Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Redneck Island" 6/16

Kasandra at least strained a knee after a big wave come onto the island. Before then, a bicycle pump shower was built via a do-it-themselves crate.

Adam Sullins has been replaced by Rob from Campbellsville, KY.

Second Reckoning: Five minutes are on the clock for the teams to slingshot coolers into some rubber nets & hang them on their rack. At the same time, the opposing team has two members shoot paintball guns at those coolers that are then thrown in the air, duck-hunting style. The team w/ the most non-hit coolers wins everything they need to make some fresh iced tea. 

Adam Freeman decides to be benched. 

Slingers: Rob & Bobo
Paintballers: Teri & Bobo and Cayton & Jen 
WINNERS- OT (9-6; no hits)

VOTE-OFF #2: Dove definitely votes to get rid of Rob, while Rob likewise votes against her...Dove's OUT.
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