Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Total Blackout" 5/23

Marie (23)(Randolph, NJ): Communications
Paris (25)(Seattle): Timeshare salesman
Spencer (40)(Boston): Health consultant
Sophia (21)(Sun Valley, CA): A student whose family originates from Sparta

Touch Challenge: While wearing a special glove w/ meat on it, they have to touch the one caged animal out of the given four that will eat the meat.
Animals: Fake gator, rabbit, vegetarian & dog

Sophia: 7:15
Spencer: 8:14
Paris: 9:12
Marie: 4:55

Challenge #2: Guess the combined weight of four humans as close as possible.
ANSWERS: 175 + 245 + 120 + 340 = 880

Guess Differences:
Sophia: 245
Spencer: 170
Marie: 15

$5K Challenge #7: While trying to collect as many as 100 fake spiders in the darkroom in five minutes, there are two giant tarantulas (each locked in a giant glass block) that shouldn't be touched too much.
WINNER- Spencer (33-11)
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