Sunday, May 13, 2012


First Immunity Challenge: The castaways have to cross a balance beam maze before they can collect five puzzle piece bags on a giant rope net. After solving the puzzle that says "Count the number of skulls, then how many pieces, and the total number of words. Now hope your flag releases", they have to run to the top of their platform & solve their combination lock (21-42-20) to release their flag & claim that immunity necklace.

WINNER- Kim (3rd time this cycle)

FIRST TRIBAL COUNCIL: By a 3-2 vote...Alicia's the next-to-last member of the jury over Chelsea.

FINAL IC: The Final Four need to maneuver 10 small bowls, one at a time, through a structured channel using a long pole & put each one at the top of their structure that has a spring all the way down on the bottom.

The first finalist will be...

...Kim w/ her fourth & final win!

LAST REGULAR TC: Between Christina & Sabrina, the last jury spot goes to...Christina.

$1M TC:

1. Jonas: He asks each finalist to start their address by saying "Yes, Master Jonas" & for what they think was their biggest move in the game.
2. Christina: She asks Kim if she could replace of her opponents w/ Christina, who...says Chelsea.
3. Jay: He grills Sabrina about taking it easy to get this far.
4. Mike: He wanted Kim to define in the best way possible what a blindside is.
5. Tarzan: After telling the ladies how thankful he was for letting his wife step foot on these islands, Chelsea says their marriage opened her eyes.
6. Leif: He wanted to know what exactly caused him to get voted out.
7. Alicia: She notes that Kim played the game about the same as she did.
8. Troyzan: He wanted to know from Kim the moment that caused her to destroy his chances of going all the way.
9. Kat: After saying all three of these female finalists destroyed her, especially Kim, she says she's about to undergo her third open heart surgery.

From the Ed Sullivan Theater, w/ the necessary five votes out of the reveled seven...

...KIM'S LATE SURGE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE HER THE SOLE SURVIVOR!!!! Sabrina had said two non-winning votes. And Kim's the $100K Sprint Player of the Season over Chelsea, Tarzan & Troyzan!

Next season in The Philippines, three players who were medically disqualified get a second chance & the game will begin w/ three tribes!
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