Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Hell's Kitchen" 6/12

Challenge #4: Each teammate had to go outside & grab a sheep w/ an ingredient marked on them (five-minute time limit for the teams, after which both teams had 45 min. to make four lamb dishes using the ingredients they chose.

Lamb Chop R:
Tiffany & Danielle: Anchovy & pine nut-crusted lamb chop w/ souffle
Clemenza & Don: Herb-crusted grilled lamb w/ roasted cauliflower Feta melt
1-1 TIE

Ground Lamb R:
Roshni & Kimmie: Lamb Kibbeh w/ a coconut curry sauce on the bottom
Patrick: Lamb & fennel sausage
RT LEAD, 2-1

Rack of Lamb R:
Barbie & Robyn: RoL w/ parsnip puree & braised leeks
Justin & Guy: Grilled RoL w/ roasted garlic, basil puree & turnips three ways
2-2 TIE

Lamb Steak R:
Dana & Christina: Braised LS w/ sauteed spinach
Royce & Brian: Marinated grilled LS w/ avocado mousse & mixed pepper slaw

The Guys got themselves a day at the races, but the Women had to clean the lambs' butts & both kitchens.


Danielle: Failure to recall the initial orders said by Chef Ramsay at the start, as well as making bad risottos
Brian: Being all over the place on the cod & running out of it later on, causing it to be replaced w/ Sea Bass- BENCHED
Roshni: Dud Beef Wellingtons- BENCHED
Robyn & Danielle: Communication problems- BOTH BENCHED
Don: Overcooking two steaks- BENCHED
Royce: Cooking Bass at the same time in Justin's station- BOTH BENCHED

NOMINATED- Brian, Danielle, Don & Roshni
CUT- Don
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