Monday, June 18, 2012

"America's Got Talent" 6/18

Liliana "Lil' Starr" (six-year-old student): Tap dancer 
Ben Mendoza & The Midnight Circus
The Allwaves: A band who performed Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"
Jacob Williams: Comedian (I think my brother Andrew laughed at him)
787 Crew (Puerto Rico): Dancers
Mary Joyner (a 21-yr.-old college student who's related to Florence-Griffith Joyner): Singer

Thea Wilcox & Smooch Piggy (even though they were only buzzed by Howard) 
Trish Paytas (23-yr.-old computer programmer): Rapper
Mark Ofuji (massage therapist): Comedian

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Fr3ddy said...

I love watching Americas Got Talent on primetime and I enjoy some of the talent people truly have. There have been a few auditions I’ve come to enjoy and I hope the people have the chance to take themselves further. Now I can watch AGT commercial free which is awesome. I’m enjoying my primetime using the Auto Hop feature. It only works on primetime recordings and you have to select yes to enable the feature each time you watch a new primetime recording. You still have the ability to watch commercials if you choose. I was stoked when a couple of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this worked. Usually the playback starts right away, but now a popup asks if I would like to skip the commercials for that episode. Now I can save time looking for the remote or babysitting it waiting for the next commercial.