Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Cupcake Wars" 6/17- GSK DEBUT

Remember, this is similar to "Chopped" w/ teams & it's Justin Willman's first GS of any kind as host. In addition to the $10K, the winners of this episode will get to make a presentation at this year's L.A. Marathon. 


Mary & Jerry Painter (Do You Love It)(husband/wife)
Lorre Jacobs-Daniel & Candy Pittman (Blue-Eyed Daisy)
Rebecca Swanner (owner/founder) & Christina Hicks (Secret Marmalade)
Robyn Redmon & Sarah Wells (Red's Cupcakes)

Taste Round:
45 minutes are given to make, in this week's case, carb-heavy cupcakes using runner-friendly ingredients.

Guest Judge: Rod Dixon (Olympic medalist & NY Marathon champion)


Lorre & Candy: Banana & oatmeal cupcakes w/ caramelized banana filling & topped w/ peanut butter granola
Rebecca & Christina: Pea cupcakes brushed w/ beer & topped w/ goat cheese frosting
Painters: Peanut butter & banana cupcakes w/ apricot filling- OUT
Robyn & Sarah: Chocolate cupcakes w/ salted caramel filling, crunchy chopped-up pretzels & topped w/ peanut butter, peanuts & choco bark

Taste & Presentation R:
The three teams left have to make three cupcakes in 75 min., each one of which will be judged half on taste & half on presentation.

Rebecca & Christina:

1. Banana cupcake filled w/ dark chocolate and hazelnut ganache & topped w/ peanut butter mousse
2. Watermelon cupcake w/ lime buttercream
3. Dark chocolate cupcake w/ coconut buttercream & two chocolate palm tree designs

Robyn & Sarah:

1. Bananas Foster cupcake topped w/ brown sugar buttercream & a white chocolate-dipped sugar cookie
2. Pink champagne cupcake filled with chocolate ganache w/ strawberries, pink champagne buttercream & sugar chard bubbles
3. Red velvet cupcake w/ white chocolate chip cheesecake batter, cream cheese frosting & a dark chocolate heart

Lorre & Candy:

1. Spiced espresso cupcake w/ cinnamon espresso frosting, chocolate sneaker & chocolate espresso bean
2. Orange-scented cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting, apricot curd & L.A. Marathon white chocolate logo
3. Chocolate fudge cupcake w/ beer ganache & topped w/ gold medal & chocolate-dipped pretzel

Rebecca & Christina

Two hours separate the finalists from the grand prize package.

Lorre & Candy: L.A. Marathon logo

Robyn & Sarah: Stadium by the sea (includes Dodger Stadium & the Hollywood Sign)

Lorre & Candy
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