Sunday, May 20, 2012

"The Celebrity Apprentice"- FIFTH SEASON FINALE

For the first time since Season 2 a little over three years ago, a "Celebrity Apprentice" finale's coming to you from the American Museum of Natural History.

Eric's filling in for Don tonight.

Lou Ferrigno recently had surgery & for the first time in his life, he can hear without a hearing aid; also, he donated $41K to MDA! George Takei also said that shortly after his departure from the show, his friends helped donate about $10K to the Japanese American Natural Museum.

Clay Aiken's event had a carnival theme; amongst the ones who donated to the National Inclusion Project at the event were Kelly Clarkson, Orel Hershiser & Lisa Lampanelli (who had a drag queen dress up as her).

The notable contributors to the Magic Johnson Foundation for Arsenio Hall were said new L.A. Dodgers owner, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, George Lopez & Whoopi Goldberg.
Aubrey O'Day doesn't have her hair dyed red at the live finale. On the other hand, the two finalists sing "Lean On Me" live w/ the Vy Higginsen's Gospen for Teens Choir.

Donald J. Trump makes the big winner announcement just how he did at the end of last season's finale & unlike the first time a finale was held at this museum, the confetti cannons do get fired (I'm not sure why they didn't do that in '09- were the museum officials reluctant to clean up the confetti back then?) FOR YOUR NEWEST CELEBRITY APPRENTICE...

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