Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Total Blackout" 5/16

Sarah (35) & Melissa (Granada Hills, CA): Best friends for three decades
Allison (39) & Tony (34)(L.A.): Married
Dallas & Tahlia (Austin): Married 25-year-olds
DeShelle (34) & Latonya Taylor (41)(Philadelphia): Aunt/niece

R1: Find as many mousetraps in four filled coffins within seven minutes.
Coffin Contents: Man w/ mulch, rats, roaches & Teddy Bear w/ spaghetti

L & D: 13
D & T: 32
A & T: 31
M & S: 6

R2: W/ several "black holes" of various sizes on a high platform, teams have to get across from one side to the other.

L & D: 2:28
D & T: 3:34
A & T: 2:57

$5K Challenge #6: In the one w/ the buckets, there are fish heads & worms, cheese & crackers and spiderwebs & spiders about to be unleashed on people. For each pairing, the teams must first identify what's on the bowl before the corresponding bucket item can be poured on them (so the worms, crackers & spiders are in those buckets)
WINNERS- Allison & Tony (2:43-2:59)
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