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5/21/2012 Results

FF: While reading their twitter feed today, I've just learned that they're bringing back the Winner-Take-All Tournament next season!

TODAY'S GAME: Squillaces vs. Harrises (obviously not the same ones from the band that won the Chrysler 300C during John O'Hurley's final season)

R1: According to 100 single men, what's the WORST question to ask a girl on the first date? Starting with:


#4: "How old are you?" (15)(Jamilla)

DUD- "Have you been married?" (Stan)

Cherrell (elementary school teacher): "How much do you weigh?"- T3 (15)
Eileen: "How much do you make?"- X
Marlies (high school Spanish teacher): Something about her ex- XX
Tondra: "Are those real?"- #6 (6)
Jamilla: "Can I go back to your place?"- #2 (16)
Cherrell: "Can you pay?"- XXX

Stan Steal (for 52): "Do you have any kids?"- NO WAY

#1: "# of sex partners?" (24)
#5: "Are you a virgin?" (12)

R2: Give me a word starting w/ S that describes a kiss. Example (s):

#5: Sensual (8)(Cherrell)
#6: Sexy (8)(Jay)

Eileen: Smooch- #1 (28)
Marlies: Soft- X
Tondra: Slow- XX
Jamilla: Sweet- #3 (10)

Cherrell: Sizzling- XXX

Stan Steal #2 (for a two-point lead w/ 54): Sloppy- LAST OF THE BOTTOM ANSWERS (8)(#2: Smack)(12)

Double: Name the most painful place on your body that you can get a tattoo. This survey starts as follows:


#4: Face (9)(Jennifer)
DUDS- Ankle (Eileen), lower back (Lori) & thigh (Marlies)

Elayne: Belly- X
Stan: Boob(s)- T3 (9)
Jay: Neck- #6 (7)
Lori: Ear(s)- XX
Jennifer: Private area(s)- #1 (27)
Elayne: Wrist(s)- XXX

Jamilla Steal (for another 104 & the lead back): Buttocks- T3 (9)(156)(#2: Foot/toe)(10)

Triple: Name something a rich person might have in every room of the house. Face-off response (s):

#1: TV (63)(Marlies)
#4: Toilet/bathroom (2)(Jennifer)

Tondra: Marble floors- X
Jamilla: Closet- XX

Cherrell: Mini-refrigerator- WIPEOUT

Stan Steal to Continue: Telephone- #3 (12)(249)(#2: Art/paintings)(13)

SUDDEN DEATH: Name the holiday for which supermarkets have the most specials.
Tondra: Christmas- LOSS (A: Thanksgiving)(63)

FAST MONEY: Nephew Nick & son-in-law Colin are in the Squillaces' Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment. The new champs are from Flowery Branch, GA.

1. Besides bread, name something specific found in a bakery.
2. Name the first person you would call if you were arrested.
3. Name another phrase for "go away".
4. Name something you tap.
5. Name an organ people have removed.

1. Cookies- 14
2. My husband- 23
3. Get out (of here)- 28
4. Foot- 36
5. Appendix- 24
TOTAL- 125

Jay (Jennifer's his sister-in-law):
1. Rolls- 2
2. Father- 5
3. Get lost- LOSS
4. Finger- 12
5. Gallbladder- 9
TOTAL- 153 ($765)

1. (Cup)cakes
5. Kidney


Video Bonus: "Price" Surprise

WoF: This is the last week of the Portland, OR road trip saluting the Great Outdoors.

$1K T-U: Things

S L _ E P _ N G

B A _ S

Arica solves SLEEPING BAGS. The week's opening players:

Arica Langston (Snohomish, WA)- An administrative assistant married to Andy who's part of a family of 22
Nick LeMon (home)- Works at an outdoor retailer
Erin Cuningham (home; originally from Sitka, AK)- A physician assistant in Dermatology who loves Portland's Happy Hours

$2K T-U: Song Title

S T A N _ / B Y

_ _ _ R / _ A _

Nick identifies Dolly Parton's "STAND BY YOUR MAN".

Monday Featured Trip: Gateway Canyons in Western CO ($5,642)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: Camping World

Centrum Jackpot Round: Before & After
Maingame Category Wipe of the Week: Category titles w/ pine trees that pop up as the background

He Free PLAYS an A, calls four R's for $3,600, buys three O's but then hits the right Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge to give back $3,350. Secondly, Erin calls two T's for $1,200, buys two E's, finds two N's for another nine Benjamins & a $500 M while on the Jackpot...

_ R E A T _ _ N _


_ O R / R E N T

...& earns more than enough BREATHING ROOM FOR RENT to the tune of $10,300 (including a $7,950 pot) & keeps control!


Current Scores:

Nick: $2K/Erin: $10,300/Arica: $1K

Mystery Round: Food & Drink (fairly big puzzle alert)

Fresh off her nice win in the last round, she starts out this round w/ the MDW's other Bankrupt. Second, Arica calls for three N's to accumulate $2,700, purchases four A's & gets the D for the Wild Card, then come a couple E's, a set of I's & $4K worth of quad S's while on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & Lose a Turn (but the 10 grand was on the back). Once she buys the rest the vowel shop has to offer (two O's & a U), she calls up two T's for the trip & three $300 C's before this lady...

_ E A N U T S

_ A I S I N S / A N D

C _ O C O _ A T E

C _ I _ S

...eats PEANUTS, RAISINS AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS to retain her turn & officially bank another $11,992 in cash & CO (could've been $17,992 instead).


Current Scores:

Nick: $2K/Erin: $10,300/Arica: $12,992 in cash & vacation (WC)

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

Arica leads off the action here w/ the MDW's right-side Bankrupt, so her WC's null & void. Second for Nick is N for no. Third for Erin are six T's for $3K, two E's, an O & an $1,100 pair of S's, then the board...

_ / _ _ S _ T / T O

T _ E / S T _ T E

_ _ _ _ T _ _

...another $3,600's hers, as well as A VISIT TO THE STATE CAPITAL of HI on her getaway to the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa worth $5,020, putting her back in first place.

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MJ9627723 (Marcella J.)

Current Scores:

Nick: $2K/Erin: $18,920 in cash & HI/Arica: $12,992 in cash & CO

$3K T-U: Phrase

T I P / _ _ / _ _ E

I C _ B E _ _

Nick's solve is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG & he's $5K happier already.

R4: Person

A $600 S at the end of the solution is how he starts, followed by a $900 R, triple A's, a $2,400 T trio & he buzzes in...

A / T _ _ _ _ R / _ _

T A _ _ / T A _ _ S nail A TELLER OF TALL TALES for $3,650 more.


Current Scores:

Nick: $8,650/Erin: $18,920 in cash & trip/Arica: $12,992 in cash & travel

Last Chance Round: On the Map

$1,900's the consonant value for this Final Spin. After the fourth revealed letter of G's revealed...

_ N _ _ _ _ _ G _

_ L _ S _ _

...Erin seals her championship w/ ANCHORAGE, ALASKA for an extra $3,800 (both ladies had that in their banks)!

DUDS: D (Nick), M (Nick), T (Erin)

Final Scores:

Nick: $8,650/Erin: $22,720 in cash & HI/Arica: $12,992 in cash & CO
GT: $44,362

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3,350

Maxwell House Regular BR #167: Upon review, the last hybrid car on offer in Portland's a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The Bonus Wheel stopping point for Erin's the E in AMERICA'S.

Prompt: Thing

This typical environmental object starts as:

T E _ _ E R _ T _ R E

_ _ _ _ E

CPDA has inserted in...

T E _ P E R A T _ R E

_ A _ _ E

...well, in spite of not having the G's on the bottom, she solves TEMPERATURE GAUGE to win 30 of them (Jimmy: "Erin, here's your happiest hour ever...") & is going home w/ $52,720 in cash & Hawaii! Rebuilding Together's at $22.5K for the current promotion.

J!: Back to basics tonight.

Cindy Hager (Banner, WY)- Mixed animal veterinarian
Joel Pool (Oakland, CA)- Real estate developer
CHAMPION: Jacob Silverman (whose three-day cash winnings total $35,998)

We can't have any trivia game unless you have some categories like these:

Just as Joel goes from -$200 to $800, we take our first break as Cindy barely leads Jacob $3,400-$3,200. Once the next played topic of 3-Named Authors' cleaned out, the Daily Double belongs to the champ & he has a $1K lead over Cindy, $4,600-$3,600; Joel's currently $1,200 to the good. Jacob wagers $2.5K & the lead on this answer:

Her final resting place's a Missouri cemetery where she shares a headstone w/ husband Almanzo.

"Who is Willa Cather?" was wrong; she was actually Laura Ingalls Wilder & the champ's back in second at $2,100. Cindy's ahead after this J! Round, $4,200-$3,700, while Joel gets the third-place advantage at the start of Double J! w/ six pictures of Franklin.
SOLE ATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $1K (Girl Scout Cookies; last clue of the round)

DJ! Lineup:
WEBCAMS (all video answers)

The $1,600 American Nickname has a DD lurking for Cindy & she has the lead again w/ $6,600, this time by $1,300 over Jacob; Joel's isn't too far behind either of them w/ $3,800. To add $1,600 to her score or be back behind the champ by $300:

The Department of State & an area of Washington, D.C. are nicknamed this.

"What is Embassy Row?"...also the name of Michael Davies' production company, incorrect; the right name was Foggy Bottom & she's dipped to the $5K level. Joel rounds out the DDs w/ the $1,600 Weather History screen & $5,400; Cindy has $7,800 & Jacob's back at the top to the tune of $9,700. Joel goes for an additional $3K w/ this:

In 1944, bombers at high altitude were speedily propelled forward-- what's now called this 2-word phenomenon.

"What is a jet stream?" indeed right to put him in the middle of this pack at $8,400.


Heading Into Final J!:
Jacob: $11,700
Joel: $8,400
Cindy: $7,800

Jacob: $14,200
Joel: $7K
Cindy: $9,400


This play that came to Broadway in 2005's set in the Autumn of 1964 at St. Nicholas Church School in The Bronx.

Cindy Hager doesn't have anything, so she gives up $3,901. Joel Pool doesn't feel sure about "What Doubt"...even though he left out the "is" part of his final Q, he's right to nearly double to $16,700. Jacob Silverman quickly wrote..."What is The History Boys?", costing him $5,200 and the title & sending him back to where he came from w/ $37,998.

Millionaire Monday:
Game 1
Game 2
$1K Question Game

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" today: Sarah traded in the $6,794 New Orleans trip for Door #2, but she dropped to $2,539 worth of kitchen appliances. #3 had a $7,160 bedroom, leaving #1 w/ the $23,600 Big Deal of the Day, a trip to India.)

Episode ratings:
7: "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Family Feud", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"
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