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5/30/2012 Results

TPiR: Since Mike became the executive producer of the program back in 2009, Monday's ending was the first time I've ever seen a Showcase car behind one door get replaced by an automobile won in a Pricing Game the same day. Also, that day's Pick-a-Number continued the recent tradition of having Chevrolet cars won by PG winners in non-car games who went on to win the Showcase, w/ Grocery Game being the exception during that period (a Mercury Milan was won back in '08, then a Toyota Tacoma a few weeks ago).

Today, Contestant's Row gets filled out by Alexander Aiello, Kyeshia Hughes, Michael Brannin & Frances Frizelle & coming down the ceiling first's the pair of Archos tablets (IUFB/truck cue).

Alexander: $849/Kyeshia: $1,300/Michael: $1K/Frances: $750

Those $800 electronics belong to Frances (a dental hygienist from Seattle) & now she plays 1/2 Off (Rachel on the left, Amber on the right).

SPs ("Domino" by Jessie J):
1. Pitcher ($20) & condiment set ($18)
2. Cake pop maker ($20) & passport cover ($8)
3. Toaster oven ($25) & iron ($20)

Believe it or not...she only gets the $40 pitcher right, so the cover was $16 (& she just gave a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE) & that was a $50 oven.

BOXES LEFT: #2, #3, #6, #7, #9, #12, #13 & #16

Frances lets Rachel take it easy by bringing #16...but she completely misses it (so the big bucks were in #2).

The fifth calldown's Tenise Juge & the second one-bid's going to be about a three-night trip to the MacArthur Palace courtesy of the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau (Door #6)(new piano cue).

Alexander: $1,700/Kyeshia: $2K/Michael: $1,801/TENISE: $1,800 (& Drew does his occasional mimicking of a player's voice)

Kyeshia has the $4,034 getaway almost by default & will play Coming or Going for this non-trip prize package, an Avanti gym w/ a one-year Gold's Gym membership (Manuela at Door #3)(saxy multi-prize cue).

Guess: $6,547
ARP: $6,547- WIN!

After George says Jason Redondo's name, Rachel comes out wearing two pairs of Gucci sunglasses for the third IUFB ("Love You Betta" by Neon Hitch).

Alexander: BUCK/JASON: $800/Michael: $900/Tenise: $1,100

ARP: $560

Alexander plays Let 'Em Roll for June's "Price" Retro Car of the Month, a black/red '55 Buick Century Coupe (includes a V8 engine, AT, power brakes & power steering) valued at $22.5K (Amber at Door #3)(new party theme).

Groceries (Manuela)(Edd Kalehoff piano grocery cue):
Big container of Gold Bond Body Powder: $7.84
Hidden Valley Ranch: $3.79
Box of Splenda: $2.69

FINAL RESULT- WIN ON THE LAST ROLL! (he got four cars on the first roll right away & the other cube came up $1.5K both times)

Frances ($858): $.95
Kyeshia ($10,581): $.95
Alexander ($23,060): 80 + 45 = OVER BY A QUARTER

Frances: $.20
Kyeshia (next spin of $.90 was a DUD): $.85

Red player #2's Wisconsin grandma Nancy Seidl & the fourth PUFB's an XBOX 360 package (Amber in the clam)("Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock).

NANCY: $750/Jason: $515/Michael: $675/Tenise: BUCK

ARP: $1,035

Nancy plays Take Two ("Fortune Hunter" by Edd) w/ a $3,293 target for a GE washer/dryer (Rachel), the Panasonic 46" HDTV (Rachel & Manuela), a contemporary Steve Silver dining set (Manuela & Amber) & Marti accessories (bag & wedge sandals). 

1. TV ($899) + dinette ($1,225) = $2,124
OTHER PICKS: Dinette ($1,225) + W/D ($2,068) = WIN! (Accessories: $2,845)

Plugging in the red next's Lisa Brink & they next are required to bid on the outdoor soccer & shuffleboard tables (Manuela & Rachel at Door #3)("Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees).

LISA: $600/Jason: $700/Michael: $750/Tenise: $751

Tenise wins those $1,160 tables & plays Side By Side for a Portugal vacation (Amber at Door #2)("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida). Blocks:

$8,099's wrong- if only that same-priced Ski-Doo had been there instead...

Last to get out of the Peanut Gallery's Roland Moss III & Michael gets the last-bid advantage on the final GUFB of the day, a pair of AKG headphones w/ the 160 GB iPod (Amber & Manuela)("How We Do" by Rita Ora).

Lisa: $700/Jason: $701/Michael: $550/ROLAND: $1,498

ARP: $1,047


The good news is that Jason from Carson, CA won't have to spin The Big Wheel second after this event- him playing One Away (Manuela) for a 2012 Ford Fiesta SE HB (Std., AT, Prot, Lighting/Radio)(Rachel at Door #3)("Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson). Board:

$ 2 7 , 5 3 2 

First Guess:

$ 1 6 , 4 2 3


Does he change the 6 to win that $18,423 Fiesta, shafting the majority the audience in the process...YEAH!

SCSD #2:
Tenise ($1,160): 15 + 35 = Half-Dollar
Nancy ($8,072): 40 + 65 = OVER BY A NICKEL
Jason ($19,470): 15 + 40 = WINS BY A NICKEL

Door #1- Electric scooter (Rachel)
Right of that door- Two tickets to Disneyland Tokyo & a six-night stay at the Hotel Niwa Tokyo (Amber)("Rumour Has It" by Adele for first two prizes)
Door #3- ElectraCraft party boat (Manuela)(Edd P.B. cue)



In front of CR- DELL desktop (Amber)("Glad You Came" by The Wanted)
Door #4- Four-night stay at the Luxor Las Vegas (w/ the appropriate themed music)
Door #2- '12 Jeep Compass (Rachel)(Michael Karp's truck/convertible cue)($20,175)



Showcase ARPs:
Jason: $25,755
Kyeshia: $36,813

Kyeshia's winnings accumulate to $47,394.


Video Bonus: Wednesday "Price" Highlights


$1K T-U: Phrase

A T / A / M O M _ _ _ ' S

_ _ _ I _ E

AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE, Nora makes the one grand solve. Now, going down the line are these players:

Nora Stetson (L.A.)- A 3rd Grade teacher at Clover Avenue Elementary who's married w/ two Children (Andrew & Ryan) & shops online
Tawana Johnson (Snellville, GA; originally from Willacoochee)- Married to John w/ one son; owns two dogs named Tiny (Matiff) & Epic (Welsh Corgi)
Eric Schurley (Vegas)- A 5th Grade teacher at Rose Warren Elementary married to Melissa w/ one son

$2K T-U: Rhyme Time

_ _ / _ _ E R _

O _ / _ E / S _ _ A R E

Eric solves "BE THERE OR BE SQUARE" (which was a slogan for "Spongebob Squarepants", I believe).

Wednesday's GA: g adventure to Peru ($8,886)

Centrum Jackpot Round: TV Title (pretty big puzzle alert)

He starts w/ the $500 N at the end of the board, four E's, the same number of T's to add $2K to his current $250 & two O's, then he has caught a $7.5K trio of H's, a $5K S pairing but then the Bankrupt next to top dollar to clean him out of $14.5K; ouch. Second, Nora calls the two L's for $1K, buys the three A's, gets two $600 W's & then rounds out the vowels before she calls in a couple of top dollar R's & we have...

T H E / L A T E

L A T E / S H O W

W I T H / _ R A I _

_ E R _ U S O N

...the last time this puzzle was used, I had two laughing fits while watching that episode (because of the missolves); she IDs "THE LATE LATE SHOW" WITH CRAIG FERGUSON for $6,450 more & gets to begin the next puzzle.


Current Scores:

Nora: $7,450/Tawana: $0/Eric: $2K

Mystery Round: Before & After

She begins this solution w/ a $550 R, six E's & a Free PLAY use of two A's, then next are a $3.5K Y, two O's to clean the vowels out, a $300 N at the end of the first line, triple the T's for the green 1/2 KIA and 1.5K more bucks, trip H's to throw in $2,700 & twin M's for the Peru holiday. At this time...

M O R E / T H A N

M E E T _ / T H E


_ H A _ O _

...there's MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE SHADOW to win her a total this round of $16,936 in cash & travel.


Current Scores:

Nora: $24,386 in cash & trip (1/2 KIA)/Tawana: NIL/Eric: $2K

Prize Puzzle Round: Song Lyrics

Tawana lights up seven T's that are good for $3.5K, an I & couples of A's & O's, followed by a $1.5K S set, the leftover vowels (quad E's & a U singleton), the $300 H, a B for the Million Dollar Wedge, dos $550 Y's & tres $400 Y's. The board now...

S O / Y O U

B E T T E R / _ E T

T H I S / _ A R T Y

S T A R T E _

...she exactly says from P!nk "SO YOU BETTER GET THIS PARTY STARTED" for $6,350, which she might use as spending money for her $6,900 trip to the Almond Beach Village.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CW6085881 (Christy W.)

Current Scores:

Nora: $24,386 in cash & Peru/Tawana: $13,250 in cash & Barbados MDW/Eric: $2K

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: Pay $1 to get $25 worth of merchandise from

$3K T-U: Thing

_ _ L L

C _ _ L _ C T _ O N

Nora guesses DOLL COLLECTION...right to go to $27K+.

R4: On the Map

She gets going by filling in a $600 pair of S's, an E, three A's & tres R's to add $2,400 to her mix before we go to Last Chance Mode...

_ A R R _ S _ _ R _

_ E _ _ S _ _ _ A _ _ A

...the leftovers in terms of consonants are worth $1,600 each. Next are those N's...

_ A R R _ S _ _ R _

_ E N N S _ _ _ A N _ A

...& she nails HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA to ice her cake w/ 7,300 more dollars.


Final Scores:

Nora: $34,686 in cash & voyage/Tawana: $13,250 in cash & vacation/Eric: $2K
GT: $49,936


Maxwell House Regular BR #174: Nora has to take the triple-star at the last split-second.

Category: Thing

Reveal the tournament:

_ _ L _ _

_ E _ T _ E R

CDMA gives her a fighting chance at this...

_ A L M _

_ E A T _ E R

...but all she says is an incorrect second word of FEATHER. The CALMY WEATHER proves to be too much for her here, but all she lost was the $30K, so she leaves w/ $4,686 more than that in cash & travel.

(Also tonight: There was a Final J! Triple Stumper for the second straight night, but Richard Block remains champion w/ a two-day total of $17,601.)

Episode ratings:
8: "The Price is Right"
7: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!"
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