Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Chopped" 6/12

Steve Luttrell (a 25-year-old Chef de Cuisine at La Silohuette; w/ the $10K, he wants to open his own knife shop)
Fatima Ali (a sous chef at Cafe Centro who grew up in Pakistan)
Robert Magsalin (a chef/entrepreneur at the Fuku Burger Truck; Louie Anderson made a cameo early on this episode!)
Kerenza Napoles (a sous chef at Dickie Brothers Bourbon House Seafood)

Appetizer R: Chicken intestines, red miso, savoy cabbage & Clementines
Steve: Chicken intestine chartreuse w/ caramelized onions & muhsrooms
Fatima: Chicken intestine pate w/ coriander, chile & parsley
Robert: Chicharon Bulaklak w/ flour & corn starch
Kerenza: Spicy fried chicken intestine w/ cayenne, paprika & panko- CHOPPED

Entree R: Duck breast, red Malbar spinach, cherry cola & olive loaf
Steve: Duck w/ cherry cola gastrique, garlic, shallots & vinegar
Fatima: Pakistani spiced duck w/ spinach, potatoes, cinnamon, cumin & clove

Robert: Pan-seared duck w/ cherry cola gastrique, potatoes, coriander, star anise & lemongrass- CHOPPED

DESSERT R: Kombucha, Rambutans, egg white powder & candied nuts
Fatima: Rambutan ice cream w/ cream, sugar & buttermilk
Steve: Kombucha pudding w/ Rambutans, milk, cream & corn starch
WINNER- Fatima
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