Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Around the World in 80 Plates" 5/23

Exceptional Ingredient Challenge #3: In Barcelona, Spain, the following had to be done:

1. Locate the Telefrico de Montjuic; once the first five cheftestants made it there, they would become one of the week's two teams & get a head start.
2. Find the Clock Tower, where Curtis was waiting.
3. Sort, prep & pack three different kids of seafood in 25 minutes- Fileted Merluza, Monkfish & Sepia Ink. The team that earned more money w/ that seafood won; regardless of the outcome, they then went shopping for their ingredients w/ the cash in a half-hour.

RT: John, Cheven, Chaz, Gary & Nick = 385 Euros
BT: Liz, Nicole, Jenna, Nookie & Avery = 356 Euros

EI #3: Red prawns

THE TAKEOVER #3: Both teams worked side-by-side at Dos Cielos to cook a three-course seafood menu.
Food Expert: Jose Andres

Chaz: Merluza Crudo w/ gambas, rojas, lemon aioli & squid ink
Nick: Monkfish w/ white beans, monkfish liver mousse & chorizo
Keven & Gary: Cava Sabayon w/ cake crumbs, marconas & fresh fruit

Nicole: Tapas trio- chorizo croquettes, Merluza Crudo & stuffed date wrapped w/ Serrano ham
Avery: Serrano-wrapped monkfish w/ liver, sauteed greens & pan con tomate
Liz: Bruleed custard w/ macerated fruit

MVC- Nookie
ELIMINATED- Keven (who voted for Chad)
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