Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Total Blackout"- (FIRST SEASON) FINALE

Blaiz (Cove, OR): 18-year-old student
Shereese Vado (36)(Portsmouth, VA): A full-time Psychology student going for her Doctor's
Chuck (32)(Van Nuys, CA): An audio technician who has a brother named Rich
Julian (28)(Oklahoma City)

R1: Each player has up to 15 attempts to successfully jump over a rotating electronic stick to avoid getting hit in the legs, w/ every jump occurring at the 10-second mark. Whoever fails the most times is out.

Blaiz- THREE
Shereese- MAX OUT
Julian- THREE

R2: Five minutes are given to ID three different things, each in a tank of dark water.
A: Crawfish, eels & doll heads

(Note: During Julian's round w/ the crawfish, I heard a higher-pitched bleep than normal every time he cursed.)
SECOND ELIMINATED- Julian (one; everyone else ran the table)

FINAL $5K CHALLENGE: The four small tanks are brought out for the final time this season & once again, five minutes are on the clock.
A: Tarantula (spider's acceptable), feather duster, lizard & human hand

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