Saturday, May 05, 2012


Final Interactive Challenge: Several tasks are given worth various amounts of points, but only the usual challenge point values apply in the end for the standings.
1. Tweet best fish face (50)
2. Write a haiku (1K)
3. Make string figures (1K)
4. Draw your driver (500)

Final Escape Challenge: After arriving to Trona Pinnacles on a pair of bicycles, they have to use their treasure map to find one of five bags that each have a poker chip inside.

WINNERS- BT (1:57)(890)
2. YT (4:43)(810)
3. BT (16:53)(780)
4. GT (23:43)(815)
5. RT (33:49)(730)

Final House: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Final Urban Challenge: Starting on top of the New York New York Resort & Casino & ending on the Monte Carlo, the teams have to answer questions while zip-lining 40 stories in the air & bet anywhere from 0-100 on their guesses. Except for the WT, the other teams each have a chance to use their WILD chip they found in the last EC & use it against another team (so a right answer will deduct points from the team they chipped against in the standings, but a wrong answer will take points away from them as usual). Points will be awarded for both the combined chip values at the end, as well as the time it takes to finish the course (so a team can earn up to 200 in this challenge).

1. What has been the largest point difference between 1st Place & Last Place at the end of an episode- 160, 240, 220 or 180?
A: 220
2. From the day you moved into L.A., up until today, how many times have you been greeted by a virtual Rossi- 8, 11, 12 or 14?
A: 11
3. List the first five ECs in order from the longest to the shortest driving distance from the residence.
4. Match the team w/ the word they used in the first UC ("Hanging with Friends").
5. Besides driving to a location, in how many challenges (Point Repos included) did you use your 2013 Ford Escape Titanium?
FQ: Write down all of the results from the Point Repos- the difference between first & last place prior to each one & how many points were repoed each time.

Because Brett was unable to finish the course, the WT has been DISQUALIFIED on the time portion of the challenge.

UC Time Standings:
1. BT (14:59)
2. RT (17:36)
3. GT (27:34)(875)
4. YT (28:08)(850)
5. BT (38:28; they successfully used their 100-pt. WILD on the BT at the end)(800)

THE FINAL SPIN: Every team gets to spin a 30-space prize wheel. Eight spaces are worth nothing, six are worth a Smartphone per teammate, four are worth a tablet device per teammate, four are worth a bike per teammate, four are worth a computer per teammate, two are worth $2K to split, one will win them each a trip & the other will earn them $10K to divide. Whatever they win will be duplicated for one of their virtual teammates. The spinning order will be determined by the standings in the final IC.

Spin Order/IC Standings: 
WT (875)- BIKE
RT (890)- $2K
BT (1,050)- TABLET
BT (840)- TABLET
GT (895)- DUD
YT- $2K

DEAD LAST- WT (835; 60 in UC)
5. GT (880; 100 in UC)
4. YT (890; 80 in UC)
3. BT (895; 80 in UC)
GRAND PRIZE WINNERS- BT (despite them losing the Q part in the UC & the RT winning that part)
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