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6/4/2012 Results

LMaD: This was the other episode from the first taping day of Season 3, so Jonathan says at the end of the intro "And here's Wayne Brady!".

Madison (grapes) doesn't want a car from the following, so she leaves w/ a $2,310 bankroll.

CURTAIN #1 (final curtain choice)- KIA Soul+ MT
CURTAIN #2- Chevrolet Aveo5
CURTAIN #3- Compacted car

Erica (dressed as a Russian spy w/ a white fur coat) has the last aired opportunity on the season to Smash for (American) Ca$h.

1. #9: $2
2. #4: BUCK ($3; $1K)
4. #7: BUCK ($4)
5. #10: $2 ($6; $2K)
6. #2: LAST $2 ($8; $3K)
7. #6: $3 ($11; $5K)- BAILOUT
8. #8: BUCK

Maurice's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as Urkel): CURTAIN #3 (has wheels just like the first time)($1K)- BMS Sand Sniper ($5,495)

Diana (bumblebee) gets a chance to buzz through the Small Box Gauntlet.

RB: Sur La Table gift tag ($1K)
GB: iPad2 & iPod Touch ($798)
BB: Pair of Mon Cheri earrings ($3,177)- BAILOUT
YB: Mayonnaise mouthwash- PERFECT DEAL!

Next, three traders have to haggle in the Money Envelopes Deal.

$750 Round (Christina)(pink Japanese anime character): BB- Five-night getaway at The Bellagio ($3,700)
$1K R (Richard)(Hawaiian babe): NO TO CURTAIN #2- "The Flintstones" living room
Final R (Dejanae)(RB): CURTAIN #1- Pair of retro appliances ($6,990)(GE: $25)


Betsy & Emily (originally from Indiana; I think Emily's a daughter) need to Remember When as hard as they can if they want to drive off in the Volkswagen Jetta (CURTAIN #3).

Film Titles in Play: "Mamma Mia!", "The Da Vinci Code", "Dreamgirls", "Quantum of Solace" & "Juno"
PICKS: "The Da Vinci Code" & "Dreamgirls"

Along the way, they're offered in CURTAIN #1 an isquared home office ($2,018) & $700...they're going on.

"The Da Vinci Code": '06
"Quantum of Solace": '08
"Juno": '07
"Dreamgirls": '06- WIN!
"Mamma Mia!": '08 (not revealed)

Laura's FD Decision (pepper shaker): BB ($1K)- Costa Rica Tour ($4,900)


THE BIG DEAL: Dejanae's final pick on the day's DOOR #1, which is absolutely...right- she wins that Ford Mustang (when it was the $22,995 one this season, it was never lost) & gas for a year, a total ARP of $24,995!

#2- $7,777
#3- Contemporary living room ($3,613)

Before we go, Jonathan's unable to pay Phyllis $200 because she doesn't have a light bulb. However, in that hour, we saw $69,875 in cash & prizes given away!

(Note: Wayne saying "You got the BD of the Day!" on this episode was included in the final original intro montage this season.)

TPiR: It's Wedding Shower Episode time once again. Remember, just like last year, every couple who makes it out of Contestant's Row will automatically win a second honeymoon in addition to their PUFB. George will elaborate after the conclusion of the first one-bid, but we need these folks first to "Come on Down"- Jason Neterer & Amy Risley (next-to-front row), Benjamin Miller & Piya Charushia, James Bonelli & Nicole Mann and James Tall & Cheryl Lewis.

Here's the first one-bid gift, a Maggie Sottero wedding gown & a Jos. A. Bank tuxedo (Rachel & Daniel behind splitting sign w/ the traditional wedding ceremony music).

J & A: $1,800/B & P: $2,200/J & N: $2,900/J & C: $2,300

ARP: $2,787

BONUS TRIP (Door #6): Six nights at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach courtesy of ("Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato)($5,882)

James & Cheryl, who are scheduled to get married on the 16th of this month, have the chance to at least win some spending money playing...Pl!nko.

Kenmore SPs (Manuela)("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida):
Two-slice toaster ($32): 3- $30 
10-cup food processor ($73): 7- $75
Slow cooker ($70): 0- $50
Coffee grinder ($57): 7- $37

THE CHIPS (Amber; Cheryl drops them all):
1. $500 (Right)
2. DUD (Left)
3. $1K (Right)
4. $500 (Left)
FINAL ONE: $10K- $12K

Fifth are Ryan Babeco & Brianna Harris and the second GUFB's 150 pieces of wedding stationery (Amber & Manuela)("Love You Betta" by Neon Hitch).

J & A: $800/B & P: $1,017/J & N: $801/R & B: $750

ARP: $1,283

Benjamin & Piya, who'll tie the knot on Sept. 8th, can run their honeymoon count this morning to at least three if they win the Bargain Game ('94 Trip Cue by Edd Kalehoff for first vacation only) for these bachelor(ette) parties parties for four to the Harrah's Resort Atlantic City marked at $4,646 (Rachel) & Caesar's Palace in Vegas marked at $5,717 (Manuela).

Vegas: $8,217 ($2.5K)
A.C.: $7,646 ($3K)- WIN!

Shawn Polly (bald-headed) & Catherine Slatic are in CR sixth & a car could await the winners of this third IUFB today- a Kenmore gas grill (Daniel & Manuela behind GPT)(IUFB/truck cue).

J & A: BUCK/S & C: $925/J & N: $950/R & B: $850

ARP: $700

Jason & Amy (she lost her engagement ring about 24 hours ago) play the Money Game for the Escape XLT (Std., Remote, Mats)(Amber at Door #3)(MDS theme by Michael Karp). The pairs of numbers in this playing w/ the most expensive automobile offered in this Pricing Game this season:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 9 ($ 2 _ , 9 _ _)

1. 25- FRONT ($ 2 5 , 9 _ _)
2. 95- $ 
3. 59- $ (154)
4. 79- $ (233)

James & Cheryl ($20,861): 40 + Quarter = $.65
Benjamin & Piya ($23,028): $.65
Jason & Amy ($32,730): 60 + Dime = WIN BY A NICKEL

Hoping to join them in the Showcase Round are Jeffrey Schmictendorf from the Army & Allison Morgan. PUFB #4's gonna be a CRAFTSMAN tool chest package (Daniel & Rachel behind rising sign)(IUFB/truck cue variant).

J & A: $750/S & C: $1,185/J & N: $1,200/R & B: $1,201

ARP: $1,950

Ryan & Brianna play Double Prices for a sears kitchen & washer/dryer (Manuela)(jazzy multi-prize cue by Edd, I think).

Choies: $6,602 & $8,550
PICK: $8,550

The next green team are Jesus Cienfuegos, Jr. & Mayra Celaya & they're all next bidding on 32 pieces of Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware (Rachel at Door #5)("Without You" by David Guetta featuring Usher).

J & A: $600/S & C: $675/J & N: $676/J & M: $525

ARP: $1,033

James & Nicole, the last of the First Four couples, play Pick-a-Pair for an IKEA dining room suited for 10 w/ some Mikasa dinnerware/flatware & a bridal shower for 20, all worth $5,418 (Rachel at Door #3)("Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele). On the morning ("Lights" by Ellie Goulding), we have Gold Bond Ultimate SHEER ribbons, a tube of red Maybelline NY 14 Lipstick, a box of 10 Little Debbie Fancy Cakes, a pair of nine-inch Bridal Bells, one pound of Healthy Harvest strawberries & a microwavable container of Saco dolci frutta. They first choose the lotion & the lipstick...both are $8.99!

Rounding out our engaged couples today are Matthew Tamplen & Tessa Whittaker (at least she's from UCLA) from the front & after Drew incorrectly says we're going for an outright Perfect Show, the last IUFB will be a couple of Kirk Kara wedding bands worn by Manuela.

J & A: $3,300/S & C: BUCK/M & T: $2,900/J & M: $3,200

ARP: $3,990

Allison & Jeffrey play Pocket change for the '12 Honda Civic LX Coupe AT (Std., Net)(Daniel & Rachel at Door #3)("Pay the Rent" by Karp).


Second Digit:
1. 8 ($ 1 8 , _ _ _)(#2 by Allison)

Third Digit:
1. 5 (Half-Dollar)
2. 6 ($ 1 8 , 6 _ _)(#10 by Jeffrey)

Fourth Digit:
1. 7 (Three Quarters)
2. 4 ($ 1 8 , 6 5 _)(BUCK)(#7 by Allison)

Last Digit: 7 ($18,654)($1.25)(#13 by Jeffrey)

#2: DIME ($.35)
#10: QUARTER ($.60)
#7: H-D ($1.1)
#13: H-D ($1.6)- WIN! (& there must have been an edit)

SCSD #2 (same order whether it was winless or not):
James & Nicole ($12,333): $.65
Ryan & Brianna ($16,382): THREE QUARTERS
Allison & Jeffrey ($28,526): Quarter + BUCK = OVER

In front of CR- Target/Nikon digital cameras (Rachel)
Door #4- One-week trip to South Africa ("Glad You Came" by The Wanted)
Door #2- '12 Jeep Wrangler (Manuela; on ramp)("The Feud" by Edd)



Door #1- One-week stays at the Morgan Bay Beach Resort & the Bougainvillea Beach Resort in Barbados (Amber)("What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction)
Door #3- '12 Chrysler 200 Convertible Touring (Std., Conn.)(Daniel & Rachel)(consolation prize cue by Edd)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: If Jason & Amy win their Showcase, their Escape should be behind Door #1

And everybody in the audience's getting a gift bag.

Jason & Amy: $36,414 (Diff.: $12,691)
Ryan & Brianna: $38,505 (Diff.: $9,962)- WIN

Jason & Amy are NOT the second team in a row to win two rides, but Ryan & Brianna do leave w/ $54,887 in merchandise.

TOTAL WINNINGS: $172,365- HIGHEST IN THE DREW DAYTIME ERA (& highest since Bob's last daytime show)!!!

WoF: Great Adventures Week was actually the last full week of the season to take place on that dips & columns set. Newlyweds Week is on a beach set.

$1K T-U: Phrase

_ _ _ E / A _ / F _ _ _ T

_ _ _ _ T

Craig & Daniella there's usually LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Here are Monday's teams:

Craig & Daniella Poirier (14 months)- He's a Air Force Captain & financial officer, while she's an academic technology specialist for Denver Public Schools; they first met online & his grandma Shirley from MI helped Craig grow up watching this show since he was five yrs. old
Lindsey & Dan Guyton (Basking Ridge, NJ)(eight months)- She's a 2nd Grade teacher, while he's an Industrial Arts & Technology teacher at Governor Lingston High School
Jamie & Bob Kurilla (Newfoundland, PA)(1.5 months)- She's a local hospital nurse, while he's a corrections lieutenant at a Prison in Scranton, as well as collect & restore firearms

$2K T-U: Place

T H _ / _ _ _ N D

_ A L L R O _ M

Jamie & Bob solve THE GRAND BALLROOM.

Monday's SH: Insight Vacation to France from ($9,698)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday GT: SpaFinder

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Event
Maingame Category Wipe of the Week: Couple of doves

Jamie & Bob first reel in four $300 T's & two H's for the Wild Card, buy four E's & an A but then call the week's first dud of M while on the gift card. Secondly, Craig & Daniella call two N's for 18 bills & two G's for the gift certificate, buy the other vowels (two I's & singletons of O and U) & call for a $300 F before we have...

T H E / _ U T T I N G

O F / T H E

_ E _ _ I N G / _ A _ E

...they remember THE CUTTING OF THE WEDDING CAKE for another $2,350 in cash & gift card, plus they start the next puzzle.


Current Scores:

J & B: $2K WC/C & D: $3,350 in cash & tag/L & D: $0

Mystery Round: Before & After

Their base letters are two R's for six Benjamins, seven E's, three S's for a $900 addition & the sole dud vowel (A). Second, Lindsay & Dan have wasted a spin on the Bankrupt next to $3.5K. Third, Jamie & Bob have lit up three $1K H's while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free PLAY & Lose a Turn (but the $10K was on the back) before they Bankrupt out next to where they picked up the WC to lose both. On Craig & Daniella's following turn, they find two I's, four O's & two $1K M's while on the same MW...

S O M E _ H I _ _

_ O R R O _ E _

S O M E _ H I _ _

_ _ _ E / C H E E S E could've been a $10.5K solve for them in this round, but they do correctly say "SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE CHEESE" for another $2.5K.

DUDS: A (Craig & Daniella)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Lindsey & Dan and Jamie & Bob)

Current Scores:

J & B: $2K/C & D: $5,850 in cash & card/L & D: $0

(Notes: For all of this week's category title graphics, they usually start out on a light blue background; during the usual maingame puzzles, the background turns to its usual purple.)

Prize Puzzle Round: Thing

The Guytons go to work first w/ a dud of R. The Kurillas secondly put up a $300 S & two T's to make that a thousand, but they then get stopped by trying to purchase an E. Third for The Poiriers are a $350 N at the end of the first of two words, quad A's, a $350 L, then following four I's, the legend...

_ A _ A I I A N

_ _ S _ I T A L I T _

...only another two bills heading their way, but they've also won a dose of HAWAIIAN HOSPITALITY from their holiday to the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa worth $5,420.

DUDS: E (Jamie & Bob), $500 R (Lindsay & Dan)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JC6316373 (Joshua C.)

Current Scores:

J & B: $2K/C & D: $11,470 in cash & goodies/L & D: ZIP

$3K T-U: Song Lyrics

I / G _ _

Y _ _ / _ A _ E

The Guytons solve "I GOT YOU BABE" for not the 30 grand when this was used as a bonus puzzle at the end of Sweethearts Week '05 in Vegas, but 1/10 of that figure.

R4: People

They lead off w/ S for sorry. Second for Jamie & Bob are another negative of T. Third, our current leaders have got on the puzzleboard $2.5K worth of five R's & a $600 G pair and then try to solve the following now...

R _ _ G / _ _ _ R _ R / &

_ _ _ _ _ R / G _ R _

...they nail RING BEARER & FLOWER GIRL to throw $3,100 into their mix.

DUDS: $500 S (Lindsey & Dan), $450 T (Jamie & Bob)

Current Scores:

J & B: $2K/C & D: $14,570 in cash & prizes/L & D: $3K

Last Chance Round: Rhyme Time

Consonants are worth...$1,600 a pop. After a B from The Guytons...

_ H _ N _ _

B _ L _ N _ _

...this ain't PHONEY BALONEY- they're $3,200 richer; Jamie & Bob could've won $4,800 extra.

DUDS: C (Lindsey & Dan), G (Craig & Daniella), M (Jamie & Bob), R (Craig & Daniella), T (Jamie & Bob)

(Note: Jamie tried to call a D in their three seconds after their second selected consonant had been revealed, but D would've been a dud anyway.)

Final Scores:

J & B: $2K/C & D: $14,570 in cash & stuff/L & D: $6,200
GT: $22,770

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3K

Maxwell House Regular BR #177: If at least one couple can beat the bonus board this week, they'll win more $$$ &/or a VW CC. Daniella spins the C (& after each BR on the week has been picked up, we hear some wedding bells). 

Topic: Phrase

To start:

_ _ _ T / _

_ _ R _ _ _ N

CDMI only adds the vowel...

_ _ _ T / _

_ _ R _ _ I N

...& they don't get close to solving this- WHAT A BARGAIN $45K was just for at least calling the A's. They leave w/ $14,570 in cash & stuff.

AYN, A?: Team #2 are Melissa (a market researcher & auto mechanic from Larchmont, NY; her dad's a mechanic) & Curtis (a mold inspector & father of two from Chicago).

$1K (Bathroom Etiquette): Is it normal to have peed in the shower?

Monica (Chicago)(60): Career coach
Chris (Baltimore, MD)(44): Web designer
Laura (Tustin, CA)(35): Property manager
Abe (Manhattan, NY)(62): Event planner
Oceana (Maui)(31): Flight attendant
Cynthia (Detroit)(54): Office manager
Talia (Berkshires, MA)(32): Marketing consultant
David (Brookeville, MD)(28): Student
Marlene (Miami, FL)(51): Apartment manager
Matty (Kirtland, OH)(29): P.E. teacher

$2K: Who pees in the shower & likes to look at their own height

$3K (Sex): Is it normal to have called your partner the wrong name during sex?

$4K: Who in the bottom row called out an ex's name during sex?

$5K (Parenting): Is it normal to allow your grown children over 18 to sleep w/ their boyfriend or girlfriend in your home?
PICK: NOT NORMAL- 36% ($11K)

$6K (On the Job): According to Tatiana on the webcam (Anchorage, AK; born in MS & her dad was in the Air Force), is it normal to want to be the President of the U.S.?
PICK: NOT NORMAL- 21% ($17K)

$7K (Embarrassing Moments): Is it normal to have mistaken someone for the opposite sex?
PICK: NORMAL- 60% ($25K)

$8K: Who was the person who checked out a "female's" booty before realizing that person was actually a dude?


$10K (Been There, Done That?)
$20K (Dating)
$40K (Faking It)

1. Which is normal to do when leaving a hotel- take the toiletries or leave a tip for housekeeping?
PICK: Leave a tip for housekeeping- WIPEOUT (44%; the other choice had 74%)

(Also: Terry Kent busted out at -$1,200 just as Double Jeopardy! expired, but Claudia Gray, a substitute teacher from Monrovia, CA, retained her championship w/ $16,401, giving her $24,401 for two shows.)

Episode ratings:
9: "The Price is Right"
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Are You Normal, America?" & "Jeopardy!"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"
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