Saturday, June 09, 2012

DEBUT: "Redneck Island"

For further details, click this link. Remember, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is both an executive producer & the host of the show. My family's only personally met him in person while we were in Indianapolis once about 10 years ago. Also, the theme song is "Longnecks & Rednecks" by Montgomery Gentry, which happens to be the entrance theme for former TNA World Heavyweight Champion "The Cowboy" James Storm.
Bad news already- JP has WITHDRAWN due to having Type 2 Diabetes, as well as him wanting to spend more time taking care of his daughter.

Blue: Wynonah "Dove" (she doesn't like being team captain at the moment, though), Cayton "Tex", Adam Sullins, Jen(nifer) & Kasandra
Orange: Eric, Adam Freeman, Jeannie, Catherine, Kevin "Bobo" & Teri

The First Reckoning: One member of each team has to run into the pool & find a key that will unlock one of their team's two outhouses, each of which has two of their teammates. After a team has unlocked all of theirs, they have to unlock the golden outhouse in order to earn the right to use that for the remainder of their stay on the island. Just like any other challenge in this competition, the losers face being voted out of the game at Steve's place.

Teri decides to sit out this challenge.

Outhouse Pairings:
OT: Adam F. & Jeannie and Catherine & Bobo
BT: Dove & Adam S. and Jen & Kasandra

WINNERS- BT (one of the OT's houses was still locked at the time)

FIRST VOTE-OFF: The player w/ the most votes (beers) in their cooler will go home w/ nothing. I can tell you that Eric voted for Adam F., while Bobo voted for Eric...BUT, even though Eric gets the unanimous 5-1 decision against him, Adam S. HAS ALSO THROWN IN THE TOWEL FOR MEDICAL REASONS, so Eric gets a new lease on life in regards to this program.

(Final note: This premiere was originally scheduled to be two hours long, but was cut down to 1.5 hrs.)
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