Monday, June 04, 2012

"American Ninja Warrior" 6/4

Northeast (Florida International University):

Course: Quad Steps/Log Grip/Bungee Bridge (new)/Jump Hang/Jump Bars (new)/Wall Lift (new)/Warped Wall/Salmon Ladder/Cycle Road (new)/Cargo Climb

John Strzepek (a program manager from Norwalk, CT)- FAIL ON JB AT 38.05
Jamie Rahn (an artist & physical therapist aide dressed as Captain NBC from Barrington, NJ)- FAIL ON JB AT 30.49
Yosuel Garlica- FAIL ON JB AT 37.44
Bryant Edwards- FAIL ON JB AT 39.41
Travis Weinand- FAIL ON JB AT 40.51
Gabe Arnold- FAIL ON JB AT 35.75
Luis Moco (a stuntman from New Bedford, MA)- 2:49.35 (but he nearly eliminated himself on the BB)
Adam Kosak- FAIL ON JB AT 45.08
Ryan Stevens (a pro football player)- FAIL ON JB AT 37.12
Mike Bernardo- FAIL ON JB AT 37.8
Jeremy Allen- FAIL ON JB AT 40.1
Matt Mings- FAIL ON WW AT 1:09.77
Danny Johnson (a visual graphics/motion effects artist from Pittsburgh, PA)- FAIL ON SL AT 1:32.5
Jesse Villarreal (a fisherman from Westbrook, ME who's running in honor of his late granddad, who died last yr.)- 3:32.7
Khalil Uqdah- OUT
Shaun Antonio- OUT
Chris Swartz- OUT
John Sapinoso- FAIL ON WW AT 1:02.03
Michael Pericoloso- FAIL ON WW AT 1:17.9
Andrew Wood- FAIL ON SL AT 1:31.6
Bradley Smith, Jr.- FAIL ON SL AT 1:45.11
Phillip Pirollo- FAIL ON SL AT 2:05.48
Chris Wilczewski (a gym owner from Mt. Laurel, NJ)- 2:56.3
Brad Martin- OUT

Elet Hall- 3:01.84
Christopher Digangi- 4:07.2
Travis Graves- 3:21.46
Dan Galiczynski- 2:49.84
Michael Needham (a golf course landscaper from Flemington, NJ)- WIPEOUT IN 3.03
Tim "Livewire" Shieff (Hartford, CT)- 2:43.55
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