Sunday, June 24, 2012

DEBUT: "The Great Escape"

Brittany & Gabe (engaged)
Jeff & Lexx (male friends)
Miles & Megan Stoner (siblings from Dallas; she's the sister)

Rich Eisen is the host of the new TNT show where $100K will be at stake each episode that's inside a box stuffed in the back of a Volvo XC60. The debut takes place at Alcatraz Island. To win the money, the teams have to complete four challenges so that they can collect pieces to assemble a giant key to deliver to Eisen.

The opening task at midnight is to find a map & a key to escape the detainment cell. However, from time to time in the game, patrolling guards will wander around. Should a team get caught, they're brought back to their detainment cell & have to find another key to pick up from where they left off in the game.

Stage #1:
Break into a lock box, which holds a flashlight, a riddle (recreation combo = hours served; Mitch Red Dog Muloney: 49 days, 16 hours) & the first piece of TGE key. The correct answer to the riddle will serve as the correct combination for the three gate padlocks in the wreckyard (only one per team, though).

1,192 (24 X 49 = 1,176 + 16)

The Stoners are the first aired team to get well as complete the first stage, just ahead of Jeff & Lexx!
Stage #2:
Inside the administration building, individual canvas bags w/ a marine map, compass & the second piece of TGE key need to be found.

Just as this is getting started, both the BT & RT ARE CAPTURED. As a result, the GT have a nice lead...until they're CAPTURED themselves at about the halfway mark in this episode. The RT takes over the lead because the GT GETS CAPTURED AGAIN.

Stage #3:
At the ammunition alcoves, hidden behind hundreds of pounds of ammo cases & sandbags is a boat key that is also attached to the third part of TGE key.

The BT struggled in the first stage, but they're starting to catch up.

In an old, rusty power plant, a gas can has to be retrieved to complete TGE key. The name of the final destination's on the completed key- San Francisco Pier 3. After reaching a designated transport zone at a boat dock, they must join an accomplice in a zodiac boat across S.F. Bay to get to Eisen.

In the end, the big money's awarded to...

...THE STONERS! The GT finishes second.
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