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6/5/2012 Results

LMaD: Once again, Jonathan says "And here's Wayne Brady!".

Pia (dressed as a giant chicken) & Della (dressed as a happy hour girl) begin the day's dealing by each choosing from two SEs filled w/ checks.

Pia: $100 (she grabbed it so fast that she gave the host a paper cut)
Della: $50

Pia's First Round: SB (so she passes her SE to Della)- Laura's Jewelry w/ diamonds ($1,700)
Della's FR: PASS CURTAIN #1 TO PIA (at the request of her daughter Casey)- Beverly Hills Shopping Spree ($4,200)

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #3): Pia- Cactus furniture

$100- $2,900
$50- $3,950
GT = $7K

Andrew & Louise (couch potatoes) need to get out of their seats, because they're the last aired couple this season to play Gold Ru$h for the $17,890 Jeep Patriot (Curtain #1).

1. #4: GOLD (J--- -)
2. #8: GOLD (JE-- -)
3. #3: ZONK
4. #1: GOLD
5. #7: GOLD
6. #5: GOLD ($2K)- BAILOUT (Other ZONK: #6)

Johnny's Rap Me a Deal Decision (pizza man)(CURTAIN #3): YES ($1K)- Terradactyl tricycle

Video Bonus: FD Blooper

Michelle (a Marine whose brother was in boot camp at the time), Henry (dressed as a black die w/ five dots on it) & a non-modeling Tiffany try to have No Complaining amongst each other.

R1 (Michelle): TINY SB- $1K

BB- Panasonic 58" HDTV w/ apple TV device ($2,395)

R2 (Henry): CURTAIN #2- Patio furniture w/ sauna & towels ($6,300) 

R3 (Tiffany): CURTAIN #1- Nissan Versa S HB 

Mickaelle, all the way from Martinique, France, was the first taped trader to play Think Big. Here, one of these statements will win her five big ones in American currency:

Number of keys on a standard grand piano

Number of ounces in a Venti hot coffee from Starbucks
Number of karats in pure gold 

PICK: Piano keys

Venti ounces
: 20

In the RB (Tiffany) is the $1,030 hp laptop (& she says she needs one). After the head trader adds $800 (originally $600) to that...she's going big.

Pure gold karats
: 24

Piano keys: 36- WIN!

(Note: This is only one of two times so far this season I know of when Lenn used an on-screen money graphic.)

Lisa (Santa) has a base deal behind the BB, a small kitchen appliance suite valued at $1,943. But she unsurprisingly tries to trade up.

CURTAIN #1- Bedroom ($5,694)

Cesar's FD Decision (also dressed as Santa): BB (because he's thinking of his mom)
CURTAIN #3- Giant Chinese food


THE BIG DEAL: Henry's rolling the imaginary dice on DOOR #3 because of his sister Sheri (dressed as the Queen of Hearts)...they win the Volkswagen Golf & a trip to Orlando, making their BD of the Day worth $25,450!

#1- Royal Enfield motorcycle
#2- BBQ set ($2,214)

Quickie Deals:
Ember (Wayne): Flashlight for $200- NO
Delilah (Jonathan; she's dressed as a red/black pirate girl): Pack of flower seeds for $500- NOT EVEN CLOSE
Travis (Tiffany; money man): Penny for $100- NO
Nicolas (Jonathan): Name the guy sitting to his immediate left for $100 (Paulo)- YES (so Paulo gets $100, too)
Marvin (Wayne; he's an unemployed guy dressed as a Mexican): Money clip for $300- NAILED IT

That makes the GT this episode $63,852!

TPiR: After taking their scheduled week off in the tapings (especially because of the damage the couples did to Mike's budget yesterday) to get re-stocked, coming on down first will be Tacara Clay, Daniel Ila (who just turned 31 & wants to play Hole in One or TWO, but I doubt that will happen this morning), Shannon Magid & Ronald Mitchell. The best they can do for the first IUFB is a couple pairs of Christian Louboutins (Manuela in the clam)("Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees).

Tacara: $500/Daniel: $1,299/Shannon: $3K/Ronald: $1,200

ARP: $2,090

Since the Pricing Game that he desired to play is NEVER played first (at least in the one-hour era), Daniel will have to live w/ playing Switch? for the $3,799 can-am DS 250 (Gwendolyn) & the SAMSUNG 46" 3-D HDTV marked at $2,897. I hope he doesn't make the models switch those ARPs...no!

Joyce Morton's found fifth & IUFB #2's a three-night trip to The Anabella near Disneyland (Door #6)("Young Homie" by Chris Rene) w/ those two-day hopper passes.

Tacara: $2K/JOYCE: $1,200/Shannon: $1.5K/Ronald: $1,300

ARP: $1,646
Mom Shannon from El Segundo, CA gets the chance that I know Daniel would've been very content to have instead, play Lucky $even for this Ford Fusion (Gwen)(MDS theme by Michael Karp). Second digit guess' 2...

$ 2 1 , _ _ _

...fine start. 7's what she says for the third number...

$ 2 1 , 8 _ _

...also costs her $1. She fives out the rest of the way because that's her favorite number...

$ 2 1 , 8 9 5


Currently, we're on an outright seven PG winning streak! Hoping to make it last is player #6 Sarah Bogs (who also just turned 31) & coming down the ceiling for the third one-bids isn't a year's supply of Baskin Robbins ice cream, but five Wewood watches ("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift).

Tacara: $300/Joyce: $615/SARAH: $625/Ronald: $645

ARP: $600

Tacara plays Bonkers for a Hydropool (Daniel G. & Manuela at Door #3)("Turn Me On" by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj). Dud price:

6 6 8 5


Tacara ($600): DIME + 75 = $.85
Daniel ($8,786): WINS $1K & SHOWCASE BERTH
Shannon ($23,541): TWO $.80s

Does the non-modeling Daniel win anything else on his Bonus Spin...not w/ $.30.

Plugging in the red second's Gregory Eaton and Daniel G. & Manuela are back playing on this Golden West pool table for the next PUFB (Door #3)("Honestly" by Hot Chelle Rae).

GREGORY: $1,600/Joyce: $1,400/Sarah: $2K/Ronald: $2,100

ARP: $2,400

Ronald, a retired policeman from Rancho Cucamonga, makes the FF Sweep happen & plays SWAP Meet for a couple pairs of Tom Ford (ladies) & John Galliano (gentlemen) sunglasses (Manuela)(current Temptation gift cue), a DELL desktop (Daniel G.), a Nautilus recumbent bike (Daniel G. & Gwen) & an LG washer/dryer (Gwen)(guitar multi-prize cue for the rest).

PICK: Bike- $700
Sunglasses: $1,475- LOSS (Other $1,475 prize: W/D)(Computer: $2,328)

The green spot secondly goes to Robert Hogenhauer & this will go to the winner of the fifth one-bid round, a Hatteras Hammock (Gwen at Door #3)(newer piano cue).

Gregory: $755/Joyce: $999/Sarah: $1K/ROBERT: $750

ARP: $800

Gregory (bartender) plays PASS the BUCK for the 2012 Toyota Corolla (Manuela)(Edd Kalehoff's truck/convertible cue).

R1 (Edd's guitar Showcase vamp cue):
Schiff Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense Formula Dietary Supplement (32 tablets): $7.99
Enfamil Infant formula: $5.69
PICK: Formula

Blue Diamond Almonds (tiny bag): $1.19
Gold Bond Maximum Relief Cream (2 oz.): $6.83
PICK: Almonds


#2- $1K
#6- $5K

George's last name is Wanda Swett from a church & last in the offering from the GUFB department's a dining set (Gwen & Daniel G. behind rising sign)("We Run the Night" by Havana Brown feat. Pitbull).

WANDA: $6K (STAGE WILLY)/Joyce: $725/Sarah: $800/Robert: $1,200

ARP: $1,496

Robert from Lake Ellsworth, OK (biologist) plays Safe Crackers (Manuela) for a trip to the Atlante Hotels in Rome, Italy (Daniel G.; also includes a five-hour guided tour) w/ two Italian shoulder bags (Gwen)("International Love" by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown), a package totaling $12,080 (he & his wife just lost 100 pounds apiece).


SCSD #2:
Ronald ($2,400): $.70
Gregory ($3,800): 40 + 80 = OVER BY TWO DIMES
Robert ($13,576): 60 + BUCK = OVER

RETRO SHOWCASE ("We Are Young" by Fun. feat. Janelle Monae):
Right of Door #1- Crosley radio docking station w/ iPod Touch (Manuela)
Inside- Elmira Stove Works Northstar white kitchen (Manuela)
Door #3- '12 Chevrolet Camaro 1LS (Gwen; ramp)



RONALD'S SUMMERTIME SHOWCASE (Door #2)("Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye):
Left- Trip to the (Marriott) Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami, FL (Manuela)
Right- Trip to the Solomar in San Diego (Manuela)
Inside- Sea-Doo Challenger (Daniel G.)



Daniel I.: $34,736
Ronald: $33,612

I was about right on the money for each of those & this Daniel's birthday just got happier to the tune of $44,522, including his Camaro.

TODAY'S FINAL RESULT: 3-3 (w/ one Technical Loss)

And remember, the 2nd annual Breast Cancer Awareness Episode will be taped on July 17th at 12:20 PM.


$1K T-U: Event

_ _ _ R I A G E

_ R _ _ O _ _ L

Sara & Mike solve MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. Introducing these newlyweds:

Sara & Mike Munoz (Roselle Park, NJ)(nine months)- She's a recruiter for a pharmaceutical biotech & research company, while he's a school paraprofessional at the Academy of Roselle Park
Ana & David Freer (Miami, FL)(15 months)- She's an ER nurse, while he teaches at Miami Killian Senior High School (especially History); his boat didn't immediately start after they got engaged
Holly & Tayler Johnson (Vienna, VA)(seven months)- She's a tax accountant, while he's an auditor; they first met at a band camp where the mellophone was played

$2K T-U: Thing

_ A _ I _ Y

_ _ E E

Sara & Mike go blank.

_ A M I _ _

_ _ E E

Holly & Tayler know about a FAMILY TREE.

Tuesday's Featured Second Honeymoon: Sandals Grand Antigua Resort & Spa from Hotwire.com ($6,700)
Tuesday/Thursday GT: Swan Chocolates

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Fictional Characters

Holly & Tayler lead off by searching & finding four N's for $2,400 (including the obvious one in the second of the four words), three A's, two D's for another $1,200 & two E's, but they then call L for lose. Sara & Mike secondly get the two W's for $1,600, the $900 S & $600 pair of R's, then...

S _ _ E R _ A N / A N D

W _ N D E R / W O _ A N

...he blows the $3,100 solve for the team w/ SUPERMAN AND SPIDER WOMAN (& he said the correct name for the other one right after they ruled against them), not fully watching the board. Ana & David then call the two $800 M's...

S _ _ E R M A N / A N D

W _ N D E R / W O M A N

...& they're on the board w/ the $2K steal of SUPERMAN AND WONDER WOMAN.

SOLE DUD: $600 L (Holly & Tayler)
SOLE DQ: Sara & Mike (blown solve)

Current Scores (virtual tie):

A & D: $2K/H & T: $2K/S & M: $1K

Mystery Round: Song Lyrics

In their quest to redeem themselves, Mike & Sara start by Free PLAYING eight E's, calling three H's for $1,650 & two T's for another grand and the green 1/2 KIA & $1,800 worth of three R's, then they try again to make a solve happen...

H E R E / _ _ _ E _

T H E / _ R _ _ E

_ _ _ / _ R E _ _ E _

_ _ / _ H _ T E

...she nails "HERE COMES THE BRIDE ALL DRESSED IN WHITE" for an additional $4,450.


Current Scores:

A & D: $2K/H & T: $2K/S & M: $5,450 (1/2 KIA)

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

After an obvious edited-out spin to start this important round (because the wheel wasn't in the proper position; if that spin had counted, it would've landed on the gift card), Ana & David hit top dollar & call two T's (including one at the start); right after that, they buy two E's & three A's. They then light triple the L's for 18 more Benjamins, two O's, double R's to add a grand & once they've bought the I's to round out the vowel department...

T _ I _ / _ A L L _

_ O R / A

_ E L E _ R A T I O N

...THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION- they're in first place w/ 8,800 extra bucks & the $6K Central American Tour.

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LO4378371 (Louise O.)

Current Scores:

A & D: $16,800 in cash & trip/H & T: $2K/S & M: $5,450

$3K T-U: Fun & Games

_ O I _ G / _ _ E

_ _ N G O

Mike's incorrect for the second time tonight by DOING THE CONGO.

_ O I _ G / _ H E

_ _ N G O

Holly & Tayler missolve also at the time's up cue w/ DOING THE BONGO.

D O I _ G / T H E

_ A N G O

The Freers are DOING THE TANGO (Pat inadvertently said there was one T left on the board at this point) to be $200 shy of $20K.

R4: What Are You Doing?

They have put in two T's for $600 & the E at the end of the third word of four, but their second spin of the wheel this round stops them on the Bankrupt next to $5K, so there go $350. Second for The Johnsons are a $500 N, twin A's, the $550 G to end the first word, dos I's, tres O's, a $1K R pair & after they buy the U...

_ A T _ _ I N G / O U R

_ A _ O R I T E / _ _ O _

...we're NOT CATERING OUR FAVORITE FOOD according to her (that's their second wrong solve of the evening as well), so they don't double their T-U cash (at least not right now). Afterwards, Sara & Mike dig up the $500 C, $900 H couplet, the front & back W's while on FP to add a thou & a $300 F, but they go Bankrupt next to top dollar to give back $2,700. Going back to The Freers, they call the $5K V...

W A T C H I N G / O U R

F A V O R I T E / _ H O W

...& while we're WATCHING OUR FAVORITE SHOW, they add onto their fairly nice maingame haul.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Ana & David and Sara & Mike)
SOLE DQ: Sara & Mike (blown solve)

Current Scores:

A & D: $24,800 in cash & travel/H & T: $2K/S & M: $5,450

Last Chance Round: Food & Drink

Consonants pay $1,400 each time. After Sara's R call on their first turn in Speed-Up Mode...

_ _ _ _ _ T

_ R _ T T _ _

...they eat some PEANUT BRITTLE for a $600 bonus.

Final Scores:

A & D: $24,800 in cash & trip/H & T: $2K/S & M: $7,450
GT: $34,250


Maxwell House Regular BR #178: Ana spins the R envelope & David picks it up.

Prompt: Phrase

This looks like one of the easiest bonus puzzles of the season just from the following:

_ N / _ / _ _ R R _

It looks like they agree w/ us when she calls HYCA...

_ N / A / H _ R R Y

...& she solves this puzzle IN A HURRY for the 30 C-notes & a total of $54,800 in cash & tour! That also means $35K's in the Rebuilding Together bank.


Ed Hanlon (Santa Monica)- Graphic designer
Fran Frederick (West Springfield, MA)- School counselor & Air National Guard member
CHAMPION: Claudia Gray (whose two-day cash winnings total $24,401)

Kevin has put up these at the beginning of this J! Round:
MEDICAL HISTORY (Clue Crew clues from Chicago's International Museum of Surgical Science)

A bit before the break, Ed's going Daily Double Hunting (incidentally, on the last episode, Terry Kent made it a True DD late in Double J! w/ $13,400 on a $2K Science Grab Bag answer & missed, which led to him being eliminated from Final J! contention) starting w/ the $400 Add a Letter clue...but Fran beats him to the punch because of the $600 Celebration of the Month. She has $3,200 prior to the TV timeout, followed by Ed w/ two biggies & Claudia at $200 (but she was $800 in the hole earlier). Fran gambles for another grand.
Freedom of Information Day & National Pi Day (the math kind).

"What is June?" is wrong; it was March (as in Mar. 14th), so back to $2,200 she drops. The last two Yachts answers get left behind.


Post-Opening R Scores:
Claudia: $1,200
Fran: $5,200
Ed: $2,800

New Dozen Categories:

Fran's $1,200 Ancient Movie selection gives her a second shot at a DD tonight w/ $6K; she leads Ed by $1,600 & Claudia by $3,600. She wagers twice as much than before ($2K):

Ye gods! Sea monsters, Medusa & Hades are but a few of the villains in this '10 remake of a '81 film.

"What is 'Chariots of the Gods'"?...no, "Clash of the Titans" was actually the flick & she finds herself in second place w/ $4K. But perhaps the third time will be the charm at least in this game, as she's finished the DD Sweep at the end of Altared States. W/ $9,600 to her opponents' $6,400 each, she goes for $1,600 extra:

Shaker Heights Community United Church of Christ

"What is Illinois?"...she missed them all. After Alex reveals that Ohio was the state they were looking for, her score steps back to $8K.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,600 (Sit on It)

Heading into FJ!:
Claudia: $12,400
Challengers: $10,400 each

Claudia: $12,400
Fran: $15K
Ed: $10,400

FJ! SUBJECT: Women in Entertainment.

One of the first two women in Hollywood to own a studio (according to the official bio of No. 3, Oprah).

Ed Hanlon originally had Lucille Ball, but his final Q this match was "Who is Mary Pickford?"...he ended up getting them both to double up to $20,800! Fran Frederick agrees w/ him...but $10K's her wager, so $20,400's a non-winning final score for her. Claudia Gray...is a three-time champ w/ another $20,801 to her name by going w/ Mary as well, for a new overall total of $45,202.

HHS: In the grid this time:

Fat Joe
Angie Martinez
DJ Khaled
Owen Smith
Biz Markie
Deray Davis
DJ Ms. Nix (the show's announcer)
Donnell Rawlings

Board me:

Ms. Nix's sitting in the same square where Shadoe Stevens was for most of the '86-'89 run of the "Squares" & Peter usually enters from behind the left side of the big board.

X: Kevin- Has his mom's nickname of "Lulla" on the inside of his lips
O: Faven (Silver Spring, MD, which is where Peter's from)- Likes to play w/ fireworks

1. Kevin: Nick- Mariah comes back from the market & shows you her lovely Garbanzos, but she has another name for them. What are they?
Response: Chickpeas
2. Faven: Khaled- White or dark, what kind of meat's used in your chicken nuggets?
Response: White

3. Kevin: Fat Joe- Added to the Oxford English Dictionary last yr., what term describes a stomach that hangs over the side of the jeans?
Response: Muffintop

4. Faven: Angie- A British survey has found that 43% of women carry these in their purses in case their date turns especially well; what?
Response: Big condoms
A/D (for the win in the top row): AGREE- PANTIES (X)
5. Kevin: Ms. Nix- In his book Flavor Flav Icon, Flav says he lost this when he was only six years old; what?
Response: Permanent teeth
A/D (for the win in the middle column): AGREE- VIRGINITY (O)
6. Faven: Bix- Drake described this extreme act of devotion by a fan as "absolutely incredible"; what was it?
Reponse: Drake tattoo on forehead
7. Kevin: Donnell- Nielsen Media said that African-Americans do this more than any other group. Is it text messaging or going to the movies?
A/D (for the third-column block): Text messaging
Response: AGREE- YES (X)
8. Faven: Deray- Ke$ha told Glamour "I destroy ____ on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby".
Response: Men
A/D (for a five-square win): AGREE- F-S WIN ($500)

For at least this episode, if the G-Spot is found & won, the audience also wins a Foot Action prize pack.

1. Kevin: Deray- According to Entertainment Weekly, is a female actress more or less likely to win the Oscar if the role features a scene in the nude?
Response: More
2. Faven: Fat Joe (G-SPOT)- Kanye West loves writing about college. Which of these is NOT the name of a Kanye album- "College Graduation", "Dropout" or "The Dean's List"?
Response: "The Dean's List"
3. Kevin: Owen- Your girlfriend accidentally broke your dongle and now you can't stick it all the way into what?
Response: Computer
A/D (for the block in the left column): AGREE- YES INDEED (X)
4. Faven: Donnell- Snooki goes to see a herpetologist, who's an expert in what?
Response: Cold sores
A/D (to create two ways to win): DISAGREE- REPTILES (O)
5. Kevin: Ms. Nix- Who spent five months in a federal prison in West Virginia, Akon or Martha Stewart?
Response: Martha
A/D (for the bottom row block): AGREE- RIGHT (X)

TIME'S UP- FAVEN WINS ($800-$200)

$2.5K Q #3: According to Forbes, who's the highest-paid athlete?

F.J.: Tiger Woods
Angie: Derek Jeter
DJ K.: Peyton Manning

GUESS: Tiger- WIN! ($4,300)

Episode ratings:
9: "Hip Hop Squares"
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Jeopardy!", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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