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5/23/2012 Results

LMaD: Yesterday, we were reminded w/ a lesson these days w/ Mr. Brady & company- only trade in a car for at least the Big Deal of the Day if the BD's worth at least more than twice the value of the automobile or it's a Super Deal episode. Four traders are called to start this morning's show.

CURTAIN #1: Brittney (butterfly)- Lance Powersports Cali Classic 125 w/ deluxe helmet ($2,486)
BB: Zach (paradox/pinata)- Laundred donkey money
SE: Nicole (chipmunk)- Five-night trip to an executive suite at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead w/ $4K check ($11,116)
Stacey's Round (CURTAIN #2; she's a birthday girl from GA): GO ($1.5K)- Banana boat w/ a gorilla near it

For what may be the last time this season, a couple like Alexia (SPHS cheerleader) & Steven (fitness man) are going on a Gold Rush; they might win the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta (Curtain #3).

2. #7- GOLD (J----)
3. #5- GOLD (JE---)
4. #4- GOLD (JET--)
5. #2- GOLD (JETT-)

TODAY'S BD VALUE: $25,600 (so it could be that Dodge Nitro w/ those oil changes)

Marissa (dressed as Little Red Riding Hood) is walking the ZONK & Winding Road.


She goes w/ the potential good piece of transportation before trashing it for the BB.

#3- Living room ($5,458)
CURTAIN #1- Monster truck tricycle
GB- $400
BB- SAMSUNG 46" 3-D HDTV package w/ MacBook Air ($4,499)

The BB was left behind in that round.

Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Lyudmila (Queen of Hearts) vs. Wilbur (a farmer holding a ginseng plant)
WINNER- Lyudmila ($1.5K)
THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #2): YES- '12 Nissan Versa S Sedan


Leeanne (a representative of the Burbank Fire Department) will make her decision on whether to take the SB (Tiffany in front of the center curtain) or CURTAIN #1 in the Sing-Off Deal.

CURTAIN #1- Kitchen ($4,780)
SB- Broken laptop

Rachel Owens' Fast Deal Decision (after discussing the matter w/ her mom): The Bank Vault (CURTAIN #2)- $625
MINI-CURTAIN- Four-night Wine Lovers' Getaway to the Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina, CA ($7,468)

THE BIG DEAL: As a result of that, Marissa's walking down to the main hub to play for it instead of The Owenses. Marissa's final pick is DOOR #2 because of her gut...but it fails a trader again & she's out w/ the $2,550 pool table.

#1- home office ($6,694)
#3- Trip to Grenada's Ultimate Dive Resort ($8,357), Sea-Doo ($7,999) & EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS BD

At least we had someone leave this stage w/ a ride for the first time since the Mother's Day episode. The last taped episode of the season airs tomorrow before a rerun break until June 4th.


FF: We'll get at least one more Fast Money win this season. Maybe we'll see it on the last day of May Sweeps:

TODAY'S GAME: Squillaces (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,515) vs. Woodys

R1: According to 100 guys, name something you fiddle w/ when you're bored. Starter (s):


#4: Hands/fingers/nails (11)(Shay)

#5: Pen(cil)(7)(Stan)


Bryauna: Hair- #8 (3)
Marcus (an uncle, former university track coach & two-time All-American): Change- X
Contessa (the director/owner of Weedle Woodpecker Learning Center who's married to Marcus for 15 years; they first met at a track meet): Keys- XX
Jonathan (children's counselor): TV/remote control- #1 (19)
Shay: Nose (& Steve does the walk to the current winning family's podium)- XXX
Stan Steal (for 40): Automobile- INCORRECT

#2: My "meat whistle" (17)
#3: Computer (16)

T5: Mustache (7)
#7: Cellphone (4)

R2: Name something a man does when he hears his mother-in-law's coming for a visit. In the second face-off of the afternoon:

#1: Leaves (house/town)(37)(Bryauna)

Marcus: Prepare meal- X
Contessa: Start cleaning/picking up his stuff around the house- #4 (6)

Jonathan: Makes home repairs- XX
Shay: Pretends to be asleep (my brother Andrew does that pretty often & Steve's at it again): XXX

Stan Steal #2 (for the early lead by three points): Stays late at work- ALSO WRONG (Woodys: 83)

#2: Cries/complains (31)
#3: Hides in house (12)
#5: Drinks (4)

Double: Name something your date might do that would make you suspect you have bad breath. Hold your noses for a few seconds if you need to while we start the guessing/revealing for this survey:

#1: Turn her head/move away (47)(Marcus)

Contessa: Offer you breath mint/gum- #2 (30)
Jonathan: Leave early- X
Shay: Offer you a drink- XX
Bryauna: Keep covering/holding their nose- #4 (5)(I had no clue that would be there even before I typed up the intro line for the most recent face-off, so don't criticize me for inadvertently giving away an answer)
Marcus: Refusing to give you a goodbye kiss/handshake- #3 (14)
Contessa: Tell you so- XXX

Stan Steal #3 (for 192 & the lead): Give you some mouthwash- ANOTHER MISS (Woodys: 275)(#5: Gag)(2)

Triple: Name something that would tick off Santa when he comes to your house. Let the good answer (s) fall, we hope:

#1: No cookies &/or milk left (44)(Contessa)
#2: Fire in fireplace (19)(Jennifer)

Jonathan: No Christmas Tree- X
Shay: No children- XX
Bryauna: No lights/Christmas decorations- WIPEOUT

Stan Steal for Sudden Death Yet Again: Mean dog- SHUTOUT (Woodys: 464)

T2: No usable chimney (19)
#4: Children awake (5)

FM: Their nephew Jan & niece Chloe are rooting The Woodys from Alexander City, AL on in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name something that makes you feel safe at night when you're home alone.
2. What do you think's the oldest board game?
3. At what age do people start shrinking?
4. Name a beverage that tastes terrible if it's lukewarm.
5. Name something that comes in pairs.

1. Lights- 9
2. Monopoly- 29
3. 50- 27
4. Coffee- 19

1. Weapon- 10
2. Chutes N' Ladders- DUD
3. 65- 7
4. Tea- DUD
5. Doves- DUD
TOTAL- 101 ($505)

1. Closed doors
4. Beer
5. Shoes

WoF: I would like to announce that the road trip that will be aired in the same month next season is coming from The Theater at Madison Square Garden! Click here for further details.

$1K T-U: Place

_ _ _ / M I D _ _ E

_ F / N O _ _ E _ E

Kayla's NOT in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE- she's on this show winning cash &/or prizes amongst this panel:

Kayla Manthey (Puyallup, WA)- A trauma medic in the Air Force reserves in 446 A.S.T.S. at Joint Base Lewis-McChord who's also a landscape photographer & has competed in a few teenage pageants
Briana Peterson (home)- A compensation data analyst for a local sports brand & a graduate student at Williamette University studying Business
Shawn Hart (Roseberg, OR)- The Senor Minister at the Garden Valley Church of Christ who's married to Kristen for 20 yrs.; he's also Loons the Clown

$2K T-U: Living Things (Megaword alert):

_ _ R _ S _ N T H E M U _ S

Shawn leaves out an M in his response, so Kayla gets the tripler from some CHRYSANTHEMUMS.

Wednesday's Featured Trip: South Africa courtesy of ($8,400)

Centrum Jackpot Round: Food & Drink

Kayla first goes to work by calling for two S's on the bottom line while on $2.5K and buying an E, A & three O's. Her next call of R doesn't make the puzzle, though. Second, Briana picks four N's for $2K & the blue 1/2 KIA before that wheel forces her to Lose a Turn; just before she finished spinning, she would've called D for dud anyway. Third, Shawn calls another baddie of L. Kayla then goes Bankrupt next to the Wild Card to give up $4,250 for good. After Briana runs into the other regular one to lose her plate & the two grand, Shawn claims the other 1/2 KIA via two $500 C's, calls a $450 T, buys two I's & LaTs out. After Kayla calls the two Y's for 12 bills...

_ O O E Y

C I N N A _ O N

S T I C _ _ / _ _ N S

...she gets some GOOEY CINNAMON STICKY BUNS out of the closest oven to slightly increase her total winnings to $4,200.

DUDS: $300 L (Shawn), $500 R (Kayla)
LaTs: 2 (Briana & Shawn)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Mystery Round: Same Letter

Briana has a $550 start because of an N, then she hits the same Bankrupt Kayla got to lose it right back. Shawn secondly Free PLAYS two E's & collects two L's to take the WC, two R's for $1,800 (while on the same pink $900 wedge where he picked it up), an I, a $600 S pairing, an A quartet & the SL of five M's to add to his current bank $4.5K. At this point...

M A R _ E L _ _ S



...he dreams of MARVELOUS MARINE MAMMALS to (temporarily) take first place w/ $6,400 as he keeps control.


Current Scores:

Kayla: $4,200/Briana: $0/Shawn: $6,400 (WC)

Prize Puzzle Round: Song Lyrics

He calls four $3.5K N's, but his WC use backfires on him when he calls S. Second for Kayla are twin T's for a grand, triple A's, quadruple E's but then the right side of the Million Dollar Wedge Bankrupts her out of $500 (both ladies have two Bankrupts apiece), as well as likely the bonus trip because Briana then...

_ A N _ E

_ A N _ E

_ A N _ E / T _ E

N _ _ _ T / A _ A _

...solves "DANCE, DANCE, DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY" for the $5,456 vacation to the bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

SOLE DUD: $3.5K S (Shawn)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MV0439218 (Michelle V.)

Current Scores:

Kayla: $4,200/Briana: $5,456 St. Thomas trip/Shawn: $6,400

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $26 pair of Quantum Hollywood Movie Money admissions for half the price; use the SonyCard & it'll be $11

$3K T-U: Around the House

_ _ _ _ C O _ L

_ R I _ _

Kayla gets CHARCOAL GRILL for an $800 lead w/ $7,200.

R4: Phrase

Following a $600 S is a dud of T. Second, Briana spots trip N's for 27 bills, a $350 D, an A & two E's before we hear the big bell to go to Sudden Victory...

_ _ _ _ / _ _ N E

A N D / S _ N _ E _

...& the remaining consonants were meant to be worth $6K a pop! Her first consonant call during this time is a negative of M, but her second one of H...

H _ _ _ / L _ N E

A N D / S _ N _ E R this solution to her HOOK, LINE AND SINKER for $8,550 in spending money & the match! Kayla leaves on the table $6,600.

Before Speed-Up: $500 T (Kayla)
After S-U: M (Briana)

Final Scores:

Kayla: $7,200/Briana: $14,006 in cash & travel/Shawn: $6,400
GT: $27,606

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $6,800

Maxwell House Regular BR #169: Briana takes out the envelope from the E in GAME.

Topic: Thing

Nearly half the letters from just RSTLNE headed her way:

S _ _ R _

_ _ R _ E

HDMO result in very limited help...

S H _ R _

_ _ R _ E

...& her total winnings of $14,006 won't be boosted by a $35K SHARP CURVE.

While Vanna's holding a plastic bag at the end, Pat reads some of the 99 things you can do w/ one from a list.


Jody Clark (Garretson, SD)- A sales associate who played the classroom version of the game against the rest of his class in his later high school years
Barb Hougas (Denison, IA)- Pharmacist
CHAMPION: Joel Pool (whose two-day cash winnings total $48,400)

I doubt there's something about singing from this first topic board:
I DON'T GIVE A... (each correct word/words end w/ -AM)

After starting $800 in the hole, Joel's in first at halftime w/ $2,600 & leads Jody by $600 & Barb by a thou. When the Daily Double's picked in the middle of Broadway, Jody has control & $3,600, as well as a $1K lead over his opposition. To double his current leading margin:

"The Wiz" opened on Jan. 5, 1975; this other Oz-set musical on Oct. 30, 2003.

"What is 'Wicked'?" good for a $2K cushion w/ $4,600. He's $1K in Lock Game Territory at the end of this round w/ $7K, followed by Barb w/ three & Joel at $2,800.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (I Don't Give a...)

Double J! Rundown:

On the third answer of the round regarding Company Names, Joel's in a DD situation w/ $3,600. He puts half on this line w/ this information bit:

August Horch named his car company this after translating Horch, which means "Hark!" or "hear", into Latin.

"What is Audi?"...I would've guessed Porsche, but Audi's indeed the one for $5,400. Before Final J! (meaning the $800 "TH" clue gets left in the dust), Jody claims the second DD of the round at the end of the Robert Frost answers w/ $15K; he's followed by Joel at $10,600 & Barb sitting on $8,200. His next bet's four biggies:

It's the Robert Frost poem that says "Good fences make good neighbors".

"What is Fences?" is so wrong; the title was Mending Wall.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,600 (A Touch of Robert Frost in the Air)

Entering the Final:
Joel: $10,600
Barb: $8,200
Jody: $11K

Joel: $10K
Barb: $8,200
Jody: $14,600

FJ! SUBJECT: Animals.

A 2005 study reported that this animal named for an island has, pound-for-pound, the most powerful bite of any mammal.

Barb Hougas put "What is the komodo dragon?" did Jody Clark...NO- Barb drops to $5,200 & Jody's out of it w/ $900. Joel Pool thought "What Tazmanian Devil"...I don't know what it is w/ him not coming up w/ the complete beginning for FJ! responses recently, but I do know he's still perfect to DOUBLE to $21,200! Three-appearance sum: $69,600.

Millionaire Wednesday:
Conclusion of Dylan Jones' Game
Game 2
$1K Q Game

Episode ratings:
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Family Feud", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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