Friday, May 18, 2012

"Around the World in 80 Plates" 5/16

Exceptional Ingredient Challenge #2: Once meeting Jean-Marc Lery at Le Berger des Bombes in France, two teammates per team needed to eat & identify six sheep cheeses. After that, the teams had to herd four sheep into their pens without touching them before they returned to their marked Infinitis. Finally, they had to find Curtis & then pair eight wines w/ the ingredients that make up their flavors.
WINNERS- BT (Joseph Viola master class)

TAKEOVER #2: At least one of the four dishes made by the team had to be a quenelle. 

Nick & John: Quenelle w/ herbs & Lyonnaise potatoes
Nicole: Haddock w/ sauce gribiche
Sai: Salad Lyonnaise
Jenna & Liz: Chocolate brownie w/ strawberry sauce & whipped cream

Avery: Pink quenelle w/ Nantua sauce
Cheven: Legume salad w/ ham
Nookie: Fois gras w/ onion jam
Chaz: Roasted chicken w/ truffle oil (which meant Gary moved to this team for at least this week)

MVC- Avery
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