Monday, May 21, 2012

"America's Got Talent" 5/21


The Flyte Cru (20-34): Acrobatic dunk team (call me crazy, but I think I saw Ron Simmons in the audience; Howie said "no" to them)
Max: Acrobat
The NY Irish Dance Company
Olate Dogs (19 & 55): Dog trainers
Horse (25-year-old bouncer): A male performer who gets repeatedly gets hit "down there" (or as football referees sometimes put it, "giving them the business")
Wordspit, the illest! (20-27): Rapping band
Burton Crane (77-yr.-old retired teacher): Musician/singer w/ a little piano (the audience booed him at the start)

Mir Money (seven-year-old student): This was the rapper that Howard had to console because he cried due to Howard & Sharon buzzing him
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