Monday, May 21, 2012

"food network STAR" 5/20

Star Challenge #2: Not only did the teammates have to conduct a tour of a designated NYC neighborhood, they had to cook dishes related to that (& present them in a tour bus called "The Ride").

Neighborhood Assignments:
Giada: Arthur Avenue
Bobby: Harlem
Alton: Lower East Side


Justin: Kossar's Kaviar
Martie: Puffed Pastrami
Emily: Matzo Meatloaf (she looked ill at ease during her presentation)
Judson: Slawed pickles

Malcolm: Ribs w/ beans & rice
Michele: Fried catfish sliders w/ collard greens (even though she personally doesn't like catfish)
Nikki: BBQ shrimp
Eric: Cheese turnovers
Kara: Chicken & waffles

Yvan: Mozzarella Antipasti
Ippy: Eggplant Zuppa
Josh: Sausage & peppers
Martita: Italian Ceviche w/ tortilla chips
Linkie: Ricotta cheesecake

WINNERS- Team Giada
BOTTOM TWO- Kara & Judson

PRODUCER CHALLENGE #2: 45-minute potato dishes.

Kara: Mom's twice-baked mashed potatoes w/ bacon & crumbled chives
Judson: Potato-encrusted salmon stuffed w/ Marscapone & Goat cheeses

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