Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Around the World in 80 Plates" 5/30

Exceptional Ingredient Challenge #4: Three teams of three are competing for a chance to split $15K in Marrakech, Morocco:

1. Find the Ben Boubker Spice shop within The Medina.
2. Find & purchase the nine spices found in the Ras el Hanout spice blend.
3. After getting to the el Waha Restaurant, fill all the given teacups using the proper technique.

RT: Liz, Nicole & Jenna
WT: Gary, Chaz & Nick
BT: Alex, Avery & John

EI #4: Ahmed (local guide)

THE TAKEOVER #4: The three-course menus at Dar Moha must include a Morocco tagine.


Nookie: Beef & vegetable tagine
John: Saffron-stewed white beans
Avery & John: Trio of Moroccan salads


Nick: Chicken tagine w/ green olives & preserved lemons
Chaz: Couscous w/ roasted vegetables
Gary: Chickpea, carrot & tomato salad

Jenna: Lamb tegine w/ garden veggies
Liz: Saffron couscous w/ onions, veggies & Harissa
Nicole: Rice pudding w/ orange flower water

MVC- Liz
ELIMINATED- Chaz (Liz chose to eliminate him because he & Avery each got three votes)
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