Sunday, June 03, 2012

DEBUT: "Are You Normal, America?"

Barry Poznick comes from behind the cameras to host this new GS on OWN w/ Kim Coles. The announcer's Mark Thompson.

TEAM #1: Scot (a father of quintuplets & Karate black belt from Seattle) & Charle (a building manager & karaoke addict from NYC)

For most of the first eight questions, the team has to decide whether the majority of the country thought it's normal or not by pulling their lever to the left (normal) or the right (not normal). The first Q's worth $1K & each successive Q's worth $1K more than the last. By the end of the night, they could split $100K+.

$1K (Bathroom Etiquette): Is it normal to have talked on the phone while using the toilet?

Kim then comes out to reveal The Poll Posse:

Janice (Neosho, MO)(79): Teacher
Jeffrey (Evergreen, CO)(55): Helicopter pilot
Colette (Washington Park, IL)(45): Mom
Clint (Dallas)(32): Event coordinator
Mandy (Greenville, KY)(35): Real estate broker
Allen (Trenton, NJ)(46): Tennis instructor
Bernadett (Chicago)(26): Music teacher
Richard (S.F.)(66): Photographer
Stephanie (Minneapolis)(31): Professional organizer
Plato (Marblehead, MA)(47): Real estate broker
$2K: Name the one member of TPP who talked on the phone while using the toilet, dropped it in & flushed it.

$3K (Sex): Is it normal to have sucked a partner's toes?

$4K: Name the man who sucked the most toes.
$5K (Heavy Petting): According to pet owners like Donna (Manhattan, NY), is it normal for your pet to sleep w/ you?
PICK: NORMAL- 62% ($9K)

$6K (Exhibitionists): Is it normal to have gone skinny dipping?
PICK: NORMAL- 78% ($15K)

$7K: Name TPP member who snuck onto private property to go skinny dipping more than once.

$8K (Parent Trap): Is it normal for parents to have a favorite child?
PICK: NOT NORMAL- 38% ($23K)

The categories remaining on the premiere episode's board are Been There, Done That, When You're Alone & Alive.

BONUS ROUND: The final three Q's are worth $10K, $20K & $40K respectively. The $10K Q has two choices, the $20K Q has three & the $40K has four. After each right answer, they can stop w/ the BR money earned up to that point, but an incorrect answer ends the game & takes away all their bonus money.

$10K (Been There, Done That): Which is normal to have shot- gun or homemade sex video?
PICK: Gun- 71%

$20K (When You're Alone): Which is normal to have done- gone to a wedding by yourself, drank a whole bottle of wine yourself or cut your hair by yourself?
PICK: Drank whole bottle of wine- 43% (61%: Cut your hair)
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