Sunday, June 17, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Jun. 18-24, 2012

Coming up next week:

-The last week of qualifying auditions for "America's Got Talent".

-The debut of TNT's "The Great Escape". 

All this & hopefully much more next time on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Next Week in GSK


First The Music in TPiRecaps Next Week

Cue Renaming alert on the IUFB/Truck Cue beginning on Monday = "Rockin'" by Michael Karp
And Elsewhere Entering The Top 40 This Week: "Drank In My Cup" by Kirko Bangz (IUFB - #38), "One Thing" by One Direction (IUFB - #40)

Now With 2 episodes taking place on Real TPiR This Week, Where can we fill the remaining 3?

Answer: With project RUNWAY kicking off it's 10th Season on July 19th, The Joke Models (or i'm calling the ZONK models) have returned but we will get an appetizer to the TPiRecaps on the Game Show Kingdom beginning Wednesday as we countdown to Project Runway's 10th Season of Lifetime as they are are ready to Come on Down to the Bob Barker Studio at CBS Television City Hollywood to win lots of Cash and Prizes, So here's what you can expect beginning on Wednesday while TPiR goes to Reruns

Wednesday: Professional Golfers
Thursday: Comedians (Expect Adam Sandler to appear again as a Contestant)
Friday: Current NHL Players

Note: There will be no Joke Contestant TPiRecap on the Game Show Kingdom on July 4th, 2012 due to The Price is Right will celebrate United States 236th Birthday with an Independence Day Special (VTR: May 30, 2012), and McBride will promote Joke Contestant TPiRecaps to the Game Show Kingdom starting on Wednesday while The Price is Right is going to air Reruns from Season 40 on Monday and Tuesday's TPiRecaps.

And There will be a lot more Joke Contestant Themes in all TPiRecaps all summer long until The Price is Right opens it's 41st Season on CBS as well as some Great Classic Cues, Decoy Prize Cues (by Old School Artists; usually Summer-themed) and Retired Pricing Games, and the Joke Models for project RUNWAY will not be activated until August 9th, So For the First 3 Episodes of Season 10 of project RUNWAY: In the event of Models Names which are not shown, the Random Models are back and will be designated in the runway show order which will start on July 19th and it will continue until August 2nd.

So There You Have it for Next Week in the GSKingdon, Be There!