Friday, May 25, 2012

"The Ultimate Fighter Live" 5/25- SEMI-FINALS

UFC president Dana White is suffering from Meniere's Disease. There's no timetable for the required treaatment.

S-F #1: James vs. Michael
Referee: Herb

Octagon Girl: Brittney

R1: James wins that round hands down w/ his good striking skills & his near-submission on the ground.

R2: Michael takes James down late in the second minute of the round...& WINS by TKO at 1:55!

S-F #2: Vinc vs. Al
Referee: Steve

R1: A late takedown should give Al this round.

R2: Al's mouthpiece came out nearly two minutes in & it wasn't immediately caught. I think we're going to Sudden Victory...BUT WE'RE NOT.

Facing Michael in the finals next week will be...

...Al- Team Faber wins the season!
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