Monday, June 18, 2012

"American Ninja Warrior" 6/18

This should be the last two-hour episode of the season.


Course: Quad Steps/Log Grip/Bridge of Blades/Jump Hang/Rope Junction (new; six ropes)/Warped Wall/Salmon Ladder/Lamp Grasper/Cargo Climb


Todd Stair (a mechanical engineer & former University of Oklahoma mascot from Norman, OK)- FAIL ON RJ AT 15.27
Miguel Gonzalez (a 22-yr.-old gymnastics/parkour coach from Ft. Worth)- FAIL ON SL AT 2:18.59
Angel Flores (a 25-yr.-old gymnastics coach from El Paso)- FAIL ON WW AT 46.45
Alan Connealy (a chiropractor from Broomfield, CO)- FAIL ON LAMP GRASPER AT 1:38.11
Bob Pondrom (a personal trainer studying to be a nurse from Dallas)- 3:48.06
Justin Dickstein- FAIL ON WW AT 51.82
Josh Kronberg- FAIL ON WW AT 51.91
Michael Cusic (a coat salesman from NM)- FAIL ON SL AT 2:10.58
James Wyatt (an operations manager from Willis, TX)- 3:57.82
Erick Eischen (a computer technician from Edwards, CO)- FAIL ON SL (even just before he got to it) AT 1:13.9
Justin D'Avila- FAIL ON LAMP GRASPER AT 2:53.11
Luke Cash- FAIL ON SL AT 57.58
Arnold Risvik (a machine/fabrication shop owner from Albuquerque)- FAIL ON SL AT 1:20.08
Nathaniel Spencer- 3:50.8
Tremayne Dortch- 5:19.63
George Dunwoody (a car stereo installer from Thornton, CO)- ELIMINATED ON RJ
Brandon Douglass (a parkour coach from Boulder)- 2:29.41
Jaret Salas (NM)- 2:43.41
Kevin Klein (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders trainer)- 2:56.28
Sat Khalsa (a 21-yr.-old product marketing specialist & parkour champ from Boulder)- 2:56.9
Lorin Ball (a gymnast/breakdancer)- 3:20.52
Joe Lobeck (a 21-yr.-old gymnastics teacher from CO Springs)- FAIL ON LAMP GRASPER AT 1:44.86
Josh Lobeck (a 23-yr.-old gymnastics coach & student from CO Springs)- 3:04.64
Jereme Sanders- FAIL ON LAMP GRASPER AT 2:28.06
Stephen Solt- FAIL ON LAMP GRASPER AT 1:45.66
Brian Arnold (a nurse & home maintenance director)- 2:30.72
David Cabrera (a mobile phone salesman from Ft. Worth)- LOSE ON WW
Jake Smith (a telecommunications technician from Denver)- 3:45.4 
Ahmed Toure (a 21-yr.-old youth climbing coach from Austin)- 2:59.7
Paul Kasemir (a software engineer from Longmont, CO)- 2:23.22
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