Monday, May 28, 2012

"American Ninja Warrior" 5/28

Midwest (Fair Park, TX):

Course: Quad Steps/Log Grip/Bridge of Blades/Jump Hang/Curtain Slider/Warped Wall/Salmon Ladder/Lamp Grasper (debut; you use only your hands to get across)/Cargo Climb

Darrel Robertson (a cook & father of four from Richmond, IN)- SPLASH DOWN ON THE JUMP HANG VIA THE BACK AT 17.68
Matt Laessig (an Internet software executive from Madison, WI)- FAIL ON WW AT 57.62
Joshua Tate- FAIL ON CS AT 17.72
James Jacoy- FAIL ON CS AT 46.72

Brent Haddock- FAIL ON WW AT 1:01.7
Zach Sokoloski- FAIL ON WW AT 55.5
Eric Sietsema- FAIL ON WW AT 50.99
Jonathan Morin (a youth pastor from Grand Rapids, MI)- 5:44.41
David Seitz- FAIL ON CS AT 39.86
James Hardin- FAIL ON SL AT 1:15.35
George Murphy- FAIL ON SL AT 1:00.87
Adam Kezele- FAIL ON SL AT 2:34.94
Kevin Arehart- FAIL ON LG AT 3:42.62
Eric Davies (an executive assistant from Akron, OH)- SPLASH DOWN ON JH AT 13.9
Joshua Grant (an Engineering student from Ottawa, IL)- FAIL ON LG AT 1:43.28
Nate Aye- FAIL ON LG AT 2:18.41
Will Dodd- FAIL ON LG AT 1:32.36

Scott Robinson (obviously not THAT one)- FAIL ON LG AT 1:28.12
Nick Kostner- FAIL ON LG AT 2:54.6
Phillip Michou- FAIL ON LG AT 3:04.21
Michael Silenzi- 4:18.73
Stephen Volcko (Ames, IA)- 3:35.97
Cade Halada (cartoonist)- FAIL ON LG AT 3:01
Justin West- FAIL ON SL AT 1:10.26

Andrew Lowes- FAIL ON LG AT 1:53.96
Nick "Lovin" Stephforn- 4:30.27
Jack Morgan (a gymnastics coach from St. Louis)- 3:26.47
Arthur Skov- 3:45.53
Andrew Karsen (a technician from Grand Rapids, MI who's competed in every season of the program, including this one)- 3:15.47
Matthew Derouen- 2:25.28
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