Wednesday, May 02, 2012


As you know, there were no more practice sessions the rest of the way out.

Tonight's First Challenge: The Winchester 73 was used on the two six-target trees.

R1: Chris vs. Augie- CHRIS SWEEP
R2: Gary vs. Greg- GARY (7-5 in their second heat)
SUDDEN DEATH: Augie vs. Greg- GREG (8-4)

Trick Shots:

Greg: M14 at a jar of peanuts from 200 yards- SHUTOUT
Chris: Benelli M4 while shooting off-hand at a jar of bolts from 75 yds.- SHUTOUT
Gary: Remington 1911 at a jar of orange juice from 75 yds.- WIPEOUT

Greg: While on the ground, shoot Lee-Enfield rifle at cheese ball jar from 100 yds.- CHRIS
Chris: Buck Mark .22 at a glass of jacks from 35 feet- CHRIS AUTOMATICALLY ADVANCED TO FINAL CHALLENGE (2)
Gary: FN five-seven at cherry jar from 35 ft.- ELIMINATED

1. Kentucky Flintlock pistol at two one-gallon jugs from 25 ft.
2. 1816 Henry Rifle at the three-part bulls-eyes from 50 ft.
3. Webley Mark VI pistol at a moving nine-jar grid from 35 ft.
4. Colt Peacemaker at two rows of six targets (the top row had 10-inch targets, while the bottom had eight-in. targets; remember, any miss & they had to start that row over)
5. StrikeZone 350 crossbow at three eight in. targets on rotating arms
6. While in a prone position, fire the Browning rifle at two eight in. targets (one was at 125 yds., while the other was at 150)
7. Use the Milkor M32A1 grenade launcher to hit one last pair of exploding targets (one at 50 yds.; the other was at 75)

The newest "Top Shot" & now working for Bass Pro Shops is... 

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