Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Food Network Star" 6/10

Star Challenge #5: Each team has to do a live 10-minute special hosted by Guy Fieri.

ALTON (Halloween):
Justin: Sardine skeleton fish bones
Judson: Vegetarian chili 
Martie: Diablo chicken wings
Emily: Canned applesauce

(Big Game Day):

Yvan: Wings
Ippy: Paradise sliders
Martita: Vegetarian quesadillas
Linkie: Football cookies

BOBBY (Cooking for Kids):
Nikki: Smoothie & Pizettes
Michele: Spaghetti squash w/ meatballs
Malcolm: Chicken tenders w/ three sauces

LOSERS- Team Alton

PRODUCERS' CHALLENGE #5: Everybody on the last-place team has to first throw a dart at a U.S. map & must cook a dish based on where their dart lands.

Judson (AR): Catfish encrusted in pecans & panko breadcrumbs w/ garlic cajun spice rub
Justin (NE): Spaghetti Midwestern w/ steak (& he says it's the most calorie-laden dish in the show's history)
Emily (AZ): Chicken Pozole
Martie (PA; she was hoping for a more southern state like AL instead): Stuffed mushroom caps

FIRST TWO SAFE- Justin & Emily
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