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5/9/2012 Results

LMaD: $700 each start off the days of Lance (dressed as an astronaut), Natalia (dressed as a cowgirl) & Erica (dressed as a Hawaiian).

R1 (SB): NO ONE- Ojai spa trip ($2,080)
R2 (BB): Natalia ($1K)- Five-night trip to Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe ($5,938)
FR (CURTAIN #2): Lance (dumpster time machine, so only Erica keeps her $1,300)

Aimee (leprechaun) couldn't have discovered a better time to play Car Pong (as you know, the timer for this deal's permanent since it was instituted) for the 2012 Mazda3 Sport (Curtain #3), because she was in a car accident.

Choices: Tess Ocean, Vivian Ward, Erin Brockovich & Margaret Ward
Prompt: Characters played by Julia Roberts
PICKS: Erin Brockovich, Margaret Ward


(Note: I think this was the last CP playing taped before the increased cash amounts came into play.)

The next three traders have to Follow the Leader.

Rejected in Vanya's R: BB (Kitchen)- Small appliances w/ a home brewing system & a year's worth of Green Mountain Coffee ($2,494)
Rejected in David's R: CURTAIN #1 (Garage)- Pirate bathtub car
Rejected in Elizabeth's R (a teacher dressed as a cat): SB (Living room)- Good one ($4,905)

THE BIG RISK (SE): David (the ladies each receive $1.5K)- Strong Spa 6

Trisha (another Hawaiian dressed as a sailor) & Brooke (spa girl) are going to war in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Trisha: #3- ROCK
Brooke: #1- SCISSORS

After discussing the current matter w/ her husband Brandon (water buffalo)...she takes her shot at that Chevrolet Sonic 1LT (Curtain #2).


Wayne already has that mustache on to become Dr. Wayne at another couple's expense- Mark & Cynthia (who've been married for 21 yrs.):

RB: Accessories ($2,224)
GB: Camcorder & digital camera ($2,199)

M- "Designer bag"

R2 (CURTAIN #1):
A: Bull BBQ ($2,183)
B: Apple products ($2,316)

C- "Electronics"
M- "Electronics"

TBR (CURTAIN #3): NO- Elephant floss


Dr. Wesley (at least from his costume) walks to the Which Came First? board.

1. "Kung Fu Panda" & "How to Train Your Dragon": "Kung Fu Panda"- '08 ($1K)("How to Train Your Dragon": '10)
2. "Roseanne" & "Friends": "Roseanne"- '88 ($1.5K)("Friends": '94)

3. "Some Hearts" by Carrie Underwood & "Circus" by Britney Spears: "Some Hearts" (the audience didn't agree w/ him there)- '05 ($2K)("Circus": '08- not revealed on TV)

TBR (CURTAIN #2): NO- Pair of appliances w/ kitchen island & groceries for a yr. ($7,210)

THE BIG DEAL: Did Wesley just give up any opportunity at that $24,488 Australian adventure w/ $2K spending money because of not going big at the end of the regular deals...YES, which means David goes for it instead (& Trisha's marriage to Brandon definitely stays intact). But it's definitely NOT behind DOOR #2 again- he leaves w/ a ViewSonic electronics suite worth $6,121. And left in #1 today was The Bank Vault worth $2,546.

Judy disappoints Jonathan because she doesn't have an unworn eye patch worth $500, but Eliza (dressed as a student prom attendee) wins that much anyway because she shows Tiffany five student IDs payable at $100 each!

(Final notes: Even though this episode was taped on Nov. 10th, the Big Deal standings weren't announced at all throughout this show. Also, the Dr. Wayne intro graphics weren't used either.)



TODAY"S GAME: De Jesuses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,400) vs. Costellos (Elvis obviously NOT included)

R1: According to 100 men, even though guys want a girl who's real, name something of hers you don't mind being fake. Example or two:

#1: Her "melons" (48)(Gil)


Karen (who's been married to Gil for 35 yrs.): (Finger)nails- #2 (15)
Will (a critical care doctor & anesthesiologist at Vanderbilt University's Medical Center): Hair (color)- #2 (27
Liz: Tan- X
Danielle (a registered nurse & mom of two): Lips- XX

Video Bonus (this bit was NOT included in this broadcast): Steve's Electric Guitar Impression

Gil: Rump/butt- XXX

Rafael III Steal (for 90): Colored eyes/contacts- NO

#4: Nose (4)
#5: ID (2)

R2: Tell me a candy bar that might describe your mate in bed.

VB #2: Today's Second Face-Off

Will: 100 Grand- X
Liz: Payday- #7 (5)

Danielle: Snickers- T1 (18)
Gil: Rolo- XX
Karen: Milky Way- T5 (6)
Will: Twix- XXX

Rafael III Steal #2 (for 35): Babe/Baby Ruth- NO (Costellos: 125)

T3: Hershey's Kiss/Bar & Mars (9 each)

Double: Name something more women do these days without the help of a man. Starting w/:

#1: Have/raise kids (46)(Will)

DUD- Go shopping (Nancy

Liz: Have successful career/make $$$- #2 (20)
Danielle: Purchase home- #4 (8)
Gil: Live alone- X

Karen: Household repairs- XX
Will: Go to school- XXX

Rafael III Steal #3 (for 148 & the lead): Pleasure themselves- #3 (10)

Triple: Name something a really big guy buys in the largest size they make. This is the big one of the afternoon:

#1: Shoes/clothes (68)(Liz)


Danielle: Car- X
Gil: House- XX
Karen: TV- XXX

Rafael III Steal to Retain: Condoms- #2 TO WIN! (16)(352)
#3: Meatballs/food (8)
#4: Beer (2)


1. According to 100 ladies, whose opinion do you ask when you try on a bathing suit.
2. Name one of life's most overrated experiences.
3. How long do you usually stay in a bad mood?
4. Give me a word that rhymes w/ "candy".
5. Name a type of cheese.

1. Girlfriend- 23
2. Wedding- 26
3. A day- 30
4. Pansy
5. Cheddar- 37
TOTAL- 116

Rafael III:
1. Sales clerk- 5
2. Birth- 2
3. 15 minutes- LOSS
4. Sandy- 34
5. American- 8
TOTAL- 165 ($825)

After two BLOWN clutch FM performances in a row, they have a three-game sum of $2,225.


$1K T-U: On the Map

_ H _ / _ _ L U _ _ _ A

R _ _ E _

Barbie solves THE COLUMBIA RIVER. Let's get to some interviewing:

Barbie Minor (Beaverton)- An account executive for a local staffing agency married to Cayman w/ daughter Kayleigh & son Xavier; she's dedicating her appearance to her late cousin Christy
Chase Cawley (home)- A food & beverage operations hotel manager
John Carleton (home)- A systems analyst at the University of Portland married to Sheila w/ four children

$2K T-U: Things

_ W I S _ S / A N D

T _ R _ S

John has enough awareness of the GS world's TWISTS AND TURNS.

Wednesday's Featured Trip: Spanish Tour from Insight Vacations & ($8,498)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Phrase

John's first consonant call of N's a negative while on the jura package. Secondly, Barbie hits Lose a Turn. Third, Chase calls two T's for $1K, buys two O's but then says a dud of R. Fourth, John wants a $400 L, buys three E's (including one at the end), Free PLAYS an I, calls three M's to add $1.5K & purchases two U's, then following two $500 K's...

_ U S T / L I K E / M O M

U S E _ / T O / M _ K E

...he says the $7,850 Jackpot is JUST LIKE MOM USED TO MAKE to keep every penny of it & the other $2,400.

DUDS: N (John), $450 R (Chase)
SOLE LaT: Barbie

Current Scores:

Chase: $0/John: $12,250 (WC)/Barbie: $1K

Mystery Round: Same Name

Barbie's first letters on this board are a $400 N & three A's, but she then spins the Bankrupt next to the invisible Bankrupt to lose her $150 remainder. Second, Chase collects $7K for two D's but then spins up LaT. Third, John can grab the gift tag this time by calling four L's, but his next turn ends by calling for an M. Barbie then takes another dud of T, followed by Chase adding another $3.5K w/ a Y, buying an I but then a dud of O. John tries to solve this after a $600 G comes at him...

L I L Y / A N D

L _ G A L

_ A D

...& he gets LILY AND LEGAL PAD for another $1,600 in cash & coffee center.

DUDS: $600 M (John), O (Chase), $900 T (Barbie)
SOLE LaT: Chase

Current Scores:

Chase: NOTHING/John: $13,850 in cash & prizes (WC)/Barbie: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

Chase leads off w/ $1,350 worth of three N's, the two I's, an FP O, the $900 G at the end of the first word & a $500 F, then a $1.5K trio of F's for the green 1/2 KIA, trip H's for $1,800 more, the other vowels (an A pair & a U singleton), double S's to throw in another six bills & a $550 B. The board as we see it...

B A S _ I N G / I N

T H E / _ A _ _ T H

O F / T H E / S U N

...he'll be BASKING IN THE WARMTH OF THE SUN at The Springs Resort & Spa valued at $6.5K w/ $6,200 in his pockets, giving him second place for the time being w/ $12,700 in cash & getaway.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RC7790721 (Robert C.)

Current Scores:

Chase: $12,700 in cash & trip/John: $13,850 in cash & stuff (WC)/Barbie: $1K

$3K T-U: Place

C _ L I _ A R Y

S _ _ _ _ _

Chase might go to CULINARY SCHOOL w/ another three grand, so he's now in first w/ $15,700 in winnings.

Last Chance Round: Person

$1.5K a pop for the consonants. Two S's later...

T H _ / S T _ _ / _ F

T H _ / S H _ _

...Chase's THE STAR OF THE SHOW as far as the players are concerned, because he makes the $7.5K solve for the match! John left behind $4.5K.

Final Scores:

Chase: $23,200 in cash & C.R./John: $13,850 in cash & coffee loot/Barbie: $1K
GT: $38,050


Maxwell House Regular BR #159: On his Chase for high stakes, he spins up the '.

Category: Phrase

From the looks of the RSTLNE help, this looks more of like a Thing to me:

S E _ _ N _

E _ _ _ R T

CDMO should all but do it...


E _ _ O R T

...he doesn't have a SECOND EFFORT to do well here...because he didn't really need it- he wins the $30K & a total in cash & C.R. of $53,200! The Rebuilding Together bank's at $12.5K.

J!: Remember, these are the last three available semi-finalists in the '12 Teen Tournament:

Krishna Bharathala (who was born on April 2nd; his mom was born the day before!)
Rose Schaefer (who's never been to our nation's capital until this tourney)
Kevin Yang

On Offer First:
CARS IN AMERICA (video clues by Vice-President Joe Biden)

When In the World did the first American Daily Double of the night get chosen? By Krishna under its middle clue w/ $1,200; he trails Rose by $1K for second & Kevin by $1,600 for first. He's going for the doubler on this answer just before the first break:

Newly-elected U.S. Senators & Congressmen are sworn in on the 3rd of this month.

"What is March?"...back to zero. The right month was January. Time expires before we can see the last Cars in America answer.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Citizenship)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $1K (Clothes Make the Idiom)

Post-J! Round Scores:
Kevin & Rose: $4,600 each (Kevin was given $200 back just before the start of the next round because of a technical difficulty regarding Eli Manning's picture on the $200 He's Quite the Sportsman clue)
Krishna: $2,600

Double J! Topics:
CITIZENSHIP (each right response's a country)

This $1,600 Biology clue better be up Kevin's alley while having $6,200, because it has a DD attached; Rose's just $800 behind him & Krishna's added $400 since the start of this round ($3K). Kev will risk two G's & his lead on this:

Canvanine, produced by some plants, is a special one of these acids; it messes up proteins in insects' bodies.

"What is a corrosive acid?"...NO- the actual kind of acid was amino and he dips to $4,200 & second. They're hunting for the last one hidden within The Silent Movie Era...& out of a choice of the $800, $1,200 or $2K screens, Kevin goes the right route w/ the $1,200 spot & $10,600. This is a tight game, because he's only $800 behind Krishna for second & $1,600 behind Rose. For another $2K & the lead back, Kev's clue is:

Later famous for thrillers like "Psycho", this man directed the silent murder mystery "The Lodger".

He nails "Who is Alfred Hitchcock?" to get first back at $12,600 as time runs out on this round!

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (History Since You Were Born)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $2K (Citizenship)

Pre-Final J! Scores:
Kevin: $12,600
Rose: $12,200
Krishna: $11,400

Kevin: $13,800

Rose: $12,200
Krishna: $12,600

Contemporary Novelists.

Seeing young people competing in a reality show on one channel & fight a war on another gave this author a book idea.

Krishna wrote "Who is Suzanne Collins"...IT WAS HER TO DOUBLE UP TO $22,800! Rose...also is right to nearly double to $24,399...& Kevin had William Golding instead, so Rose's in the finals starting tomorrow!

TS: Gamers take on athletes in this game.

What You Know Preliminaries:
1. Tyler d. James
2. Eric d. Brandan
3. Dehvan l. Julian
4. Steven d. Stephanie
5. Sarah d. Larry
6. Nick l. Dan
7. Michelle l. Keith
8. Britteny (who's also a magician) l. Francesca
9. Rebecca d. Nicole (they were both wrong on their first Q)

Extra Credit #13 (Jonathan vs. Gina)(GoPro HD camera): In advertisements, what does Tony the Tiger think is "Gr-r-reat"?
Gina: Frosted Flakes

What You Should Know:

Eric vs. Keith: According to (Albert) Einstein's Physics equation about energy, E = what?
Eric: mc^2

Dan vs. Tyler: Before it's born, a baby receives nutrients from its mother through the umbilical
cord, which attaches where on the baby's body?
Tyler: Navel

Steven vs. Julian: "Seize the day" is the usual English translation of what well-known Latin phrase?
Steven: "Carpe diem"

Francesca vs. Gina: Until its Communist revolution in 1917, what country was ruled by supreme leaders called czars?
Francesca: Russia

Rebecca vs. Sarah: Known for his spare prose & manly subject matter, what author wrote the books For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea (neither knew that 300 seconds made up five mins.; Sarah said 150 while the other said 120)?
Sarah: Ernest Hemingway

WTH Topics: States starting w/ vowels & Rihanna singles
Torture: Icy chair

Francesca: 7
Eric: 8
Tyler: 5

Sarah: 13- WINNER (she named all of the mentioned states)


1. Girls, how many pairs of shoes do you own?
Sarah: Seven- 1%
Steven: Five- 4% (#1 was 15 w/ 18%, #2 was 10 w/ 15% & #3 was 12 w/ 12%)

2. What's your favorite subject in school?
Steven: English- #3 (18%)
Sarah: Gym/P.E.- 4% (#1 was Math at 23% & #2 was Science at 20%)

3. On a scale from 0-10 (the latter extreme means everything), how much do your parents know about your personal life?
Steven: 4- #3 (14%)
Sarah: 5- #2 (17%; #1 was 7 w/ 18%)

4. How many days do you think you could go without your phone?
Sarah: Three- T2 (one day; 14% each)
Steven: Five- 3% (#1 was zero at 23%)

FQ: If you were in a band w/ a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums & a singer, which member of the band would you want to be?
Steven: Lead guitar- #2 (24%)
Sarah: Singer- WIN! (32%)

Millionaire Wednesday:
Conclusion of Sharon Fisher's Game
Start of Jeanine McKinney's Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Millionaire" & "The Substitute"
7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "The Price is Right"
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