): Make you thirsty- XX
Damon: Conserve energy/stamina- XXX

Damian Steal (for 63): Burns calories- ALSO A DUD

#3: Touching/kissing (15)
#4: Fun (13)

R2: If the intercom in the cockpit were accidentally left on, name something you wouldn't want to hear your pilot doing. For example:

#2: Panic/mayday (21)(Kristen)

DUD- Eject the seat (Daniel)

Brian (a husband, father & construction company owner from Atlanta): Booze it up- #5 (7)
Noelle (who got her current makeup from her wedding about three yrs. ago): Say he's getting tired- X
Richard: They're out of gas- XX
Damian: Snoring/sleeping- #1 (25)
Kristen: Eating- XXX

Damon Steal (for another 53): Asking for directions/instructions- #4 (9)(116)

#3: Pleasure himself (11)
#6: Pray (6)

#7: Games/computer (3)

Double: Name something that many women are reluctant to buy by themselves. Here we go:

#1: Ring/jewelry (27)(Brian; he said man's watch)


Noelle: Car- #2 (22)
Richard: Clothes/shoes- #4 (9)
Damian: Dinner/food- X
Kristen: House- XX

Brian: Pets- XXX

Damon Steal #2 (to double score): Electronics- BOTTOM ANSWER (5)(232)

#3: Condoms (10)
OTHER BA: Sex toys (5)

Triple: Name something dogs howl at. Let 'er rip:

#1: The Moon (42)(Bobby)

Wanda: Sirens/fire trucks- #3 (16)
Damon: Mailman/people/singing- #4 (11)
Daniel: Cats/animals- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE SHUTOUT! (18)(493)

FAST MONEY: Nephew Darius & Reggie appear in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. According to 100 married women, name a clue that the man you're dating is already married.
2. Tell me the age when most people give up on trying to stay in shape.
3. Name something a dentist puts in your mouth.
4. Name something people try to get out of.
5. Name something specific you'd find at a breakfast buffet.

1. He has a ring- 27
2. 21- DUD
3. Needle- 12
4. Lie- 2
5. Toast- 3

1. Children- 6
2. 40- 23
3. Filling- 10
4. Work- 18
5. Eggs- 46
TOTAL- 147 ($735)

3. Drill
4. Jury duty


WoF: Monday & Wednesday of College Week have been good, while Tuesday & Thursday...NOT so much. Let's see which side we get more of tonight to wrap up this week from Portland.

$1K T-U: College Life

M A _ O R I _ G / _ N

B _ _ _ O G _

Shasta's not MAJORING IN BIOLOGY, but she's $1K richer. Interview time for these seniors:

Shasta Smith (Sheridan, OR)- A University of Oregon student majoring in Public Relations who's the Vice-President of the PR Student Society of America Chapter on Campus, a Delta Delta Delta member & an account executive for a student-run PR agency on campus
Danielle Bibbs (Aiea, HI)- A Univ. of Portland student majoring in Communication Studies (Journalism) & a senior Army ROTC Cadet
Scott Young (Manhattan Beach, CA)- A Univ. of Washington majoring in Business (Marketing) who's an ad representative & a snowboarding team member


A _ A D _ M _ C

_ D V _ S _ R

$2K T-U: Thing

O P T _ _ _ _

_ _ L U _ _ O N

Danielle has an OPTICAL ILLUSION.

meineke Jackpot Round: What Are You Doing?

She calls the $500 G at the end of the first of five words while on the Jackpot & two N's to add $1,800, then she purchases four O's & two A's before going back to the consonants & choosing three T's for the Wild Card. Once she buys tres U's, she loses a turn w/ R. Second, Scott finds a $450 S but then gets nothing for calling the L. Third, Shasta calls a $2.5K B but then buys the sole bad vowel on the board (A). Returning to Danielle, she Bankrupts on the right side of the Million Dollar Wedge to lose her WC & $1,550. Next, Scott calls those C's for the gas card, buys the remaining vowels of three E's & captures a $900 K (although he nearly repeated the C) & a $600 D. Now we look...

C H E C K I N G / O U T

_ I _ E O S / O N

_ O U T U B E

...we do this all the time & Scott's been CHECKING OUT VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE RECENTLY for $2,700 in cash & gift tag & keeps control.

DUDS: A (Shasta), $300 L (Scott), $300 R (Danielle)

Current Scores:

Shasta: $1K/Danielle: $2K/Scott: $2,700 in cash & prizes

Mystery Round: Before & After

His next turn's dead already by calling for a T. Second, Shasta calls a $550 R, buys the E, finds two N's to multiply her current $300 by seven & buys two O's, then she's said S for sorry while on the $5K bonus. Third for Danielle is the Bankrupt next to $3.5K, her second tonight. Fourth, Scott's subsequent findings are a $600 L, a set of A's, a $600 D, the I closing out the vowels & a $1K pair of P's, then he...

P O L A R / I _ E

_ A P

A N D / _ O _ N

...reluctantly puts on a POLAR ICE CAP AND GOWN for another $1,700 in cold cash.

DUDS: S (Shasta), $300 T (Scott)

Current Scores:

Shasta: $1K/Danielle: $2K/Scott: $4,400 in cash & gas stuff

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

Leading off's Shasta by saying two $500 R's, quadruple E's, a $400 H, double A's & three T's to quadruple her current nine Benjamins, then she wipes out the rest of the vowels (an O & twin I's) before running into LaT territory. After that, Danielle picks up the green 1/2 KIA w/ two $500 L's, a $300 M & P before calling a Free PLAY dud of C & Bankrupting out next to top dollar again to lose out on the $15K automobile & $1,600 for good. Scott sees the double S's for 12 bills & an N for five more...

T H E / _ E S T

S P R I N _ / _ R E A _

O _ / A L L / T I M E

...& he's on his way to having THE BEST SPRING BREAK OF ALL TIME w/ an additional $1,700 & a trip to the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach in Jamaica worth $5,700.

SOLE DUD: $500 C (Danielle)
SOLE LaT: Shasta
SOLE BANKRUPT: Danielle (3rd of the game)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: NE0726418 (Nicole E.)

Current Scores:

Shasta: $1K/Danielle: $2K/Scott: $11,800 in cash & stuff

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ R I A L / A N D

E R _ O R

Through TRIAL AND ERROR, Danielle's got five grand.

Speed-Up Round: Rhyme Time

It's $1,300 per consonant again. After her P selection...

P _ S S _ _ N / _ _ _

_ _ S _ _ _ N

...she has the PASSION FOR FASHION, but only for an extra $3,900.

SOLE DUD: C (Shasta)

Final Scores:

Shasta: $1K/Danielle: $8,900/Scott: $11,800 in cash & prizes
GT: $21,700

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding other stuff): $3,150

Maxwell House Regular BR #166: Scott's envelope is from the E in GAME.

Category: Thing

Already looking like something you might see held by a sports coach, here's the starting assistance:

_ L _ _ _ _ _ R _

CDMA gives him a fair shot...

C L _ _ _ _ A R D
...but he gets tongue-tied on CLIPBOARD & loses the $50K. That sends him out w/ $11,800 in cash & merchandise.

TSB: "Am I The Only One" by Dierks Bentley is heard while the six contestants are being searched for.

Pick Four:

1. "Honeybee" by Blake Shelton ('11)
Previous Words: "You be my little Loretta"
Joe: "I'll be your glass of whiskey"

Karen: "I'll be your Conway Twitty"

2. "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)" by LeAnn Rimes ('96)
PW: "I'm heading out, traveling light"
Liz: "I'm gonna do it all over again"
Paul: "I'm gonna start it over again"
Christina: "I'm gonna start all over again"

3. "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele ('11)
PW: "I can't help feeling..."
Joe: "...we started us a fire"

Liz: "...we could have had it all"

4. "The Trouble With Girls" by Scotty McCreery ('11)
PW: "They steal you w/ 'hello'"
Paul: "And kill you w/ 'goodbye'"
Joe: "They kill you w/ 'goodbye'"

Karen (Colbert, GA): Married w/ two boys & first met her husband 17 yrs. ago when she was asked to pull over
Christina: A mom who has a daughter & son, as well as a Shih Tzu named Fancy; if she becomes the champ, she'll take down her kids' pictures to make room for her trophy w/ some spotlighting
"Big" Liz Hendricks: A former basketball player whose mentor was named Rich; they've got a 10-pound dog named Sampson
Joe (Indianapolis): A George Strait fan who has a girlfriend named Marlena

Random Shuffle:

Karen: "You Gonna Fly" by Keith Urban ('10)
PW: "Hiding from the world w/ a broken wing"

Guess: "But you better believe you gonna fly w/ me"

Christina: "Rocket Man" by Elton John ('72)
PW: "I'm a rocket man"
Guess: "Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone"

Liz: "Big Green Tractor" by Jason Aldean ('09)
PW: "Down through the woods and out to the pasture"
Guess: "'Long as I'm w/ you, it really don't matter"

Joe: "Little Sister" by Dwight Yoakam ('87)
PW: "Yeah, yeah..."
Guess: "...little sister, don't do what your big sister done"

Singing W/ the Enemy:

Karen & Christina: "Wild At Heart" by Gloriana ('09)

Correct Lyrics:

C: 2 (15)

Liz & Joe: "We'll Burn That Bridge" by Brooks & Dunn ('93)

L: 2 (15)
J: 2 (15)

Karaoke Challenge:

KAREN: "Old Alabama" by Brad Paisley featuring Alabama ('11)- SWEEP (35)
CHRISTINA: "Heart of Glass" by Blondie ('78)- 7 (29)
LIZ: "Livin' on Love" by Alan Jackson ('94)- SWEEP (45)

JOE: "Smoke a Little Smoke" by Eric Church ('09)- 5 (25)

Chorus Showdown:

Liz: "Coming to Your City" by Big & Rich ('05)(five lines)- WIN!
Karen: "Strange" by Reba McEntire ('09)(six lines)

1. "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts ('06)- 4
2. "Somewhere W/ You" by Kenny Chesney ('10)- X
3. "Good Life" by OneRepublic ('09)- XX
4. "You Know Me Better Than That" by George Strait ('91)- 3
5. "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce ('03)- LOSS ($1K)

J!: The last three Power Players this yr.:

Thomas L. Friedman (Conservation International)
Kelly O'Donnell (Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation)
Anderson Cooper (The Trevor Project)

Friday's First Dozen Topics:

Anderson goes Daily Double Hunting, starting w/ the $400 bit of 21st Century Lingo; at the first commercial break, he's the only one in the money w/ $3K, whereas his opponents are each $400 in the red. We run out of time before it's found amongst:

Here's to the Irish: ALL (it probably was here)
The Stock Ticker: $200 & $400
21st Century Lingo: $200
Literary Menagerie: $200

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (21st Century Lingo)

After R1:
Anderson: $4,200
Kelly: -$400
Tom: $2,800

More Topics, Please:
PREPARE THE PREFIX (three are listed per clue)

On the third selected answer of the round, Anderson's successful finding a DD behind the $1,200 Movie Synopse w/ $4,600, but Kelly's three times as much in the hole as she was before (-$1,200). He places a $1K bet.

1953: "Life on a Honolulu Army post just before the Pearl Harbor attack."

He can't come up w/ "Here to Eternity", so he's back to $3,600. Just before we leave the $1,200 I'm Grover Cleveland clue in the lurch, Anderson gets the other DD of this round behind its $1,600 clue & he has $14,800; Tom's at $8,400 & Kelly's $2K on the positive side. This A.C. wagers only $800 this time.

I sent troops in to quell the 1894 Pullman Railroad strike because it was interrupting the delivery of this.

"What is the mail?"...yes.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Movie Synopses)

Scores Heading into Final:
Anderson: $15,600
Tom: $8,400

Anderson: $17,400
Kelly: $2K
Tom: $8,400

FJ! CATEGORY: Inventors.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame said his work "...brought the South prosperity", but he was out of business within five yrs.

Response: "Who is (George Washington) Carver"
Wager: $500
Final score: $1.5K

Response: NOBODY
Wager: $7,400
Final score: $1K

Response: NOT MUCH OF ANYTHING (he was going for the inventor of the cotton gin, who was Eli Whitney & he was the right person)
Wager: $1,201
WINS $50K W/: $14,399

Millionaire Friday:
Game 1
Game 2
$1K Q Game

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" today: Chona qualified for the Big Deal of the Day at the last possible second w/ a $3,320 trip to Santa Barbara & $3K spending cash, but she gave that back for Door #1, which slightly traded her down to a $5,726 dining room. #2 had a Sunny motorscooter w/ helmet worth $2,158 & #3 was the winner worth $24,018, the trip to Brazil w/ $4K spending money & $540 of luggage.)

Episode ratings:
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Family Feud", "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Singing Bee"
5: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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