Monday, June 04, 2012

GSN's Dawson tribute plans

This Thursday night, GSN will pay tribute to the late Richard Dawson w/ the following:

7 PM: "Family Feud"- '78 episode w/ his son Gary
7:30 PM: "Match Game '7x" (259)- An episode where after a contestant wins big by matching Richard, McLean Stevenson kisses him
8 PM: "Feud"- '80 "September" Fast Money incident
8:30 PM: "Match Game '7x" (236): Gene Rayburn & Richard get into a fight on behalf of Loretta Swit
9 PM: "Feud"- '81 episode where Richard meets his second wife Gretchen
9:30 PM: "Feud"- '80 ABC episode taped on Richard's birthday w/ his two sons
10 PM: "Feud"- Premiere episode from the '94-'95 syndicated one-hour run

Source: Buzzerblog
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