Sunday, June 03, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: June 4-10, 2012

As we get ready to begin Summer:

-There are newlywed couples competing all week long on "Wheel of Fortune", as well as on Monday's episode of "The Price is Right" (while they're engaged).

-A new season of "Hell's Kitchen" begins in tandem w/ "MasterChef".

Also, "Let's Make a Deal" officially concludes its third CBS season, "Are You Normal, America?" takes its permanent home of Mondays at 9 PM EST & more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

ALSO IN GSK: Next Week

TPiRecaps: What You've Learned we didn't have the composer names for the following cues like the "IUFB/Truck Cue", "New Car Cue" and others so as a result we could use them to be composed by Edd Kalehoff himself, But if you think that wasn't enough we can designate up to 2 (or sometimes 3) Classic Cues from Score Productions because we will not have to worry about Stanley Bilts to go along with Current Hits from This Week's AT40 and some other previous top 40 hits the Q94 Playlist (In which it can be played once or twice per half hour) because This Week it's Less Kalehoff Stuff on all TPiRecaps but lots more Michael Karp, Score Productions, One Direction, Train, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Adele etc. in all TPiRecaps

Newcomer Cues for This Week: "Honestly" by Hot Chelle Rae (#40 - IUFB Cue)
Notable Classic Cues to expect TPiRecaps beginning on Monday (all by Score Productions):

"The Bean Stalker" , "The Big Banana" and 2 1983 Car Cues - Can be used after describing a Pre-Car Prize (Like 10 Chances, Any Number, Line 'em Up, More or Less, etc.) using a Slow Jams song (using a Decoy Prize cue by Slow Jams Artist like Amanda Perez & Boyz II Men before using a Car Cue by Score Productions)
"Starcrossed" - Can Be Used for Multi Prize Games (Like Race Game & Shopping Spree)

As for Let's Make A Deal: Let's Bring Back the Joke Prize Cues (or Decoy Prize Cues) as well so we could see a lot of good hits by Jessie J and Avril Lavigne and to top it off Decoy Models to all LMAD Recaps because if there's nobody modeling a prize on Let's Make A Deal: There Will Be a Decoy Model from AMERICA'S NEXT top model: British Invasion taking over to model the prize to make things fair.

And a New Feature to GSK: Dating Show Recaps will now make it's debut to the GSK so it can be used for the following when Today's TPiRecap isn't shown because it's placeholdered that could also effect Short Recaps for Jeopardy! (When they use for Triple Stumpers in Final Jeopardy or Something), Let's Make A Deal (Short Recaps), etc. so here's the shows you could expect in the Calendar

June 6th: Baggage (GSN)
June 7th: Take Me Out (FOX) & The Choice (FOX)

And I'll Tell You More about it

For Baggage if there is no match today: Have the losing dater go to a nice fast food restaurant Like McDonald's or Burger King so they enjoy a menu item or more for that resturant but if there's a match today Have them go to Mastro's or Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to enjoy and steak and another menu item., BTW, Baggage airs on GSN.

So That's What You Could See Next Week in GSK.