Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Chopped" 6/5- GSK DEBUT

Tony Kang (a sous chef at Brookville Country Club)
Brian Howard (an executive chef at comeca)
Jesse Kramer (owner/executive chef at Brooklyn Taco Co.)
Cory Bahr (executive chef at Cotton)

Remember, $10K's awarded to the winner of each regular episode.

Appetizer Round Required Ingredients: Corned beef, gummy fried eggs, black olives & baby corn (20 minutes)

Tony: Smoked corned beef w/ sweet & sour corn sauce (also included curry, cumin & Dijon mustard)
Brian: Corned beef taco w/ black olive tabbouleh (also included mint, cilantro & jalapenos)
Jesse: Corned beef salad w/ gummy egg vinaigrette (also included parsley, cilantro & cider vinegar)
Cory: Pan-roasted corned beef over vegetable hash (also included basil, molasses & truffle oil)
CHOPPED- Jesse (despite having the best corned beef)

Entree R RI: Striped bass, sour lemon candy, Jerusalem artichokes & cream of mushroom soup (30 min.)

Tony: Pan-roasted striped bass w/ artichoke & mushroom fritters (buttermilk, ginger & chili powder)
Brian: Striped bass w/ Sunchokes three ways (dashi, cider vinegar & African peanut oil)
Cory: Striped bass w/ Vietnamese salad (lemongrass, mushrooms & mint)
CHOPPED- Brian (undercooked bass)

DESSERT R RI: Spearmint leaf candy, Knodel, almond flour & raisins on the vine (half-hour)

Tony: Chocolate chip cookie w/ knodel gelato (buttermilk, goat cheese & chocolate chips)
Cory: Grandma's bread pudding (bread, eggs & heavy cream)
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