Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Food Network Star" 5/27

Star Challenge #3: The members of each team will be competing against each other by cooking dishes that include four mystery ingredients from their baskets. A culinary tip has to be included in each presentation.
Guest Judges: The judging panel from "Chopped"

ALTON (Hershey's Kisses, pancetta, graham crackers & kumquats):
Emily: Chocolate cake w/ salted pancetta tossed in a chili graham cracker crust (based on her father)
Martie: Indoor S'mores w/ kumquat syrup (there's a discrepancy about her age being mentioned in her presentations & her mentor hates it)
Justin: Powdered no-bake cookies w/ Kisses that were melted even before they were taken out of their wrappers
Judson: Cornbread cake w/ bourbon (grandfather)

GIADA (Reese's Pieces, popcorn, shaved coconut & grape soda):
Ippy: Tempura w/ Reese's Pieces batter & orange blossom honey
Martita: Bunuelos w/ fruit, whipped cream, cinnamon & sugar (she forgot the tip, though)
Linkie: Brandied chocolate mousse in a glass
Yvan: Reese's Pieces bread pudding w/ coconut popcorn & grape soda reduction
Josh: AEbleskiver

BOBBY (Hershey's Bars, pineapple, pasta sheets & black lava salt):
Michelle: Freefoam Cheese Napoleon
Malcolm: Salt & sugar fried pasta
Eric: Hawaiian Napoleon
Nikki: Bread pudding
BOTTOM THREE- Martie, Josh & Nikki

PRODUCERS' CHALLENGE #3: Because this is Grill Week at the network, they have to include grill tips in their presentations.

Martie: Tequila lime tuna
Josh: Frikadeller w/ Sunomono- CANCELLED
Nikki: Steak & sauce vierge
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