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5/4/2012 Results


TODAY'S GAME: Raponis vs. Brewers (whose one-day cash winnings total $20K)

I think whoever wins this game will have to wait until next season to play again.

R1: Name something you can hope you can do all day long if you go to Heaven. Base answer (s):

#5: Eat (5)(Nick)

#7: Sing/choir (4)(Derrick)

Vinnie (a Sixth Grade Social Studies teacher at Higgins Middle School in Peabody, MA): Sleep/relax- #1 (21)
Vinnie #2: Play- X
Cody (a student at Boston Architectural College): Spend time w/ lost friends/relatives- #2 (15)
Kara: Make love- OTHER BOTTOM ANSWER (4)
Nick: Party- XX
Teacher Vinnie: Watch TV- XXX

Derrick Steal (for 49): Talk to God- #4 (7)

#3: Read/learn (9)
T5: Be at peace/happy (5)

R2: Name a reason a stripper might say she had a bad day at work. To kick this survey off:

#1: Didn't make any tips/money (75)(Teacher Vinnie)


Big Vinnie: Unruly customer/groped- #2 (6)
Cody: Slow business- X
Kara: Difficulty w/ her clothes- T3 (4)
Nick: Injury- T3 (4)

Teacher Vinnie: DJ played bad music- XX
Big Vinnie: Performed while being sick- XXX

Derrick Steal (for another 89 & to stay in front): "You're fired!"- NO (#5: No one liked her/booed)(3)

Double: According to 100 married women, name something that might happen to an ex-husband that might might you say "I'm glad I did NOT marry him". For instance:

#1: Got arrested (32)(Cody)
DUDS- Get a divorce (Vinnie Jr.) & he stinks (Kim)

Kara: He died- X
Nick: He's a homosexual- XX

Teacher Vinnie: Lost/can't get their job- #6 (3)
Vinnie Jr.: Rehab/druggie- #3 (16)
Cody: Caught in an affair- XXX

Derrick Steal #2 (for another 102 & the lead back): Gain weight/fat- #5 (6)(151)

#2: Went bald (23)
#4: Went bankrupt (13)

Triple: Name something people do when they're sick that makes a lot of noise. I think I know 'em all, but here's at least one of the answers that made this board:

#1: Cough (58)(Robert)

DUD- Blow their nose (Cody)

Mel: Sneeze- #2 (10)
Derrick: Complain- X
Michelle: Throw up- BA (9)
Kim: Cry- XX
Robert: Moan/groan- WIN! (9)(409)


1. Name a specific activity that beginners always look funny doing.
2. Name something parents might keep hidden in their room.
3. Name the age when kids start making their own beds.
4. Name something that has the word "pop" in it.
5. Name something you'd hate to see your dog chew & all.

1. Playing tennis- 6
2. Christmas toys- 6
3. Five- 8
4. Popcorn- 35
5. Shoes- 50
TOTAL- 105

1. Swim- 8
2. Sex toys- 4
3. Six- 22
4. "Pop Goes the Weasel"- DUD
5. Newspaper- NO MORE MONEY
TOTAL- 139 ($695)

That means they've now got $20,695 in their till.

1. Dancing
2. Gun
3. Eight



Drew & Lea ("Spongebob Squarepants" fans)
Rich & Kim (he proposed to her by putting a classified ad in a newspaper)
Brian & Samantha (who frequently have had sex & have done so in a movie theater at least once)

1. Based on her specific skills, where would your wife finish in a bobbing for apples contest at the State Fair- somewhere in the Top 50, somewhere in the Top 10 or would she be the champion?
2. What naughty knick-knack do you make sure's hidden away so no visitors ever see it?
3. "Dutchess Kate Middleton's __________ looks better than my wife's."

1. Top 10- TOP 10 (5)
2. Pleasure toys (theirs have been found in at least one airport)- PAIR OF THIGH-HIGH STOCKINGS
3. Feet- FEET (because of her rough dancing)(10)

1. Top 10- TOP 50
2. Sexy pajamas that are slinky- SEXY RACY-LOOKING PAJAMAS (5)
3. Hair- HAIR (10)

1. Champ- CHAMP (5)
2. Bullet toy- VIBRATOR (10)
3. Nothing- NOTHING (15)


1. Let's say there's a jingle bell tied to your bedpost- does Christmas come at least once a night, week or month?
2. What's one thing about your husband that turns you a little green w/ envy?
3. There's a bad seed in every bunch; name one friend of your husband's who according to you is nothing but trouble.
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "Between my husband & me, the one most qualified to write a food blog's _______ & the one to write a sex blog's _______."

1. Week- WEEK (20)
2. Memory (she has the worst)- SHOULDERS (because she touches them all the time)
3. Keith- KEITH (30)
BONUS: Me & him- TOTAL MATCH (60)

1. Week- WEEK (20)
2. He's got really nice hair (& she wants her future kids to have similar hair)- HE'S A BETTER COOK THAN HER
3. Mike- MIKE (30)
BONUS: Me (both)- TOTAL MATCH (60)

1. Week- DAY
2. His calves (because he played basketball for 7-8 yrs.)- COOKING
3. Dustin- GUY
BONUS: Him & me- TOTAL MATCH (45)

Drew & Lea: 40
Rich & Kim: 50 

Consolation Prize: La-Z-Boy

WoF: Even though the $100K cannons went off again at the start of this first aired week from Portland, OR, NOT much else has gone their way- there have been 21 Bankrupts that we've seen this week alone (& the intro music starts at a later point than usual by the time Pat & Vanna have been introduced this evening).

$1K T-U: In the Kitchen

_ _ T _ R

_ _ _ I F _ E R

Heather gets WATER PURIFIER. The last three participants on the week:

Heather Sessler (home)- A band instrument repair technician married to Paul for three yrs. & had lived in six states within a five yr. span
Anthony Estrada (home)- A three-month lawyer engaged to Katie who learned the alphabet watching this program w/ his mom
Miffy Weller-Jones (West Linn, OR; originally from Melbourne, Australia)- A muffin mix business starter married to Jeff w/ two children (Isabel & Lachlan)

$2K T-U: Things

H E A R _ / A N D

S _ U L

Also a bonus puzzle under the topic of (Song) Title that was solved for a near-$32K SAAB 9000 Sedan back in 1987, Anthony solves "HEART AND SOUL".

Last Eco-Friendly Featured Trip of the Week: All-Inclusive Tamarijn Aruba w/ an Aruba Nature Sensitive Hiking & Jeep Tour ($5,900)

IHOP Jackpot Round: Before & After

The first letters from his lips are a $2.5K T at the end of the first word of three, two E's & three A's, then he Bankrupts next to top dollar to lose the leftover $2K. Second for Miffy are two R's for 18 bills & four O's...

_ E O _ O R A _ T

_ O A _

O _ E R A

...& her $1,550 solve of a DEODORANT SOAP OPERA to retain control.


Current Scores:

Anthony: $2K/Miffy: $1,550/Heather: $1K

Mystery Round: Same Letter

Miffy puts up two $400 S's (w/ one at the end), two R's to make her $800 transform into two grand & three E's at the start, but her O buy ends her turn. Heather secondly calls a $300 D but then buys another dud vowel in A. Third, Anthony has found a couple of N's for eight Benjamins and the other vowels of three I's, then he tries to add the other $450 because of this...

_ R I S _ _

_ E _ I N E

_ R I E N D S

...& he does due to some FRISKY FELINE FRIENDS.

(AIRED) DUDS: A (Heather), O (Miffy)

Current Scores:

Anthony: $3K/Miffy: $1,550/Heather: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Place

Up first's Heather, who tries three N's for $1,200, an O but then the G fails her while on the Wild Card. Second, Anthony puts up an $1,800 F couple, five I's, a $300 S, then he goes for another solve...

_ N / I S _ _ N _ / I N

_ _ _ / _ I _ _ _ _ / O F

_ _ _ / _ _ _ I F I _

...& he's got it- another $1,850 is his, as well as a trip to AN ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC, Hawaii, at the Maui Kai Ka'anapali Baech worth $5,814.

SOLE DUD: G (Heather)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: FLA8752149 (Frank L.)

Current Scores:

Anthony: $10,664 in cash & vacation/Miffy: $1,550/Heather: $1K

$3K T-U: Song Lyrics

_ _ A T / A

F _ _ _ I _ G

Heather solves Irene Cara's "WHAT A FEELING" to quadruple her $$$.

R4: Occupation

She leads off w/ a $400 T but then the Bankrupt next to the invisible WC strikes. Anthony secondly puts up the frontloading $300 S, multiplies that amount by seven w/ double N's but then buys a negative vowel of E. Third, Miffy says the backloading $500 R, a $300 P, the set of O's but then another bad vowel in A. Following Heather's Free PLAY of the last dud vowel (I) & her call of another baddie in L, Anthony buzzes in...

S _ _ P _ O N _

_ O N _ _ _ T O R

...& envisions a SYMPHONY CONDUCTOR that pays him $1,850 more & lets him start the next puzzle.

DUDS: A (Miffy), E (Anthony), $300 L (Heather)

Current Scores:

Anthony: $12,514 in cash & travel/Miffy: $1,550/Heather: $4K

Last Chance Round: Food & Drink

$1,300 per consonant tonight. Heather's M call leads to...

_ _ N _ - R _ _ _ N _ _

T _ M _ T _ _ S

...her eating some VINE-RIPENED TOMATOES for 2,600 additional clams; Anthony had twice as much to shoot for in that last maingame round.

SOLE DUD: C (Miffy)

Final Scores:

Anthony: $12,514 in cash & HI/Miffy: $1,550/Heather: $6,600

GT: $20,664


Maxwell House Regular BR #156: Did Emily really save their bacon this week, or is Anthony going to insure that this week having at least one BR win was never in doubt? We're about to know after he spins the I in WIN.

Subject: Things

The starting assistance:

_ _ _ S / _ N _

R _ _ _ _ N S

FDMI gives him at least some aid...

_ _ _ S / _ N D

R I _ _ _ N S

...not much...but he nails BOWS AND RIBBONS anyway for the 30 grand & $42,514 in cash & trip; $10K's in the Rebuilding Together bank!

Video Bonus: Tonight's Final Talk Segment (without the closing credit graphics at that point)

J!: The last three teens that we'll see at home base this season are:

Rob Schrader (Lexington, KY)- Jr.
Gabriela Gonzales (Winston-Salem)- Sr.
Evan Eschliman (Olathe, KS)- Sophomore

Beginning This Friday Game:
MICHELLE OBAMA'S AMERICAN GROWN (video clues from The First Lady)

Evan has an exclamation mark next to his name on his podium & he should have it there right now, because he's in Lock Game Territory w/ $2,400 while finding the Daily Double seven clues into the game behind the $400 Know Your State Borders! clue; Gabriela has 33% that amount ($800). He's going for a $4,800 True DD:

Hannah's leaving Montana heading East into this state that borders Canada.

"What is North Dakota?" it! $7,600's his score at the TV timeout (shortly after that, an incorrect response reversal on the $800 KYSB! clue was announced while Alex was interviewing him); Gabriela trails him by $3,200 & Rob's $200 in the hole (a little earlier, he was $800 in such territory).

SOLE TS: Attempted $1K How Many Years? answer

Scores After This Round:
Evan: $8,600
Gabriela: $6K
Rob: $1,400

Another Dozen Categories To Choose From:
BODY PARTS EN ESPANOL (remember, Cinco de Mayo's tomorrow)

Behind the $1,600 Biblical People monitor's a DD for Gabriela and this game's a real squeaker- she's at $7,600, Evan leads her by $200 & Rob's at $7K. To give her another $2,200 & first place to herself, here's her clue:

This shepherd became King Saul's personal musician & armor bearer.

"Who is David?"...$9,800 & a $2K lead for now! And Rob's dining in on the last DD of this part of the tournament attached to the $1,600 At the Mall screen w/ 13 G's; Evan's sitting on $12,600 & Gabriela's still in a slight first at $13,800. Rob tries to temporarily move into front w/ this $2K answer:

Get a birthday card for mom at this store chain founded in 1950 & named for an early form of paper.

"What is Hallmark?"...sorry, it was Papyrus of all chains.

SOLE TS: Unattempted $1,600 All We Need Is a Title clue

Scores Following DJ!:
Evan: $13,800
Gabriela: $20,600
Rob: $11K

Evan: $11,800
Gabriela: $20K
Rob: $13K

Remember, the scores to beat for the last two WC berths are $15,400 & $15,001.

FINAL J! TOPIC: The American Revolution.

In 1777, an opponent wrote of him "Money is this man's god, and to get enough of it he would sacrifice his country". 

They all wrote "Who was Alexander Hamilton?"...NO- we were looking for Benedict Arnold. Wagers:

Rob: EVERYTHING = BUST FOR $5K (which means Rose's in the semi-finals for sure)
Evan: $1,200 = $12,600
Gabriela: $8K = $12,600

We're going to Sudden Victory tonight between the two of them.

SV CATEGORY: Literary Characters (w/ Alex standing next to the monitor near the contestant podiums).

Although he doesn't actually appear in 1984, his presence's everywhere-- on posters, coins & telescreens.

Evan: "Who is Big Brother?"- WIN!

VB: Rare J! SV Round

TS: More cheerleaders vs. some more jocks help close out the first half of their second season.

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Amy l. James (first Q was a stumper)
2. Crystal l. Sam (ditto)
3. Dayna d. Ethan
4. Rachel l. Sean T.
5. Lauren d. Joey
6. Katarina d. Sean D.
7. Ruta l. DJ
8. Alexa l. Andrew
9. Alex vs. Zach

Extra Credit #10 (Jill-Lynn vs. Jonathan)(amazon kindle fire): The Wii, GameCube & DS are all video game systems from what company?
J-L: Nintendo

What You Should Know:

Katarina vs. Sean T.: What legendary German composer wrote many of his famous musical works after having gone deaf?
Katarina: (Ludwig von) Beethoven

J-L vs. Andrew: U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay's located on what Caribbean island?
Andrew: Cuba

Lauren vs. Alex: Made up of cells called neurons, what system in the body sends impulses to the brain about sensations like touch, temperature & motion?
Lauren: Your brain
Alex: Nervous system

Sam vs. James: Who's the current U.S. Vice-President?
James: (Joe) Biden

DJ vs. Lauren: What's the common name for the decade of economic misery that followed the Stock Marker Crash of 1929 (they missed their first two Q's)?
Lauren: The 1920s
DJ: The Great Depression

WTH Topics: People on U.S. paper money & Crayola crayon colors
Torture: Electric chair

DJ: 9
Katarina: 6
Alex: 10
Andrew: 15- WINNER


1. Name something belonging to your parents that you would never want to see.
James: Condoms- #3 (12%; birth control also counted)
Andrew: Underwear- #2 (20%; top answer was sex toys w/ 29%)

2. Aside from your bed, name an object you can't do without in your bedroom.
James: Desk- 4%
Andrew: Computer- #1 (37%; mirror was #2 w/ 9% & TV was #3 w/ 8%)

3. What's the longest amount of time you would go without changing your socks?
Andrew: Three days- #3 (17%)
James: Two days- #1 (34%; #2 was one day w/ 33%)

4. If one of your five senses could be made super-amplified, what one would you pick?
James: Hearing- #2 (36%)
Andrew: Sight- WIN! (54%)

FQ: According to your fellow guys, if you were appearing in a movie, what actress would you want to be your co-star for a make-out scene?
Andrew: Megan Fox
James: Kim Kardashian

TSB: Before they could officially play, they had to sing Miranda Lambert's "Baggage Claim" while scattered in the audience. And Roger's part of a musical group called DSB.
Pick Four:

1. "My Kind of Party" by Jason Aldean ('10)
Previous words: "...all these pretty things"
Carly: "(I) get down in that Georgia clay"

2. "This Ole Boy" by Craig Morgan ('11)
PW: "...and the sweet red wine"
Natalie: "She's pretty as she can be"
Adam: "Got me buzzin' like a bee"

3. "Gonna Get a Life" by Mark Chesnutt ('94)
PW: "A long time ago"
Kelley: "Before you wreck(ed) this one"

4. "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson ('09)
PW: "Either way I found out"
Ben: "I'm still missing you"
Tonya: "You were there w/ me too"
Natalie: "I'm nothing without you"

Carly: An extension association woman who got her Law degree last May
Adam Mackey: Went to India in '05 to help out w/ tsunami relief
Kelley Combs (Kingsport, TN): A Therapeutic Recreation student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville who'll probably go to Occupational Therapy school after graduating
Natalie Ralsey: A Hooters Girl who wants to be the first female motocross champ

Random Shuffle:
Carly: "You're My Better Half" by Keith Urban ('04)
PW: "It's the sweet love that you give to me"

Guess: "It makes me believe we can make it through anything" (A: "That makes me believe we can make it through anything")
Adam: "Brass in Pocket" by The Pretenders ('80)
PW: "I'm special, so special"
Guess: "I gotta have more of your attention, give it to me" (A: "I gotta have some of your attention, give it to me")
Kelley: "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" by Blake Shelton ('10)
PW: "When you undress, do you leave a path?"
Guess: "Then sink to your nose in a bubble bath?"
Natalie: "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash ('68)
PW: "And time keeps draggin' on"
Guess: "But that train keeps on rollin' down to San Antone" (A: "But that train keeps a-rollin' on down to San Antone")

Singing W/ the Enemy:

Carly & Adam: "This" by Darius Rucker ('10)

Correct Lyrics:

C: 3 (15)
A: 2 (10)

Kelley & Natalie: "Country Must Be Country Wide" by Brantley Gilbert ('10)

Correct Lyrics:

K: 2 (15)
N: 3 (15)

Karaoke Challenge:

ADAM: "Little Miss Honky Tonk" by Brooks & Dunn ('94; he was hoping for "My Maria" instead)- 14 (38)
CARLY: "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble ('09)- 10 (35)
KELLEY: "Here For a Good Time" by George Strait ('11)- SWEEP (45)
NATALIE: "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" by Thompson Square ('11)- SWEEP (45)

Chorus Showdown:

Kelley: "Consider Me Gone" by Reba McEntire ('09)(six lines)- FAIL
Natalie: "Brokenheartsville" by Joe Nichols ('02)(eight lines)- FAIL

Kelley: "Just Might (Make Me Believe)" by Sugarland ('04)(four lines)- WIN!
Natalie: "Gettin' You Home" by Chris Young ('09)(five lines)


1. "Love You Out Loud" by Rascal Flatts ('02)- X
2. "Fish" by Craig Campbell ('11)- XX
3. "Listen To the Music" by The Doobie Brothers ('72)- 4
4. "Hell on the Heart" by Eric Church ('09)- 3
5. "Boston" by Augustana ('05)- 2
6. "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning" by Alan Jackson ('02)- LOSS ($1.5K)

Millionaire (American Pride Week, Day 5):
Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also today: While she was dressed as a clown, Taylor picked Door #2 & won a $6,399 home theater, but Door #3 had the Big Deal of the Day of the Rocky Mountaineer train trip w/ $5K spending money.)

Episode ratings:
8: "Jeopardy!" & "The Newlywed Game"
7: "Family Feud", "The Singing Bee", "The Substitute" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
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